Object Cannabis Retail Store from Opening next door to a Mosque (Toronto)

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Toronto's Rexdale Jame Masjid, is not only a community place of worship but is also a place where families come together to socialize, plan community service events and teach/learn Islamic values. 

Pre Covid, on an average day there are approximately 100 children/youth that attend the masjid for various programs, classes and community service initiatives. This masjid, as many places of worship are not solely for worship or religious activities, but are by in large set up to provide youth with positive environments to foster growth and leadership. 

This past week, a notice from the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) was placed on the adjacent unit to the Mosque indicating intention to open a Cannabis retail shop. This Cannabis retail shop will be situated as the first unit once you enter the plaza. It is directly next door to the ladies entrance of the Mosque. Such a shop would be counter productive for our youth who take great pride in their involvement with the Mosque.

We have until Jan 4, 2021 to file an objection with the AGCO. Please help us and help the youth of our community from being exposed to and having undeniable access to cannabis. 

Humbly, Rexdale Jame Masjid Volunteer Team