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Hanapin ang katotohanan. Imbestigahan at pigilan ang "LAGLAG BALA EXTORT MODUS" sa NAIA

Sana po imbestigahan nyo po ang nangyayaring laglag bala sa mga bagahe ng mga OFW at mga turista dyan sa NAIA, dahil kawawa naman po ang mga nabibiktima. Nagpapakahirap po kaming mag trabaho dito at pangalagaan ang pangalan namin at ang pagiging Filipino namin, para lang sirain ng mga taong walang magawa sa buhay. Dito sa Hong Kong ang liit na ng tingin ng mga tao sa Filipino, paano pa pag nalaman na ganyan ang ginagawa nila na mismong kapwa namin Filipino ang nanamantala sa amin. Pitong taon na po ako nag tratrabaho dito sa Hong kong kasama ang kapatid ko pamilya nya at nanay ko ngayon. Nag babalak po kaming umuwi ngayong Desyembre, pero sa nangyari kay nanay Gloria Ortinez na kapwa naming Domestic Helper dito, parang nakakatakot na po talaga kaming umuwi ng Pilipinas, dahil andon yong takot na baka mangyari lang din sa amin ang nangyari kay nanay. Ang batas dito sa Hong Kong napakahigpit. Walang sira ulong mag dadala ng alam nilang bawal na ikakapahamak nila. Si Nanay Gloria 30 years nang nagtratrabaho dito sa Hong Kong at nagawa nyo paring biktimahin. Paano naman po kaming, sa mga dekada na ang inabot dito, tawag sa amin baguhan parin. Sana po maawa naman po kayo at pa-imbistigahan nyo naman po ito at tigilan na po. Lahat po kami sabik na sabik makauwi sa Pilipinas, mayakap at mahagkan man lang ang mga mahal namin sa buhay kahit sandali lang, pero sa nangyayari, mas mabuti na daw magpakatulong, kumayod nang kumayod at magpakakuba dito makuntento nalang daw sa skype at tawag sa telepono kaysa sa kulungan ang bagsak pag uwi sa Mahal naming Bayan.

 Lahat kami ang pinaka asam asam namin ang makauwi sa Pilipinas kahit panandalian lang, pero paano na pag ganito ang nangyayari? Safe pa ba kami sa mismong mga staff ng NAIA? Makakauwi pa ba kami nang walang takot na baka sa kulongan ang bagsak namin? Tulungan nyo naman po kaming ipa-hinto ang nangyayaring modus operandi ng lag laglag bala sa NAIA. Maawa naman po sana kayo sa aming mga OFW. Di po namin pinaghihirapang alagaan ang pangalan namin para lang sirain ng mga gahaman sa isang iglap lang.

Ednalyn Purugganan
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Petitioning Miriam Defensor Santiago

Creation of a Policy for National Nursing Admission Test.

Are you planning to take up nursing? Or are you planning to send your child, niece, nephew or relative to nursing school? Don't you know that there are about 80, 000 to 100, 000 number of unemployed nurses as of 2008. This figure is huge and is expected to have increased today. Nursing education is the stepping stone to nursing practice. It is an important aspect in molding future nurses to become efficient, effective and globally competitive. According to Divinagracia (2006), Filipino nurses are in high demand worldwide due to the standardized and unified BSN curriculum in the Philippines. Sadly, this demand is driving the academic sector to come up with new programs that also fit the contemporary age and needs. Divinagracia (2006) continued to present an awful statistic, the decrease in the number of passers in the Nursing Licensure Examination; from 54% in 2001, it has steadily declined to 46% then to 43 % for the following year and in 2003 respectively. Another issue is on unemployment and underemployment is very common today.  These data is alarming to the nursing profession. Due to these scenario, there is a need to propose a National Nursing Admission Test to address the above emerging concerns. The purpose of this proposal is to facilitate in determining those that are really qualified to become future nurses. Additionally, it will aid to regulate the number of those who wish to enrol nursing and its graduates. Finally, it will help preserve the quality of graduates the Philippines is producing. In return, this will help in the realization of efficient, effective and globally competitive nurses who will help promote the best and quality nursing care. This proposal is apart from the admission criteria that the Schools of Nursing are requiring.

EA Eduartes
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Hanapin ang katotohanan. Imbestigahan at pigilan ang "LAGLAG BALA EXTORT MODUS" sa NAIA

MIRIAM WANTS 'LAGLAG-BALA SCAM' PROBED Thank you for bringing to my attention the "laglag-bala scam," an alleged extortion scheme involving personnel at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. I have filed Senate Resolution No. 1635 on Thursday, October 29, seeking an investigation on the scandal. The modus operandi allegedly involves planting bullets in the luggage of passengers, who are then asked for huge amounts of cash under threat that cases will be pursued against them. The most recent victim is an overseas Filipino worker. The recent reports are alarming for several reasons. First, it highlights how corruption defeats the purpose of law enforcement. Second, it raises a legitimate question on the implementation of the law on the illegal possession of ammunition. Finally, it underlines inaction on the part of government. There have been several complaints about the "laglag-bala scam" in the past months, most of them widely reported on by the media. The recent incidents show that the perpetrators of the alleged scam are brazen, perhaps because they know they will not be punished. We must prove them wrong. We in Congress must ensure that Republic Act No. 10591, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Act, is, on the one hand, properly implemented and, on the other, not abused by enforcers of the law. I have also proposed that we create task force that will investigate alleged illicit activity of state agents at airports, recommend sanctions against those involved, and put in place mechanisms that will deter similar schemes. This extortion scam counts among its victims the millions of OFWs who see airports as their connection to home. Wrongly accusing them of a crime and forcing them to pay their way out of it is not the way to repay those whom we call our modern-day heroes.

4 years ago
STOP Philippine Customs to Impose Tighter Rules for Balikbayan Boxes

Thank you for bringing to my attention the Bureau of Customs plan to intrusively inspect and further tax balikbayan boxes sent by overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). I have filed Senate Resolution No. 1534 (, calling for an inquiry, in aid of legislation, on the issue. The government must strive to achieve the delicate balance between, on the one hand, fulfilling its mandate to curb smuggling, and, on the other, protecting balikbayan boxes, which are often channels of intimate communication among families. Further, the Bureau of Customs, in the performance of its mandate to scrutinize all shipments into the country, must constantly improve its facilities, including, among others, non-intrusive inspection equipment such as X-ray scans. It is one thing to inspect balikbayan boxes, another to desecrate them. The Bureau of Customs seems aware that balikbayan boxes, when opened by their personnel, are sometimes pillaged. What have officials done to rid their ranks of thieves? As the Senate and the House of Representatives review the proposed 2016 budget, including the allocation for the Bureau of Customs, we shall demand from Customs officials results of programs aimed at curbing graft and corruption within the agency.

4 years ago