Save Georgia Disability Services

Save Georgia Disability Services

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Coalition For Supporting Georgia's Vulnerable Children and Families started this petition to Governor Brian Kemp and

14% Budget Cuts to the Disability Programs

In response to the economic shortfalls withing Georgia due to COVID-19, Governor Kemp has called for sweeping 14% cuts across the board for every department.  This includes cutting funds to the already underfunded disability programs, which would be devastating to this extremely vulnerable population in Georgia. These families’ needs are greater than many. The proposed budget cuts would be another crippling blow and the results catastrophic including the loss of life.  We are asking for you to help those most vulnerable. Please sign and share this petition and be a voice for the voiceless. We are speaking for those who cannot, “Please save our lives, SAVE OUR SERVICES”.  

Georgia Lawmakers are Cutting the Following from the State Budget:

No New NOW/COMP Waiver Slots
Elimination of all Family Support Funding
Autism Funding Reduction
Supported Housing 
Assistive Technology
And More . . . Click HERE for a Detailed List 

The Direct Results of These Budget Cuts Will Be:

Stressed and Overwhelmed Families
Abuse & Neglect of Developmentally Disabled People (and reduced independent oversight and advocacy due to the budget cuts)
Increased Hospitalization

The Hammett Family’s Story:

Our Shawnee is 24. He is still waiting for a NOW or COMP waiver. He qualified for home-based services but before we could him all signed up, etc. they announced this would be cut from the budget at the end of June. All he will qualify for now is funds for incontinent supplies. He gets SSI but it does not cover much of anything. We can't afford to pay for in home care (help) or a day program for him. We are 76 and 78 and lifting him is getting harder and harder. Shawnee will be 24 on the 11th. He is on Medicare and that does not cover the same things Medicaid does. He can't get Medicaid unless he is on a waiver. We attended all the transition meetings before and after Shawnee graduated but all that did was show us all the things we would never be able to provide for him. Of course, we were not told that. We are also raising our 7 year old who has a trach and a feeding tube. He eats nothing by mouth and does not talk. Our children deserve the chance all children need. Are we supposed to move our precious, loving, caring son to a "home" so he can get the things he needs? We love our sons and we want them to be able to live in the only home they have ever known (ours) with their parents. It would cost the government much more to take care of them in group homes. Please help us help our children. Judy & Ken Hammett

This petition is going to lawmakers. Please sign it and share your family’s story! SAVE OUR SERVICES!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!