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Arrest Retired Sgt. Charles Langley

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Daniel Shaver (pictured above), at age 26, was shot and killed by Officer Philip Brailsford on January 18th 2016. He left behind two daughters and a wife that day. Before the body cam footage was released, the details of this case were as follows: 

  • Guests reported seeing a man with a gun in the window of a fifth floor room at La Quinta Inn and Suites in Mesa, AZ. 
  • Six officers were sent to investigate. 
  • Officer Brailsford shot and killed Daniel Shaver under orders from Sgt. Charles Langley
  • What Shaver actually had was a pellet gun he used for his job in pest control.

Officer Brailsford has been fired from his position. However, Sgt. Charles Langley has retired and to my knowledge faces no punishment for his participation - his guidance - in the murder of Daniel Shaver. Linked below are several news sources and the newly released body camera footage of the manslaughter, which is not only physically violent but bone-chillingly terrifying the moment one hears the tone of Langley's voice. 

New York Times

Washington Post

PDS Video

The following excerpt is from The Washington Post:

"Langley tells Shaver to keep his legs crossed and push himself up into a kneeling position. As Shaver pushes himself up, his legs come uncrossed, prompting the officer to scream at him.

“I’m sorry,” Shaver says, placing his hands near his waist, prompting another round of screaming.

“You do that again, we’re shooting you, do you understand?” Langley yells.

“Please do not shoot me,” Shaver begs, his hands up straight in the air.

At the officer’s command, Shaver then crawls down the hallway, sobbing. At one point, he reaches back — possibly to pull up his shorts — and Brailsford opens fire, striking Shaver five times." 

It should also be mentioned that the moment Shaver accidentally uncrosses his legs Langley barks that he will be shot. 

Retired Sgt. Charles Langley, the man in control of the situation, the man who was supposed to handle this protocol with a level head abandoned all of it for a bizarre game of Simon Says in which any mistake would cost Shaver his life. Daniel Shaver, who is possibly drunk, obeying every order to the best of his ability, sobbing and shaking with fear, is murdered. 

I am tired of it. Brailsford was fired, but where is the punishment for Charles Langley? The man who orchestrated the entire event? The one who screamed at Shaver for uncrossing his legs and completely escalated the situation rather than subduing it? It could very well be Langley's fault that Shaver appeared as such a threat to Brailsford, causing him to shoot. Langley so grotesquely handled the event that it could have completely obscured Brailsford as well. Other sergeants and officers have criticized how improperly Langley decided to speak to Shaver. 

There is already so much pain in the world concerning the police and gun control, but that is not what I am asking for right now. I am calling for the justice of Daniel Shaver and for Charles Langley to be properly dealt with in the assist of Shaver's murder. He cannot quietly retire and expect to not bear any weight for what he is so obviously responsible for. No one should ever have to lose an innocent father, husband, family member the way Shaver's family did. 

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