Shut down Kidschat​.​net

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At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker! is a chat site that is made for children and teens to interact from around the world, although, there is a darker side to this seemingly innocent platform, pedophilia is rampant within the site, and it's not stopping. Kids are being groomed and fooled by much older people to send them private information and photos, people have reported about this exact problem continously, but only for the site to ban or ignore anyone who speaks up about this. They have terrible managment and do nothing to help file reports against these pedophiles. Evidence shows in Mamamax's video, "I Found Pedophiles on a Kid's Website, This is What i Did to Them." This video is detailed and in depth with its research and I highly recommend watching this for more information.

He shows just how easily you can get caught in the thousands and thousands of messages from adults the split second you join in, primarily asking for explicit info and photos of you. These creeps will FLOCK to you, and they KNOW that you or your child is a minor, because it states so on your profile, but guess what, they still choose to do wicked and will try no matter what to get their hands on your child. 

And in within those thousands of adults, there are real children that are chatting to these creeps, not knowing the consequences of what will lead down the road once they get a good hold on them.

So please, shut down this site before its to late to help save our future generation, help spread the word, we can do this.