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Boycott Qatar's 2022 FIFA World Cup of Slavery

Boycott Qatar's 2022 FIFA World Cup of Slavery. Slavery is building the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and the Western world is profiting from this slavery. Qatar's 2022 FIFA World Cup is killing thousands of fathers, husbands, and families. @WorldCupSlavery What You Can Do 1)      Electronically sign this petition to boycott the 2022 World Cup. One click to stop slavery.  2)      Make this petition viral. Share, Tweet, Snap, Insta or e-mail this petition to anyone and everyone. Also, ask influential bloggers/newspapers, personal connections, and organizations to support this petition. No matter the method, raising awareness helps end this injustice. 3)      Please follow this issue @WorldCupSlavery. Your follow and support makes a difference. 4)      Socially pressure FIFA’s sponsors: VISA, Hyundai/KIA, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, ADIDAS and Anheuser-Busch InBev. 5)     Promote this petition so more people see and share the message (see the tab on the right of the screen).  Quick Facts PLEASE WATCH! ESPN E60’s documentary illustrates the human rights violations. In preparation to host the 2022 World Cup, Qatar is using slavery to build over 200 billion dollars of infrastructure. Many Western sponsors, construction companies, and businesses will profit from this slavery. Qatar’s World Cup construction is expected to kill over 7,000 workers. FIFA, the Western world, and Qatar are killing 7,000 fathers, sons, and brothers in order to profit off soccer. Qatar is not only killing 7,000 workers, but destroying 7,000 families. The forced laborer’s families cannot withstand the loss of their primary income earner. Often, the families lose their home, starve, or are forced to make inhumane decisions for survival.    The international community has condemned Qatar’s system of slavery. The United Nation’s described Qatar’s kafala system as “slavery-like conditions.” The United States Department of State concluded, “Approximately 94 percent of the country’s workforce is comprised of men and women from South and Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East who voluntarily come to work as low- and semiskilled workers, primarily in construction, oil and gas, service, transportation, and domestic work, but some subsequently face forced labor.” Solution Our social pressure could end Qatar’s slavery. This petition seeks to 1) Force FIFA to change the 2022 World Cup hosting country, and 2) Force Qatar to abolish its migrant work sponsorship program (kafala system). Collectively, this petition will apply social pressure to the sponsors of the 2022 World Cup. Driven by that social pressure, sponsors will threaten to end sponsorship to avoid negative publicity and financial losses. Under the threat of losing sponsors and public support, FIFA will demand changes from the Qatari government.     Summary of Qatar’s Slavery Qatar regulates their migrant workforce through a work sponsorship program called a kafala system. Qatar’s kafala system entraps the immigrants with false promises of adequate wages, only to significantly reduce their pay upon their arrival to Qatar. If the forced laborer protests, Qatar unlawfully detains insubordinate employees, allows employers to withhold pay, and enables employers to confiscate passports to prevent the forced laborers to return home. With this disproportional leverage over the laborers, employers force laborers into dangerous working conditions. Employers force immigrant workers to labor for 16 hours in 120° heat. The forced laborers sleep 10 to 14 people in a very small room with no running water or sewage system. Under these dangerous working and living conditions, experts estimate that Qatar’s system of slavery will kill upwards of 7,000 workers before the start of the 2022 World Cup. Qatar’s kafala system not only harms the forced laborers, but destroys the forced laborers’ families as well. If the forced laborers die, their families lose their primary income earner. If the laborers survive, employers reduce pay, delay pay, or withhold pay completely. The forced laborers’ families depend on this income. Without this income, wives, grandparents, and children living in the forced laborers’ origin country lose homes, starve, and struggle to survive. Qatar’s kafala system violates several human rights laws. The United Nation’s Human Rights Officer described Qatar’s kafala system as leading to “slavery-like conditions.” The United Nations Convention Against Torture found that “Qatar continues to be a destination country for men and women subjected to forced labour and forced prostitution.” The Convention Against Torture also found “… reports of widespread torture or ill-treatment and abuse of migrant workers, in particular those under the sponsorship system (kafeel).” Qatar’s exploitation of migrant workers will only increase with the 2022 World Cup preparations. To prepare for the 2022 World Cup, Qatar plans to spend over 200 billion dollars in infrastructure through 2030. Because of Qatar’s construction needs, Qatar has recruited a significant number of migrant workers typically from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, the Philippines, or Sri Lanka. In fact, estimates suggest that the 1.39 million migrant workers in Qatar make up 94% of Qatar’s workforce. Why is this petition urgent? If FIFA’s contractual liabilities in Qatar increase too much, FIFA likely will not terminate their 2022 World Cup contract. Because of contractual obligations, FIFA may be liable for Qatar’s World Cup investments. If FIFA breaks their World Cup contract with Qatar, Qatar could sue to recover their World Cup investments. The longer we wait, the more money Qatar spends on World Cup preparations. Currently, Qatar is estimated to spend over 200 billion on infrastructure and World Cup preparations. That means the longer we wait, the less likely FIFA is to demand reform to Qatar’s kafala system or change the 2022 World Cup location. Sources and more details: DLA Piper Report, Migrant Labour in the Construction Sector in the State of Qatar United States Department of State, Trafficking Persons Report 2016: Qatar United Nations Human Rights Council, Qatar Amnesty International, The Dark Side of Migration: Spotlight on Qatar’s Construction Sector of the World Cup The Guardian, Revealed: Qatar’s World Cup ‘slaves’ The Washington Post, The toll of human casualties in Qatar The Guardian, Fifa faces legal challenge over Qatar migrant workers Amnesty International, Tell FIFA and Sponsors to stop World Cup exploitation TIME, Major FIFA Sponsors Don’t Want to Talk About Qatar, Either USA Today, Deloitte: Qatar to spend $200 billion for World Cup About the author: RJ Shea graduated with honors from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. During law school, RJ submitted a report to the United Nations detailing Qatar’s human rights violations. RJ also worked on human rights issues in Mali, Ireland, and Turkey.

Modern Day Freedom
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I am asking everyone to boycott all Worldwide Olympic Partners and Official Partners and Official Sponsors of Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, until they disassociate themselves and withdraw their sponsorship from these Olympics, because of the horror of the illegal Dog and Cat Meat Trade in South Korea.  In illegal and crude slaughter-houses, markets, breeding farms and their "festivals", dogs and cats, some of whom are stolen pets, are routinely and horrifically tortured by severe beating, hanging, electrocution, grilling, torching, stabbing, limb amputation while still alive, and boiling and skinning alive and finally murdered! All this takes place in full view of other captured and terrified animals, knowing that it will also happen to them! All this is in the name of greed, financial gain and also "fun" when it takes place at the "festivals". It doesn't matter whether the animals are stolen pets, street animals or bred for the specific purpose, they all have the same feelings of fear and pain, something to which the South Koreans (and certain other Asian denominations) are quite oblivious, unfeeling and uncaring! The Worldwide Olympic Partners are as follows: COCA-COLA, OMEGA, MCDONALD'S, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS, PANASONIC, VISA INTERNATIONAL, TOYOTA, PROCTOR & GAMBLE, GENERAL ELECTRIC, DOW CHEMICALS, ATOS, BRIDGESTONE, ALIBABA GROUP. Official Partners of Pyeongchang 2018 are: LG ELECTRONICS, KOREAN AIR, THE NORTH FACE, POSCO, LOTTE, KOREA TELECOMMUNICATIONS, SK. Official Sponsors of Pyeongchang 2018 are: SAMSUNG LIFE INSURANCE, SAMSUNG FIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE, SSANGYONG, NAVER, HANWHA, AGGREKO, EF. Obviously some of these companies will be better recognisable than others. It is worth mentioning that COCA-COLA AND OMEGA HAVE ALREADY REFUSED TO WITHDRAW THEIR SPONSORSHIP "BECAUSE IT WOULDN'T BE FAIR TO THE ATHLETES AS THEY HAVE WORKED HARD TO GET TO THAT POINT"!! DO THEY THINK IT FAIR TO THE POOR VICTIMS OF THIS HORROR THAT THEY SUFFER AND DIE FOR THEIR SPORT?!!!! I THINK NOT - AND MY GUESS IS THAT THE ATHLETES WOULD BE OF THE SAME OPINION IF THEY KNEW ABOUT THIS! HOWEVER, THEY ARE PROBABLY NOT AWARE OF THIS HORROR AS IT IS BEING "SWEPT UNDER THE CARPET"!!!! We must do all we can to tell these companies and South Korea itself that we mean business and will continue with these actions and more, until they permanently end this horrific trade and festivals in South Korea and elsewhere! PLEASE, PLEASE SIGN, SHARE AND COMMENT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. LET US HIT THEM ALL IN THE POCKET AS THIS SEEMS TO BE THE ONLY LANGUAGE THAT THEY UNDERSTAND OR CARE ABOUT!!!!  THANK YOU!   Janice Aedy

Janice Aedy
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Boycott the NFL for allowing players to kneel during the National Anthem

NFL Players are disrespecting the American Flag and all of those who died defending it by kneeling during the National Anthem. Many of us veterans have had friends return home in coffins draped with this flag the they gave their lives for. Many a Gold Star parent, widow, and child has had their hearts ripped out when a folded flag is handed to them. It is time to send a message to the NFL that we will no longer watch or buy any NFL products and we refuse to support their sponsors anymore. Enough is enough.

Tom Quinn
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Major Credit Cards: Stop doing business with assault weapons retailers

Tiny coffins in Newtown. Innocent young lives violently ended at Stoneman Douglas, Virginia Tech, Columbine and dozens of other American schools, churches, concerts and nightclubs over the last 19 years. When will we collectively decide that enough is enough? The Second Amendment is as obsolete in the age of nuclear weapons technology as the Three-Fifths Compromise after the Emancipation Proclamation, but it, combined with the Mafia-style tactics of the National Rifle Association, ensures that cowardly, self-interested Washington politicians will not make meaningful change to existing gun laws. The only hope for change lies with the corporations that enable firearms and ammunition manufacturers to sell weapons of war to unscreened, untrained and, all too often, unhinged people.   We call on the finance industry, including credit card companies Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, to take a stand and establish new rules for the sale of guns in America.  We ask these companies to change their terms of service to state that they will no longer do business with retailers that sell assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and bump stocks, which make semiautomatic rifles fire faster. This would effectively ban the sale of weapons of war at sporting goods stores across the United States, as these retailers would be cut off from the credit card system.  Please sign this petition today to encourage Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover to take corporate responsibility for their role in assault weapon sales and wield their collective power against the powerful gun lobby today. 

Anne Miller
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Stop financing and enabling gun violence

Gun violence is epedimic in the US. The easy availibility of weapons of mass destruction is enabled by banks, credit cards, and finance companies who allow their systems to be used to purchase the weapons that are then trained on children in our schools. It is within the power of Visa, MasterCard, and other finance companies to stop enabling the easy purchase of these weapons. Join Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripe, and Square and disallow the purchase of weapons on your platforms. 

Eric Staten
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Allow Google Wallet Tap To Pay To Function On Their Networks

Isis mobile payment system is a joint venture involving the companies listed below which also includes Discover network and Barclaycard US. Nearly one year after Isis was founded AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile announced that they will invest more than $100 million dollars in Isis. Around the time when Isis was founded the only other app that had such tap to pay features was Google Wallet which went by Google Checkout. Google Wallet has been blocked by the majority of carriers since it was released. The carriers would claim that Google Wallet was not secure because of certain technological features which was not true. At the time Verizon announced Isis as a partner they trumped up the same technological features they once dismissed about Google Wallet. At that time many Android phones had the secure element built in and would work properly with Google Wallet tap to pay features but carriers continued their misrepresentation of these functions. They also blocked users from downloading the Google Wallet app from the Google Play Store. Google fought back and released an updated version that allowed users to download the app but tap to pay was not working yet.In Android 4.4.2 Google is doing the host card emulation where secure element is not part of the equation any longer. This means Google Wallet tap to pay will work on any NFC capable device that was running 4.4.2.But..The carriers stepped again and are blocking the service because of their investment in Isis.Visa, MasterCard and American Express have been in court with each other in the past because of Amex not being allowed to process transactions on the Visa/MasterCard network. In the end Amex received billions in compensation and were allowed on the Visa MasterCard network. Yet, they turn around and pull the same big business crap.LG, HTC and Samsung are releasing new Android 4.4.2 updates to their top tier devices and will be standard on their recently announced flagship devices. The number of devices that Isis and their partners are blocking must be over 100 million plus devices which equates to end users who are being blocked from the choice of what tap to pay app they choose to use. Instead of choice our only option if we want to use tap to pay is Isis.This is a blatant violation of anticompetitive behavior. A group of compqnies are blocking their one and only competitor and are creating an environment for a monopoly to take place.This is no longer about blocking a single feature of an app. We must not have are freedom of choice be taking away on a device we own.A wide spread of Android 4.4.2 updates is about to be distributed and all the Isis partners are ready to count the profits they will be making from their anticompetitive behavior.So I , along with everyone who signs this petition ask Isis and all their partners to give us our choice of what app we would like to use. #isis#americanexpress#visa#mastercard#chase#wellsfargo#discover #discovernetwork#barclyscardus#att#T-Mobile#Verizon

Angelo S AndroidUser00110001
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Petitioning DIAMOND BANK NIGERIA PLC, The Nigerian Senate, Visa

Stop Nigerian Banks from charging N600 Naira(N50/Monthly) as debit card maintenance fees.

 Are Nigerian banks in distress? Why should Nigerian banks charge ATM debit fees when you want to take out your money from an ATM, SMS alert fees and a N52 monthly debit card maintenance fee.  N600 debit card maintenance fee is outrageous and despicable.  The banks are hiding under the Central Bank to charge customers ridiculous fees. Bank fees are the new oppressive tool against the Nigerian masses. It is an exploitative tool to drive the Nigerian masses more into extreme poverty. Say no to bank Kidnap and Robbery fees. They add up!

Victor Ejike
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Petitioning Visa

Democratizar el uso del Dinero, en Argentina.

El cambio que busco es que TODOS aquellos que tienen una caja de ahorro puedan usar sus tarjetas de DÉBITO para comprar a través de INTERNET, incrementar y facilitar el comercio electrónico en GENERAL dentro y fuera de Argentina. NO OBLIGAR a que el público tenga que usar una TARJETA DE CRÉDITO para este tipo de transacciones, además de promover la bancarización. CUALQUIER ciudadano tiene que tener acceso a pagar compras y servicios a través de páginas web con su tarjeta de DÉBITO. Pero además esto beneficiaria a las PYMES que pueden colocar sus productos en internet VENDER servicios y bienes en el mercado local y el exterior lo que incrementaria las ventas y generaría más TRABAJO LOCAL. Desde marzo del 2017 PayPal funciona a pleno en Argentina por primera vez desde su creación, sin embargo todavía persiste la traba para vender a usuarios dentro de Argentina. Tanto en USA como en la Unión Europea y otros países uno puede comprar con una tarjeta DEBITO desde Internet, una pizza, un chocolate, pagar sus impuestos, comprar un pasaje aéreo, etc ( ingresando los 16 números y el código de seguridad, desde el teclado de la PC o Tablet y se debita de la caja de ahorro en forma inmediata ) Pagar la Luz, el Gas, Cable con DÉBITO por teléfono o internet.(EN ARGENTINA ESTO NO SE PUEDE HACER) SOLO MERCADO LIBRE POR AHORA ACEPTA PAGOS CON TARJETA DE DÉBITO EMITIDAS EN ARGENTINA. INCORPORACIÓN DE TECNOLOGÍA, TODAS LAS TARJETAS DE DÉBITO VIENEN CON CHIP EN EL EXTERIOR. Y el colmo es que uno puede pedir en sitios como Payoneer una tarjeta Prepaga MasterCard Internacional que te la envían a tu domicilio en Argentina y se puede usar para comprar cualquier cosa en Internet, en cualquier parte del planeta. Muchas Gracias.

Pablo Martin
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Force NFL Players to respect the practices of the country that provides their lifestyles

The people of the United States provide NFL Players exorbitant lifestyles to play a game for our entertainment and enjoyment. However, they have decided to use their workplace to wage protest against the very symbols and practices that are at the backbone of the system that allows them such excess simply to play a game. Ordinary citizens that did the same in their workplace would suffer disciplinary actions up to, and including, termination of their employment. These are the people that buy the tickets and merchandise that allow for NFL players to live lives of excess that make the lives of their supporters seem like those of mere peasants. We are calling for a boycott of all companies and their subsidiaries that support the NFL Players Association until the organization institutes and enforces policies to force players to stand for our national anthem and national observances as well as enact disciplinary actions that are strictly enforced for those that continue to violate the trust of the country that provides their lifestyle. The people of this effort recognize and respect the value of our rights to protest for the changes we seek in our world but also recognize that the players of the NFL are no different, or better, than the rest of the society they entertain by playing a game. We simply ask that they do it on their time. We seek an immediate and unrelenting boycott of the following companies that support the NFL Players Association with further action to follow if our demands are not met. The NFLPA sponsors are: Anheuser-Busch Barclaycard US Bose Bridgestone Campbell's Soup Company Castrol Courtyard Marriott Dairy Management, Inc. (Fuel Up to Play 60) Dannon Extreme Networks FedEx Frito-Lay Gatorade Hyundai Motor America Mars Snackfood Microsoft Nationwide News America Papa John's Pepsi Procter & Gamble Quaker Verizon Visa USAA Join us as we refuse to spend our hard earned money on the products and services brought to market by these companies and their vast network of subsidiaries.For more information on our cause or to obtain a complete listing of the network of companies and subsidiaries responsible for supporting the NFL Players Association please visit our Facebook page at The Edge Radio.

The Edge Radio
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STOP gambling addicts by requiring credit score check in online casinos

Please help me stop gambling addiction earlier. I moved to New Jersey last year from DC for a great job, paying $100K+ per year. Shortly after moving, I was drawn by an advertisement for online casinos, offering a free $25 just for signing up. I didn't have many friends in my new state, so I had a lot of time to myself. I had always enjoyed playing casino games and free money sounded great. I later found out there were many casinos which offered these incentives to play games for money legally online. I won about $2000, and pretty quickly too! How thrilling... I ended up losing that $2000. I started depositing my own money little by little and lost that too. Over time it was a huge downward spiral. I was out of control (completely sober, also, which makes it even more scary). I took out loans that I probably could have repaid by now, if I had not gambled them away, I sold my car, I literally put in every penny I had in my checking account to try to win it back. No one was there to stop me because no one knew. I cannot take the casinos to court because this was my "own" doing. The online casinos have a self-exclusion policy, but addiction is such that I never wanted to give up the chance to win. I know my story is not unique, but if I had been cut off when my credit score dropped below 500, I would have tens of thousands of dollars more than I do right now.  How can it be that I do not qualify for a loan, but I can continue to throw money into the casinos?  I want to do the civil duty of trying to prevent this scenario for anyone else who is in a similar situation. I want to make a monumental change which will benefit not only the others with the horrible condition of gambling addiction, but also benefit the banks and loan issuers who will later be taken to court for a settlement because their client cannot repay, as their money was given to a casino. Gambling addiction is so real and is becoming more of an issue, especially in New Jersey, now that there is online access where you can hide behind a screen and play against computers that are programmed to take your money (the "house edge"). I want to require that a credit check be mandatory for online casino users. If no one will issue me a loan, I want to be sure it is impossible for me to give my money to a casino as well. It's easy to spot a problem gambler in person, and if someone were to be monitoring my deposits from the online server, it would be clear as day that I had a problem. But no one from any casino has ever contacted me directly and suggested I stop making deposits...why would they? Just as we have background checks for people to purchase guns, we need to be sure people with financial problems cannot gamble online. Self exclusion options are not enough, especially when they are not pushed by casinos to those who have gone beyond their limit. Gambling is meant to be fun, but something needs to be done to prevent the addicts from continuing to spiral like I did.  I know by implementing this change in policy, our society will be so much better off. Banks and creditors and people suffering with gambling addiction. Please help me push this issue and have credit checks be a requirement for the big casinos to operate online. Thank you for your support, I hope you will provide your signature to have this change made.  

Jen Jones
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