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Let multiple well behaved dogs and multiple responsible owners on buses.

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This just doesn't affect multiple dog owners, it affects single dog owners too as you wont be able to get on a bus that already has a dog on it. 


For many years (since 2008 I believe) I have been getting on buses with 3 plus dogs, sometimes even five at a time. Sure sometimes a driver would halt me, radio through and either give up waiting for a reply or be informed as long as the dogs are well behaved it's the drivers choice. Now I'm not blowing my own horn here but my dogs are so well behaved on the bus and are actually trained to get out of the aisle. As soon as i say "this one" they snuggle in, some even getting right under the seat. I've been on trains too and never had a problem. Until one day this one driver would not let me on, I showed him my pass, put the fares down and sat down. He called the police saying in the 30 years he's be working in Sheffield it's always been one dog per bus. He claims it's a health risk to other passengers, so I replied it doesn't matter if someone has one dog or 10, if they cannot control their dog the public is in danger regardless how many there is and I even offered to muzzle my dogs for the public's comfort. Thinking it was just one grumpy driver I left it. But then a few more drivers would not let me on so I emailed First, told them if they stop me getting on with my well behaved dogs I will hold protest. Eventually I started calling them and each time they said they don't know what I'm on about, multiple dogs can get on as long as they're well behaved. I've not had a problem for a very long time until today, the same original driver wouldn't let me on but this is after I have scanned my mobility pass. I put my dogs fare down and sat down. He has now reported me to the police.

This is discrimination, not discretion. As you can see from my photos my dogs take up no room. I catch 24+ buses a week, at least 4 of them with 3+ dogs and he's the only one who's a *** about it all. I think muzzling dogs would be much more appropriate then saying no to boarding them. 

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