#BreakingtheMyths Stop the myth of the hymen

#BreakingtheMyths Stop the myth of the hymen

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Jorinde Wiese started this petition to Jens Spahn (Bundesminister für Gesundheit) and


Fear. Confusion, unnecessary surgeries because of mucosal tissue! Let's break the myth of the hymen!

Why is it still legal in Germany, that doctors perform "hymen reconstructions"? From a medical point of view nothing needs to be reconstructed and we lack standards or studies for this procedure. Those surgeries are banned in Denmark starting from July 2019.

What about Germany? How long do we want to keep the myth of the hymen?

Girls and women worldwide live in fear, because of the so-called "virginal membrane" also known as the hymen. The anatomy shows that the hymen is a fringe of mucosal tissue around the vaginal opening, which is very flexible, an evolutionary leftover: Not a proof of virginity! No gynecological examination of a vulva can determine whether a person has had vaginal intercourse or not, neither can you determine this by the appearance of a penis. Despite those medical facts "virginity testing" (two or more fingers are inserted in a vagina) are still a global issue. Since October 2018 the UN agencies call for a ban on virginity testing and defines it as a violation of women’s and girls’ human rights.

A woman doesn't have to bleed and a hymen doesn't have to "tear"!

A ban of hymen reconstructions (hymenoplasty) will not solve the problem. It should just raise awareness, that the genital cosmetic surgery is making a lot of money profiting from this myth. We need support programs for women living in this emergency situation. Women undergo the surgery because of the fear of not bleeding during intercourse and the fear of not being "tight" enough. Those fears need to be taken seriously and we need widely-spread support programs! The first step is: sex education! In schools, in campaigns. As long as the myth of bleeding is still present and women fear for their lives, we also need workshops how to use artificial hymens and fake blood sponges. Only in hardship cases surgeries should be performed, covered by insurance, because no doctor should make profit with the fear of patients.

#BreakingtheMyths is necessary! 

Denmark and Sweden are far ahead of us! In 2009 the world "virginal membrane" was replaced by "vaginal corona" in Sweden. The shape of the hymen has nothing to do with whether a woman had intercourse or not. 

How long do we keep this myth alive, which costs lives? Wrong conceptions about honor, repression and inhuman virginity testing! Stop it!

We demand:

  • A ban by law of hymen reconstruction, government funded counselling and sex education for women and girls who are in emergency situations
  • replacing the word "virginal membrane" by "vaginal corona" in the Duden
  • replacing old and wrong information about the hymen in biology books and online magazines like BRAVO: No hymen "tears" from physical activity, or tampon use: Ask your doctor!
  • Renew the definition of "defloration" in the Pschyrembel (medical dictionary

Please support this petition and spread awareness!

#BreakingtheMyths in the media:

"Setting the record straight: Understanding the hymen and debunking the myths surrounding it", Emma Libner, medium.org, 24.07.2019

More information about the hymen myth:

This petition is supported by:

Jorinde Wiese, student, blogger, WAKE UP comedian, vulva and clitoris activist: http://jorinde.ch Instagram: @jorindeundjoringelundsoweiter

Dr. Mithu M. Sanyal, Cultural scientist and author topics: sex, gender, power, (post) colonialism, racism, knowledge. Writes a regular column for the taz "Mithulogie" books among others "Vulva" (Wagenbach), "Rape - Aspects of a Crime" (Nautilus.)

Mirko Hecht, vulva artist: VulvaVariety Instagram Account: @ishowflag http://www.instagram.com/ishowflag "The goal of this project is a positive perception for more awareness, acceptance and education. An opportunity for a special encounter of self-awareness and dealing with intimacy and self. Above all, the heteronormal view of society on the human body, especially on the female sex organs, is to be critically illuminated." The hymen plaster cast are specially made for this petition.

Gry Senderovitz, midwife, specialized making language for sexuality, authour of the book "Mødommen“ (Gyldendal) She is part of the TV documentary and Danish campaign #StopJomfruMythen: https://vimeo.com/329570374

0 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!