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Bring an end to inhumane treatment of chickens sold in market

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I am a 29 year old woman from Kolkata. I work in a bank. All my life I have been an avid meat lover. And I still love the taste of meat/chicken.  

But starting from 1st  of January 2016, I have completely given up on chicken/meat . I don't touch it anymore. Because I couldn't stop thinking of the unimaginable torture a mute, helpless bird is put through all it's life, simply so that I can have a tasty meal!

Don't get me wrong. I am not asking you to give up eating animal meat. While that would be fantastic if you could do it, I do not expect all of us to be able to do it all of a sudden. After all it took me the better part of 28 years to give it up! 

However, here's what all of us can do. We can come together, each one of us, to change the horrendous cruelty meted out to these chickens, all their lives. Sure they get killed, but they deserve a chance at a more merciful life. Chickens are  friendly, highly intelligent and social creatures that are undoubtedly, the most abused all across the world. I would list below some of the most horrific and unfortunately very common  practices, that we often turn a blind eye to.  

It's a very common site in Indian roads, esp in the morning, to see flocks of screaming, helpless birds hung upside down from the front handles of bicycles and taken to the market. Also, another mode of chicken transport is very popular in India. That of stuffing them in hundreds of tiny crates, piling them up one on top of another and transporting them via truck. Half the chickens die out of severe suffocation and agony by the time they reach market. 

Can we not bring an end to these modes of chicken transport? Can we not impose heavy fines (not just Rs 100 or 200) and penalties on people found guilty of transporting chickens like this? Why can't the chickens be transported in a more humane manner, with adequate space, food and water?

My next point is about how they are kept inside tiny little chicken coops in the market without food or water, often left out in the blazing heat of the sun. I understand that these animals have been reared for slaughter. But are they not living creatures as well? Do they not have the right to be treated a little more humanely? Why can't chicken sellers be forced to make spacious cages for them with food and water? 

And this is but just one-half of the story that we get to see everyday. What we can't see however, is how these chickens are reared in factories. Battery farming is still being practiced in India despite being banned by  EU. In this mode of farming, chickens are bred in tiny cages where each of them get a space equivalent to that of an A4 size paper! They do not get space to spread their wings, let alone move around. In a painful procedure called debeaking, a sensitive part of their beaks are cut off at a tender age. The male chicks are routinely thrown into grinders , while fully alive and conscious, because they can't lay eggs and are of no use to breeders. 

I am sure most of us would not be able to continue eating chickens if we were made to watch the full extent of torture that these chickens undergo their entire lives. 

In my opinion our Govt should make aggressive  awareness campaigns through print and air media to sensitize people towards such mass animal cruelty that takes place on an everyday basis. The Govt needs to wake up against this widespread cruelty on animals meant for consumption and take strict actions against the perpetrators . Heavy penalties and fines should be imposed on the animal meat industry which is so focussed on profits that it has become an ugly monster devoid of any humanity

I request honourable Maneka Gandhi to look into the matter urgently.

I request  all my friends, relatives and everyone else to come together in my fight to bring about a change to the existing cruelty.

Please sign my petition and take a step towards making our country more humane towards animals. 


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