Stop Discrimination in Ontario Housing!

Stop Discrimination in Ontario Housing!

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Fraud, Harassment & Discrimination are rampant in Ontario Condo Communities!

Please sign! To stop disabled and other marginalized people from losing their homes!

Due to loop holes in “The Condo Act” non owners (who represent vested interests ) are allowed into boards, where millions of dollars have been stolen.  In addition Condo bullies target those they do not like, often marginalized people such as people from the LBGQ community as well as ethnic minorities.

Please click on below links to read of abuse in condos.


Condo Complex tries to enforce marriage rules on gay couple to Get rid of Them!

Condo owners on the hook for $750,000 after non owners on board siphon off money to their private companies

Auditor Generals Scathing Report on Condo Authority

Disabled London Seniors being financially Abused    

( mscc 823, managed by Dickensian Property Management in above article)


Seniors and Disabled being Swindled out of thousands of dollars!


According to a recent scathing report by the Ontario Auditor Generals 

Office, the current Condo Act does nothing to help the rights of owners.

Vulnerable people are at risk of homelessness when unscrupulous board members and shady Condo Management companies steal money.

As a result of widespread corruption and kickbacks, condo fees have gone many times past the rate of inflation forcing landlords to increase rents to cover their expenses.

In addition, because of the obvious holes in The Condo Act, there are countless lawsuits which cause thousands of dollars in Legal bills, in some cases Condo Corporations are in danger of losing their insurance.  Loss of insurance cause fees to go up, which is passed onto the renters.

The following changes need to be implemented right away:  

     1.  Non owners are not allowed to sit on the board, except for one allocated position for a consultative position for a renter from the property.

     2.  Board members are not allowed to run their personal businesses through the     condo corporations.

    3.  Not more than one person on the board from the same household.

    4.  No awarding of services contracts to family members of the board. No conflicts of interest!

    5.  Large penalties for board members engaging in self enrichment, condo boards are supposed to be non profit.

    6.  Condo board members who bully owners are expelled.

    7.  Zero tolerance for racism, (extra fees, fake bills being put on people just because of their race or sexual orientation to get rid of them)

    8.  A victim fund set up to deal with losses due to fraud.


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643 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!