Justice For Daniel B. Mengestu

Justice For Daniel B. Mengestu

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Started by Dan Men

I was Greyhound Lines Motor coach Operator #476562 on January 12,2018 Because of a Caucasian  Man on my bus created interference on my Service to the General public and makes false 911 claim against another Mexican Passenger on my bus created matter the crime of a white Man the racist system of this matter happened Racine, WI falsely accused me prosecuted me and thrown me under the bus because of my skin shade and my place of originality there is no justice in America for the peoples of color Because of the crime of white the racist system is destroying the lives of peoples of color they are abusing their public office their badge and Gun to destroy our lives this must be changed now not the suffering of peoples of Color For another 500 years!

Justice For Daniel B. Mengestu
I started this petition to end systemic racism and get the justice I deserve. Anyone with Good hearted and Anyone with Good Will Please sign and share with all your friends!

an attack on one is an attack on all!

Black Lives Matter!

Black Justice Matter!

No Justice No Peace !

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!



ድር ፤ቢያድር፤አንበሳን፤ያስር፤



1,773 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!