Allow pet owners to travel with their pets on public transport

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Many dog owners would like to catch public transport with their pets. However, in almost all cities and regional areas within Australia, they are unable to do so.

Changing laws to allow dog owners to travel with their pets would be of benefit to all dog owners, but of particular assistance to those who cannot drive, for example, people with disabilities and the elderly.

Pooches are allowed on public transport in cities across the world, including Paris, Washington and New York.

A "certification program" would allow dogs to travel on public transport provided they are given a "good boy" tick of approval for behaviour and socialisation standards.

I am calling on all governments in Australia to change their laws so that dog owners can travel on public transport with their dogs.

The "face" of this campaign is "Peter", a well-behaved, beautiful border-collie who would love to travel on trains and buses with his owner Patricia, the founder of this campaign.

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