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Petitioning Whataburger

Bring Whataburger to Nashville!

Nashville and Middle Tennessee is one of the fastest growing areas in the country and is prime for international tourism. Currently, Nashvillians have to drive 2.5 hours to Birmingham to enjoy the delicious burger of choice. Please stand with me and all other Middle Tennesseans in saying please, oh please, Whataburger come to Nashville!!!  Plus my wife won't let me make the drive to Birmingham for a #4 with everything on it and a large Dr. Pepper. #nashvilleneedswhataburger  

Dan Schweinhart
1,928 supporters
Petitioning Whataburger

Get a Whataburger in Auburn!

Whataburger is great. Probably the best fast food chain in the south. Being From Texas, I crave Whataburger on a regular basis. However the closet branches are in Birmingham, a two hour drive. Everyone in Auburn is tired of the same old McDonald's and Chik Fil A every day and would happily welcome a great new fast food restaurant with so many great options. 

David Bentley
1,132 supporters
Petitioning Whataburger

Bring WHATABURGER to New Orleans

The people have spoken and they want a whataburger in New Orleans. 

Dom Jones
525 supporters
Petitioning Whataburger

Bring Whataburger to Oxford

The students at the University of Mississippi and the community of Oxford, Ms are tired. We are tired of being deprive the right to pursue happiness. You know what makes people happy? A delicious Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit on the way to class. There is no better way to start the day. Many of us will never get to experience this. Sad! Having an existential crisis and need a moment to think about what you really want to do with your life? Chew it over with the remarkable taste of a Whataburger Patty Melt... actually you can't do that because there is no Whataburger in Oxford. In a recent poll taken on twitter, a student asked what the student body would like to see most in Oxford. Out of 21,260 students, a lot said Whataburger. One of the best things Whataburger would bring is an increase in variety for after-hour foods. Chicken-on-a-stick is good, but imagine a world in which you could choose between chicken-on-a-stick and a taquito or a Whatachick’n meal. I mean really, who doesn’t like choices. One could ask for nothing more if Whataburger would just listen to our wants. We are asking that Whataburger grant us, the students and community member of the University of Mississippi and Oxford, a Whataburger of our own. A place where all can enjoy the deliciousness that Whataburger has to offer.

Tanner Nielson
390 supporters
Petitioning Whataburger

Bring Whataburger to Colorado

Colorado is full of transplants from all over the US. A lot of them have had the delicious opportunity to taste Whataburgers greatness. Let's convince Whataburger to share their wonderful creations with CO and introduce them to all the amazing food options Whataburger offers. 

Courtney Trevino
324 supporters
Petitioning Whataburger

Open a Whataburger in Chicago, Illinois

Hello, Whataburger is a fast food restaurant company that is only open in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. However, There is not a Whataburger in the Midwest. The first time, I've had Whataburger was in the summer of 2016 and the burgers were the best ones I have ever had in my life. I live in Chicago, Illinois and whenever I have a craving for Whataburger I cannot have some because there is not a Whataburger near Chicago, Illinois. I would love to see a Whataburger in the Midwest so when the next time I or those who have tried Whataburger can have some and even to those who have not tried can try it to the first time. Raising Canes, fast food restaurant company, has opened a Raising Canes in North Riverside and Oak Lawn. They are like Whataburger by having a restaurants in certain locations. If Raising Canes can open a location in the Midwest, I believe that there will be an opening to Whataburger soon in Chicago.

Aileen Araujo
281 supporters
Petitioning Whataburger

Keep styrofoam cups in Whatabuger

There is a new petition to stop using the amazing Styrofoam cups, us Texans love getting at Whataburger. This is a petition for Whataburger to ignore the crazies and keep doing what they are doing. We love our Whaterburger just the way it is. Those gorgeous orange and white cups keeps us drinking out of the same cold drink all the way home. My ice doesn't melt because it enjoys hanging around in its Styrofoam, keeping that amazing Dr. Pepper the perfect temperature. The ones who complain about the Styrofoam can bring their own used cups and plastic straws but don't touch my Whataburger Styrofoam cups and plastic straws. 

Jackie Lovesyourdad
227 supporters
Petitioning Whataburger,, Texas A&M University-Commerce, City of Commerce, Mayor of Commerce

Bring Whataburger To #TAMUC

  Being a student at Texas A&M University- Commerce you understand the struggle of wanting to go out past 11 pm to grab a bite to eat, but only having 2 options that you’re either tired of or don’t eat.   If Whataburger was brought to Commerce, Texas I could almost guarantee that it would be successful as a franchise and that students and locals would really appreciate it. Simply because they don’t have to drive 25 mins away to get it and that it stays open past midnight unlike majority of the food businesses in Commerce, TX.   Not being from Commerce you notice the lack of food places that you are use to having around where you grew up or went to school, because there are very few students who live in Commerce or attend Commerce that are actually from here. So if Whataburger was to build a franchise 5-10 mins of the TAMUC campus I’m certain it would make a lot of people feel more at home having a food place they know and like a lot around, and others more easy and appreciative knowing that Commerce is listening to the public and working on building and improving its environment for the people and students who continuously uplift, recognize, and give Commerce the name that it has gotten over the years going from being a small rarely heard about College town in East Texas to a well-known talk of the town College in East Texas. 

Let’s Upgrade #TAMUC ...
161 supporters
Petitioning Whataburger

Open a Whataburger in Colorado

We were forced to leave our home in San Antonio, Tx. We lived right around the corner from a Whataburger. I would tear my ligaments while having hundreds of seizures daily. Texas Drs' said my life was coming to an end. Cannabis in Colorado stopped my seizures. I am so blessed to be alive and working, but we are now stuck in Colorado due to Cannabis prohibition in Texas.  Colorado is missing out on Whataburger. I have already contacted Whataburger. I am trying everything possible to get all of us here in Colorado the Whataburger we all deserve! Imagine sitting in front of your fireplace with your family after a great day of winter fun and un wrapping that juicy, delicious, one of a kind Whataburger with all the fixings while all of your senses are crying out to take that 1st bite! While you are enjoying your 1st bite of cheeseburger heaven, you gently dip your crisp french fries into Whataburger's amazing ketchup. The perfect addition to Colorado would be a Whataburger. Whataburger is the thing we miss most here in Colorado, besides our family and friends. Please sign this petition to bring Whataburger to Colorado. We can't wait to enjoy a Whataburger in Colorado and eat the best cheeseburger ever with all of yall! 

Sherise Nipper
155 supporters
Petitioning Whataburger

Bring FlowMo a Whataburger at Long Prairie and Flower Mound Rd!

Begun as a post on Facebook in jest to discuss the abscence of a Whataburger in the center of Flower Mound, this is a petition to Whataburger to consider a location near the intersection of Flower Mound Rd and Long Prairie. There are indications Whataburger may have considered this are before but was unsure of the demand. Let’s let them know how much we would love this to happen and assure them that building a new location here would be huge! Especially with the new Home growth along Flower Mound Rd and in the Lakeside area. FloMo can make this happen!

Jason Franks
149 supporters