Lower the age of a "SMEAR" test to 20+ from 25!! THIS IS OUR BODY! AND OUR FUTURE

Lower the age of a "SMEAR" test to 20+ from 25!! THIS IS OUR BODY! AND OUR FUTURE

8 October 2019
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Started by Lacey Unknown

I have done some research recently which indicates that women under 25 are STILL likely to get cervical cancer even though the chances are slim.


I would like you to lower the age from 25 to 20+ as this is the right age range in which to get tested against this cancer. 

We as women have a right to prevent all possibilities of getting cancer, As this is our body and we want to protect it at all cost. 

And if it was that person in the percentage that did have cervical cancer between the ages of 20-25 they should.. AS HUMANS have a right to have access to treatment and not be turned away because they aren't "of age" and when they do FINALLY get tested at age 25 like the doctors recommend, it is too late.

So if it is a risk to perform a smear on women younger than 25..

Why do you carry out abortions to those under 25? Even those under 18?

And the procedure in which the female goes under anesthetic and the fetus gets suctioned from the mothers uterus. That in its self poses a higher risk to the female body, in some cases even death on the table. 

But you still as a country carry out abortions to women ages between 14+? But cannot provide women tests to check their health? 

MORE needs to be done to protect our bodies. Checking only at the age 25 is so bizarre. For some people it is too late by the time, And we should be able to prevent that by being able to get a diagnosis sooner. Just to be safe. We have rights and we demand all women younger than 25 to get checked for cervical cancer! And be offered treatment they deserve. Sooner.

We are the future.

We have a choice!! 

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Signatures: 2,257Next Goal: 2,500
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