Anti-ruscism manifest

Anti-ruscism manifest

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Started by Alexey Levchenko

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Ruscism is the state ideology of modern russia, which preaches the ideas of the so-called russian world and the superiority of russians over other people. Ruscism, hiding behind the fight against fascism and Nazism, is in fact itself modern russian fascism. The ruscist government unleashes bloody wars, engages in terrorism, blackmail and genocide. The world must stop ruscism before it destroys us all. To do this, world leaders, governments, activists and ordinary people must follow the following principles:

  1. Ruscists are: all citizens of russia who do not openly condemn the actions of their ruscist government; citizens of other countries who openly support the actions of the ruscist government in russia.
  2. Against ruscists (especially statesmen, oligarchs and propagandists) the most stringent sanctions should be introduced.
  3. Russian financial structures must be completely cut off from the world economy.
  4. Russian companies and their products must be boycotted.
  5. International companies that continue to operate in russia and thus continue to sponsor the ruscist regime should be boycotted.
  6. Ruscists should not be allowed to participate in any events outside of russia. Also, for ruscists, a ban on obtaining visas to visit other countries should be introduced.
  7. The principles of “sport outside of politics”, “music outside of politics” and others cannot be applied to ruscists. Ruscism has taken root in all spheres of life.
  8. The activities of the ROC (russian orthodox church) and its branches abroad should be prohibited, because ROC is part of the ruscist ideology.
  9. Russia should be excluded from the UN Security Council, and the veto mechanism in the Security Council should be revised.
  10. Ruscist symbols (ruscist swastika “Z”, St. George ribbon, russian flag) should be recognized as extremist and banned.
25 have signed. Let’s get to 50!