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Cayla Roberts

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This petition is important because we need to allow for a legal route for Cayla Roberts to stay in the United States, and allow for a legal path to a green card for her. She is facing deportation back to China, where her Father, snakeheads and even the Chinese government threaten to kill her, arrest her and "re-educate" her. Cayla was sold by her abusive father to smugglers who brought her to the U.S. when she was 14, intercepted by police and sent to a center for undocument children in Chicago. She was put in to foster care and has since flourished. However, every legal avenue has been denied, including prosecutorial discretion. Cayla has followed every rule, paid every fee, filed every form and has gone to every appointment. She is not a threat to national security, and would in fact be a great asset to this country. She graduated from Grand Haven High School, with honors; Grand Rapids Community College, with honors; and graduated from Western Michigan University, with 2 majors and a 3.97 GPA. She constantly volunteers in the community, going on mission trips to Kentucky and New York City to work at vacation bible school summer camps for children, rebuilding houses in Lake Charles after Hurricane Katrina, volunteering at Occupational Therapy clinics for adults and children, working at a homeless shelter, and assisted living facility. She has done this without the benefit of being able to work, pay taxes, or drive a car. She has not benefited from the system, not taking any money or receiving any benefits. She is also unable to obtain health insurance, which puts her and her husband at risk of losing everything should something happen to her. She is married to a US Citizen who is a veteran of the US Air Force. There is no reason to rip her away from her family and her life here in the United States, subject her to 10 years away from this country and her family, as well as very real threats to her safety and her own life, when she would be a valuable asset to our community, and country. Let her stay, because this is her home!

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