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Stop discriminating against athletes with disabilities: Save the Pararoos

It’s unbelievable - We’ve just found out Australia’s national Paralympic Soccer team, have had their funding slashed to nothing. $0.00! The Pararoos - the Paralympic version of the Socceroos - are proudly ranked 10th in the world. Playing for the team is a dream for thousands of kids with cerebral palsy, brain injuries – a dream cruelly ended the same week we’re celebrating the game we love. The ASC must reverse this decision and save the Pararoos. It’s discrimination. Other Australian teams, and other sports are getting huge amounts of funding, in fact, overall funding to able-bodied sports is increasing this year! We only need $175,000 a year to run a couple of training camps and get to an international tournament - even that’s running on the smell of an oily rag but it’s enough to keep the team alive - now they’ve cut it all. It’s gutting. We need the ASC and the Sports Minister to give us a shot here.  It’s discrimination to pour huge amounts of money into able-bodied sports and kill off paralympic ones. Sport is a fantastic vehicle for young kids with varying forms of brain injury and cerebral palsy, to build their confidence, to learn social skills. At time where football is becoming more and more popular, now those kids won't have a Pararoos squad to aim for. Please help by signing the petition demanding the ASC #SavethePararoos.

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Make Wollongong Wolves the next A-League team

The Wollongong Wolves are an established, proud and successful community club. They truly represent the Illawarra region.The A-League needs them! The FFA recently released the A-League Expansion criteria and time frame. Wollongong Wolves are the obvious choice but have direct competition with the Corporate Franchise Southern Expansion bid. This petition is to send a clear message that Wollongong and the Illawarra needs its own standalone club and will not accept being grouped in with the Shire and Southern Sydney.  Sign the petition and show your support for the Wollongong Wolves being the next A-League team! Give the people what they want The people of Wollongong and the football community in general wants Wollongong Wolves and not a Southern Expansion joint team. In a recent Facebook poll with over 2000 votes, the Wolves were clear winners with 88% of the vote. If you need any further evidence of public opinion, check out the Southern Expansion Facebook page and you'll see the comments on every post universally condemning the idea. Why risk adding a team that people are already saying they don't want, when you have a well supported team in Wollongong ready to go? Can the A-League really afford a failed team right now? And it's not just Wollongong that wants Wolves. All over social media, other A-League fans (particularly in Sydney) already have their mouths watering over the idea of away days to Wollongong to play Wolves. This is the team the people want. It is guaranteed to succeed and will add to the game without imposing on the existing teams' supporter bases. The game can't afford to get this wrong and miss this golden opportunity. Ticking all the Boxes The released criteria for an expansion team is: Vision and strategy for the expansion A-League Club, including: Unique selling point(s); Approach to fan engagement, media engagement; stadia, government and player development and youth pathways; Proposed location(s), including connection to the area and an understanding of the local football community and its history; Financial capacity, including Evidence of available resources, including capital, revenue and/or membership; Details as to how they intend to finance the acquisition of the licence; Details as to how they intend to fund the ongoing operations of the club. Details about persons involved in the prospective bid, including relevant experience across sport/football, business management, marketing and media experience. Wollongong has a strong footballing background stretching back many decades through the migrants that moved to the area to work in the steelworks. Most notably however was the introduction of the Wollongong Wolves in 1980 to compete in the now defunct National Soccer League. Already competing in the NSW National Premier League they have a grassroots program, including teams from juniors up, as well as an understanding with the Illawarra Stingrays, the women’s team. They have a current passionate supporter base and a true connection with the Illawarra. On top of that, they also have the ideal boutique stadium, WIN Stadium, which they already play out of for all home games in the NPL. In terms of finances, they are a well-established club and have sponsors and backers ready to go. In a recent interview with the Daily Football Show, Wolves CEO Chris Papakosmas stated that they have all their financial agreements (from local businesses to national and even international sponsors) already lined up and could have the finances ready to go "in an hour" of being given the green light. They clearly tick all of the boxes and are a genuine football team, with an existing supporter base desperate for A-League representation. They will only grow and will only improve the whole competition. Sign and share this petition to send a clear message that can't be ignored. The league needs Wollongong Wolves!!!     for more info, check out Follow us on Facebook at Yeah The Wolves and join the fight!  

Yeah The Wolves
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Petitioning Football Federation Australia

Football Federation Australia to stand up and support the people who empower their game.

I have been in love with the beautiful game for all of my life. I have played, coached and supported the game from grass roots level for over 40 years. I have finally come to the realisation that this game can be so much better if it wasn't for the ongoing battle we have on a daily basis from the likes of media interest from greedy corporations and media outlets who have an obvious agenda and financial interests in other sports. Johnny Warren so proudly spoke highly of the 'Sheila's, Wogs and Poofters' ethos which was instilled into the minds of a nation back in the 50, 60, and 70's. Surely we have come far enough in the past 50 years to stop having people say, 'Put an end to the game, and send them all back to where they came from.' This is quite confusing for my Aboriginal family, where am I and my family supposed to be sent back too? After seeing The Sunday Telegraph front page today, I was astounded to think that with Terrorist story's in Paris, Mali and Beirut in the past week as well as unfortunate people's lives perished in Bushfires, we awoke to a front page article which was disgracefully deceitful and damaging to our game.  When in the eyes of the Football Family of this country will the Football Federation of Australia, start to defend the people who they claim, 'Power the game?' We demand a statement damning this report and a firm obligation that these reports are exposed for the lies that they are. An open apology to the fans and families whom have been exposed worse than terrorists, some who have not even broken the law and have no police record for the perceived charges. Within 24 hours of this story being published there are already people whom have had to explain their actions as an employee to their employer, as well as students who are into the most important years of their lives whom now have this 'sokkah hooligan' tag around  their necks for the rest of their lives, at the entry of their name into a webpage search engine for ever, when ever they apply for a job in the future. This needs to stop and an investigation into how this information was leaked and subsequently published. Every legal avenue should be made available for every person mentioned in this article and their concerned families so this never happens again. Starting up an appeals process for all banned members of the public would be a positive and huge step forward to the inactions of the past, which is constantly dragging our game to the dark ages once again and fuelling the awaitng bias media vultures. This is our game, the beautiful game, let's be proud of our contribution to this world phenomenon and share the passion which has embraced and enriched so many lives around the world. When can we start this? THAT TIME IS NOW!    

Mick Scarcella
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Petitioning Football Federation Australia, Football Queensland, Mayor Tom Tate, The Hon Greg Hunt

Issue Gold Coast City FC with a QPL Licence

Gold Coast City FC is one of the Gold Coast’s highest performing clubs, finishing second on the ladder in 2017, playing in the FFA cup and with some of their players even representing Queensland. In October 2017 Gold Coast City FC separated from Palm Beach Soccer Club after Palm Beach decided to hand back the NPL licence to Football Queensland. Gold Coast city FC had already trialled and selected approx 150 children to play in this elite competition so applied to Football Queensland for an NPL licence. Football Queensland rejected the application for both an NPL licence or a QPL licence, leaving 150 kids to either miss out on playing their loved sport of soccer or fading back into the community football program and being unable to further their skills. Some of these families have relocated to the Gold Coast from other states to play and represent Gold Coast City at great expense. All of these children and their families have been absolutely devastated by this decision and need our help! Footballs Queensland is the only government body that can help find a solution to allow these kids to play the elite soccer competition that they have trained, trialled and worked so hard for Please stand with these kids and their families, OUR FAMILIES, and send a clear message that Gold Coast City deserves to stay in the game!

Danielle McDonald
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Petitioning Geoff Foster, Football Federation Australia, David Gallop

Reinstate Olympic FC Female Football program into elite competition.

Football Queensland have decided to expand the PlayStation 4 National Premier Leagues Women's competition for 2018, but have rejected Brisbane Olympic FC's application to continue in a competition they have been a part of since it's inception.  In making this decision, they have deemed Olympic FC incapable of providing an elite level of football education to female athletes, despite approving the club's application to compete in the equivalent league for male footballers. The decision has not been justified, and Football Queensland refuse to respond to requests for feedback from local stakeholders and federal politicians.  Olympic FC is one of only two Brisbane based clubs in this competition who have fielded teams in all divisions since the competition commenced, but have been overlooked for clubs who have never been able to meet licensing requirements. Some newly created entities who do not have a single registered player, and in some cases, do not have fields to play on, have been accepted ahead of an existing club with an existing community, existing administration and existing infrastructure. Our current player base, with girls as young as 6 years old, are talking about giving up on their dreams of being Matildas because they feel like they will not have a chance without this program in place.  Our club has worked hard to provide a positive football environment for female athletes, with many success stories having originated from Goodwin Park. In 2016, more players from our team went on to play in the Westfield W-League than any other club in Queensland, and another one of our players made her international debut in a World Cup Qualifier. More importantly, hundreds of young ladies have developed a sense of confidence and wellbeing through their involvement in our program.  We want the opportunity to continue the great work we have already started. We ask Football Queensland and Football Federation Australia to reinstate Brisbane Olympic FC into the PlayStation 4 National Premier Leagues Women's competition in 2018, allowing more female athletes the chance to engage in physical activity, develop self-worth and pursue their dreams of becoming international footballers.  We believe that Brisbane Olympic FC have been wrongfully excluded from this competition, and invite Football Queensland to correct this mistake, as they have demonstrated a willingness to do already. We have the coaches, we have the players, we have the infrastructure, we have the history, we have the knowledge and we have the passion to give the best opportunities to young female athletes. Help us continue to provide the same opportunities for a generation of young women that we do for young men. 

Phillip Canham
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Petitioning Football Federation Australia

FFA: Do not give the Southern Expansion bid an A-League franchise spot!

This petition exists to discourage the FFA from approving a combined St George, Sutherland Shire and Illawarra A-League franchise. Despite having the backing of Craig Foster and Chinese investors, the bid is seriously misguided for the following reasons: - Geographical and cultural disconnect between Southern Sydney and Wollongong would likely see poor support from the Illawarra region. Many Illawarra locals have consistently made it clear on social media that they will only support a standalone Wollongong team. The Wanderers have exemplified the success that comes with representing a specific region and having a clear identity - it would be a mistaken decision to go the other way. - The farcical nature of ground-sharing across the 3 regions is demonstrated by the fact that 55km separates WIN Stadium from Jubilee Oval, as opposed to 23km separating Moore Park and Parramatta Stadium - the homes of two different clubs. - 25% of Sydney FC's member base live south of Mascot, and 40% of junior members (2015 data). A new team would deeply cut into their support and already diminished catchment area (post-WSW). It is important to note that Jubilee Oval (St George region) is only a short 12km from Moore Park. - Adding a third Sydney team creates 6 more derby fixtures each season, yet the potential success of these manufactured 'derbies' is questionable. The current Sydney Derby has been so successful because it captured a real and pre-existing social and cultural dynamic in Sydney.  - Additionally, the Wanderers were established to represent a specific area and have a clear identity - something a combined Southern team would not have. Again, despite the combined St George, Sutherland Shire, Illawarra region boasting a population of nearly 1 million, this raw number does not automatically convert to passionate fans, especially when there is such a physical and cultural separation across that population. Despite having a smaller population on its own, the Illawarra region already boasts a historically successful club in the Wollongong Wolves - a club that has a pre-existing and visible connection to the area and fans. Their standalone bid should be seriously considered and favoured over the combined regional one.  To conclude, and with all respect to Craig Foster, the Southern Expansion bid is not the best thing since sliced bread. In fact, it would be detrimental to a pre-existing club in Sydney FC and stifle any chance a standalone Wollongong team has of joining an expanded competition. Expansion is vital to the future progression of the A-League, but it must be done right. Without any clear fan engagement conducted by the FFA, this petition hopes to demonstrate the sentiment of the public and encourage the future path taken by the FFA.

Liam Clark
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Stop discriminating against athletes with disabilities: Save the Pararoos

Hi there, this is Mark Bresciano from the Socceroos and I would like to provide you with an update on the Pararoos. As you know, in late 2014, the Australian Sports Commission decided to cut funding to our national Paralympic football team, the Pararoos. That means no more training camps, no more tournaments, and no chance of competing at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio. Just like the Socceroos have done for me, the Pararoos provided a pathway for elite athletes to achieve their goals. But for these athletes, it is more than that. The Pararoos make it possible for footballers with a disability to pull on the green and gold jerseys live their footballing dream and enhance their quality of life. I have always believed that football is the one and only world game. It is the game that should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of race, gender or physical ability. I am determined to see the Pararoos succeed. That is why I am proud to be an Ambassador for the Pararoos and get behind this truly great Australian team. Since the Australian Sports Commission’s announcement, FFA has been working behind the scenes to find a way to keep the Pararoos alive and provide a long term, sustainable program. Today, FFA announced that the Pararoos have established a partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation to raise money through tax deductible donations to help ensure they remain a part of the global football landscape. By donating just $5 to the Pararoos, you can join with football fans from around the country to help ensure the Pararoos ongoing survival and help many more aspiring footballers with disability continue to achieve their dreams. The Pararoos will now travel to London to compete at the 2015 CPIRSA World Championships in June, and will have an opportunity to begin their journey towards the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio. Together we can now ensure the Pararoos have the same chance of realising their dreams as other Australian athletes. You can find out more and donate here – Thank you for your support on behalf of the Pararoos. #GoPararoos Mark Bresciano

5 years ago