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Founded in 1914, Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation, serving more than 3,800 destinations with 13,000 daily departures across North America.

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Petitioning Maureen Richmond

Greyhound: Don’t Put Customers at Risk for Hypothermia and Frostbite

Recently, I took a Greyhound bus ride where the company put me and other passengers at serious risk for hypothermia and frostbite by leaving us outside a closed station in the middle of the night in subzero temperatures. I started this petition to ask Greyhound to always keep stations open when customers have a layover, so no Greyhound rider has to risk their health ever again.On Friday, February 1, I was returning home to Bloomington-Normal, IL from Minneapolis, MN by taking a Greyhound bus. The bus left at 12:01 a.m on Friday from Minneapolis and was scheduled to arrive at Des Moines, Iowa at 4 a.m where I would wait at the station for my five hour layover until my bus to Bloomington-Normal arrived at 8:55.When I boarded the bus, the driver told me that the Des Moines bus station would not be open until 5 a.m and that me and the other people with layovers would have to wait outside for an hour. In January. In Iowa. Greyhound knowingly abandoned us outside a closed bus station in  negative 17 degree weather.When I bought the ticket, I knew the overnight layover wouldn’t be fun, but the ticket was affordable, and I figured I’d pass the time waiting with a book or a nap in the warm and well-lit station. I did not expect to be spending the first hour outside, since I had made the fair assumption that if Greyhound was going to schedule a bus to arrive at 4:00 am then they would have the common sense to have their station open and ready for their passengers.The wait made me nervous -- at temperatures that cold, even a few minutes of exposure can mean serious hypothermia or frostbite, and since we had no idea we’d be left outside, no one was prepared for the weather. To keep from freezing, I put on all the clothes I had with me. The other strangers and I huddled together for warmth, wrapping our heads in t-shirts to keep our ears from going numb. When one woman began shaking uncontrollably from the cold, another passenger gave her his jacket.My experience wasn’t an isolated incident. Several other Greyhound customers have logged complaints on company message boards, saying they were left at closed stations in the middle of the night for several hours, often in temperatures that carry significant hypothermia and frostbite risks, including reports of being left out in the snow. Greyhound does not provide warnings on tickets that passengers might have to wait outside in cold or poorly lit areas, without safe shelter from the elements. At the very least Greyhound could have informed us before we bought tickets that we would have to spend some time outside.Please, join me in asking Greyhound to keep their stations open when customers have layovers.   Photo by THE Holy Hand Grenade

Ankur Singh
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Petitioning Greyhound Lines

Greyhound: Stop endangering migrants

My name is Tiana Smalls. In June 2018, I was a passenger on a Greyhound bus from California bound to Las Vegas. This is a trip that I have taken many times from my youth to adulthood. I am very familiar with the route and the specifics of traveling from California to Vegas and back via Greyhound.   This trip, I was met with an unbelievable aberration. We came to a checkpoint that usually is to prevent people from bringing fruits INTO California. Since we were LEAVING California, I thought it quite odd that we had stopped at all. The driver then announced "We are being boarded by California Border Patrol. Please prepare to have your documents ready should you be asked for them.”I knew this wasn’t right so I stood up and said “This is a violation of your fourth amendment rights. You don’t have to show them s***.” I repeated it in Spanish so that everyone could understand.  Just that simple act was enough for the agents to realize they would face an uphill battle and they left the bus. But this happens every day, and Greyhound needs to stop letting agents on their buses. Right now, thousands of Greyhound buses are making their way across the nation, from Tucson to El Paso, Little Rock to Nashville and beyond. Among the passengers on the buses are many migrants departing border towns and heading to find family and settle in a new home. But Greyhound is putting these migrants – the very people keeping the company profitable – in direct danger.  Greyhound has repeatedly allowed border patrol officers onto their buses, resulting in more arrests and relocation to horrific detention centers. While Greyhound claims their drivers are just following the law, the buses are private property and border agents should not be permitted to board. Because of the company’s ignorance, any person riding a Greyhound bus is subject to harassment and violation of their civil liberties.  Sign now to tell Greyhound to stop endangering migrants and allowing ICE raids. Border agents also drop migrants at Greyhound stations with no money or food. Greyhound will not even let these migrant families wait inside the bus station, even when busses are sold out and they have to wait a day or more to travel. At every step of the way, Greyhound is jeopardizing the safety and wellbeing of migrants while happily taking the increased profit from the additional fares. Sign now to tell Greyhound that this terrible treatment of undocumented migrants must to be stopped immediately.

Tiana Smalls
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Petitioning Greyhound Lines, Greyhound, Dave Leach, President and Chief Executive Officer of Greyhound Lines

Greyhound Bus: Take responsibility for unsafe buses and passenger neglect.

This is one of those horror stories that never ends. It is now August 18th and my bus didnt leave until a day later technically speaking. It was the 10:00pm bus from Boston to Hartford. I've taken Greyhound many times but this felt like I was taken advantage of and neglected. I waited in line for my bus at South Station and YOUR bus driver looked at my mobile ticket and let me on the bus. Turns out she didnt read my ticket and puts me on the 10:00pm to New York City. You have one job.. Reading the tickets and you cant do that? There was an older gentleman working who luckily was double checking tickets and he got me off. I'm thankful that this situation wasn't worse, for I could have been stranded in NYC alone at 2 am. I'm a 4"9 20 year old 125 lb woman and your negligence could have gotten me raped, kidnapped or killed. If that's not a place to step in and take responsibility then I dont know what is. BUT it gets worse and you keep getting more irresponsible. I luckily didnt miss the 10:00pm bus to Hartford because its running late. I am 100% okay with a late bus but you purposely delayed our bus once it came 2.5 hours later to South Station at 12:30 AM the NEXT DAY. All of the 10:00pm people were loaded on to a bus with no information and we were not told that our bus that we paid to be express for, was going to be loaded with Worcester and NYC people too. We could have left at 12am but you chose to overfill our bus and add stops that weren't on my ticket. Isn't that also false advertisement in a way? So now I'm on the bus to Hartford, its too late to catch a bus and its even later because of your lack of management and poor customer service. Again let me reiterate I am a 4"9 woman who could easily be raped, kidnapped or killed on the street of Hartford because you cant get it together. If I didnt have the money for an uber I would be spending the night on the streets. Take responsibility for your actions, hold yourself accountable. I demand a refund for all those affected by Greyhound Lines during the month of August and the August 16th-18th Bus Strike. Our lives and safety are not disposable.  I know my story could be so much worse. So this needs to stop before someone gets hurt or killed. Then you'll regret it. Please sign my petition and spread the word. This isn't okay. 

Edina Lemkin
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Petitioning Greyhound Lines

Greyhound should accept responsibility and refund customers

After numerous sufferings with Greyhound bus company, I am starting this petition. My spouse lives in Tuscaloosa, AL for the last 3 years, and travels to Champaign, IL every 2 months. She has been stranded at different bus stations during those trips, and sometimes I had to rescue her if she was lucky to be within 2-3 hours from Champaign. Other times, she paid hefty cab/shuttle rides out of her pocket. All those connections that were denied accumulated a few hundred dollars on top of the fully paid tickets we bought from Greyhound. Greyhound customer service never refunds a dime. In each of those previous (and current) incidents when my wife suffered because of the bad business policy of Greyhound, most of the fellow passengers also suffered similarly. So, those cases can not qualify for a certain individual's perspective towards Greyhound, or expectations. When I am writing this petition (Sunday, March 18, 2018 at 7:00 am central time), my wife is waiting at Nashville, TN because the bus driver did not show up on time. The bus has been delayed for several hours. The next, delayed bus will take her to Birmingham, AL, where she will miss her connection to Tuscaloosa, AL because of this delay. Greyhound rescheduled her ride to Tuscaloosa for MONDAY, a day after she arrives in Birmingham, AL. Greyhound expect us to live in the bus station for a day for a delay we are not responsible for. They also do not have any respect for passenger's time. I repeat: this is not the first time we are experiencing this. Also please note, a cab ride from Birmingham, AL to Tuscaloosa, AL is between $70-80, depending on what time you are traveling. In spite of being solely responsible for this delay and all the inconvenience, Greyhound does not give us option to cancel part of a trip with partial refund, no compensation for this inconvenience, or makes any arrangement to accommodate the customer. Usually flight companies provide a lodging voucher, or a full refund if the passenger wants in situations like these. This bad business policy of Greyhound has to stop. Their customer handling is unacceptable. They have to accept responsibilities of their delays. When we buy a ticket, we have a plan to travel. It is very disturbing how easily Greyhound assumes that everyone would be fine traveling late, as much as a day from when the passenger planned. If you have not traveled with Greyhound, please do not waste your time with them. We have given Greyhound plenty of chances (4 times per year, for 3 years - a total of 12 round trip tickets from Alabama to Illinois. Only 50% or less of those rides were trouble free. Now we think it was luck.). We are not going to use Greyhound ever. Please spread this petition and help us raise a voice. Please sign if you agree with what we demanded in this petition.

Mithun Bhowmick
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Greyhound: Stop endangering migrants

We would like to thank those involved for expressing their concerns. We take allegations such as this very seriously and we appreciate the courage to turn concern into action. Greyhound is required by federal law to comply with the requests of federal agents; however, we understand the importance of our customers being informed about potential checks. Because of this, we provide bilingual Know Your Rights information in our terminals and online as well. ( This information provides customers with a list of their rights as well as resources if they would like to learn more about these checks or report a concern. CBP searches have negatively impacted both our customers and our operations. Greyhound does not coordinate with CBP in regards to these checks, nor do we support these actions. That is why we are calling on Congress to change the law and will support positive efforts to do so. We also encourage all our customers to know their rights and share their opinions on this important issue with their members of Congress. Finally, Greyhound has thoroughly investigated the alleged incident and found it to be false. The cited bus schedule was not stopped by federal agents or law enforcement and the referenced agricultural checkpoint only occurs when headed towards Los Angeles, not Las Vegas. The agricultural stop is also outside of the 100 mile border zone. Federal law only allows checks within the 100 mile zone. Greyhound has experienced checks by CBP within the 100 mile zone, but we are not aware of any stops involving Greyhound at this time outside of the zone. While we have found the alleged incident to be false, it does not invalidate the concerns shared here, and again, we encourage everyone to share their opinion on this important issue with their members of Congress.

11 months ago