Asylum for Edward Snowden!

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More than six years have passed since Edward Snowden uncovered one of the most outrageous intelligence affairs of all time. He exposed abusive and excessive interception and surveillance measures of the secret services to the world public and fought for all our freedom.

Snowden is still paying a high price as a whistleblower: since his escape from Hong Kong he has been stuck in Russia, living in constant fear for his life, isolated from family and friends. The USA threatens him with years of imprisonment and denies him a fair trial. Only the renunciation of torture was promised to him on his return to the USA. This must be a joke right?

We demand: Asylum for Edward Snowden, now!

The courageous informing of the public about inadmissible surveillance and espionage measures is a respectable achievement. It contributes to democracy and is inevitable to a free and secure society. People like Edward Snowden deserve a permanent safe residency in a constitutional democracy and a fair and constitutional trial. Recognition instead of condemnation and prosecution.

It’s a pathetic display of the Western democracies that Edward Snowden still has to hide in Russia because exactly these rights are denied him in his home country!

We demand: Asylum for Edward Snowden!

About the initiators:
Pascal: I have been active in digital politics for over ten years. In the digital age our freedom is also decisively determined by an open internet and free communication. The total surveillance of the internet and thus our private lifes is a major threat to our democracy and free society.
My biggest success to date has been the co-creation and management of, the largest digital political campaign with over 5.300.000 signatories to our petition on
Sylvia: For some years now I have been dealing with topics such as surveillance, lobbying and the entanglements of politics and business (especially large corporations). I have even written a book about it. For me, people like Edward Snowden, who risk their existence and even their life to bring dramatic information to the public, are not criminals but heroes. And as such, they definitely deserve our highest respect and appreciation. To grant asylum is a matter of course in my eyes. I see Switzerland in particular as having a duty here to defend its neutral position and to protect human rights without cowering out of fear of consequences.