End the Use of Aramark at the University of Tennessee

End the Use of Aramark at the University of Tennessee

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Aramark is not only known for their monopolies of sub par food around college campus, but also racist practices and ties with the private prison system in the United States. Though this may seem like a lot to ask for the University to cut their deep ties with Aramark, NYU was able to do it after a 43 year long contract. 

As far as college campus's go, Aramark is known for putting out fried chicken, kool-aid, collard greens and other stereotypical "Black" foods claiming it to be a celebration for Black History Month. In reality this is not a celebration, but rather further ingraining hurtful stereotypes. 

On top of their racist acts on college campuses around the United States, Aramark is known for their ties to the for profit prison systems in the United States. These systems capitalize on mass incarceration, due to the fact that a full prison equals more money in their pockets. Mass incarceration for small offenses disproportionately affects Black Men in America and needs to be brought to an end. Aramark is also known for providing prisons with too little food and oftentimes the food that is provided is spoiled, further worsening the already harsh conditions. 

In the current climate, it is time that the University of Tennessee take a stand against these racist acts and systemic problems that Aramark is furthering progressing by choosing a different provider for our foods on campus.