End Canadian Period Poverty

End Canadian Period Poverty

January 5, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Keerat Sandhu


Please join me in the journey to achieving Equality in Canada by ending period poverty.

Women do not get to pick and chose to get a menstrual period. Nearly one-third of Canadian Women struggle to pay for Menstrual Hygiene Products, and 1 in 7 female students miss school in Canada due to the lack of access to period products / menstrual hygiene products, such as pads and tampons, etc. 
Canadian women should not feel as if they are unable to buy menstrual hygiene products, something which is a necessity for almost every single female across not only Canada, but across the World. 

 All Canadian women need access to period hygiene necessities such as pads and tampons. Almost every single woman has a period and uses menstrual products, however not every woman is able to afford this. Canada provides the funds to almost everything when it comes to the reproductive health of men and women. Canada even provides access to free contraception despite knowing that engaging in intercourse is a choice. Yet having a period isn’t a choice, and yet women are forced to pay for Menstrual hygiene products.

Recently Scotland has made its mark by setting a precedent and being the first country to make period products such as pads and tampons free, now let’s be the second one to do so! 

If you are someone who is a woman, someone who has a woman near and dear to their heart, and is someone who wants equality, then please sign this petition. 

Feel free to personally reach to me via email: Keeratks9@gmail.com 

Sign this petition for the sake of women.

Be the voice that every woman needs. 

Thank you & Best Regards

-K.K.S :)  

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Signatures: 1,075Next Goal: 1,500
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