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Football Federation Australia & Football News South Wales:  “You should be the ones taking the strongest standpoint against violence & racism in sport, but you choose to ignore it completely, and expect the likes of Angus Chance to deal with it”

In May of 2018, Angus Chance was brutally bashed for taking a stand against racism in professional sport. Two years later, the young man is fighting to heal from the trauma and to get justice.

Angus Chance was at Dulwich Hill Football Club in Sydney when he overheard a teammate yelling vile racist abuse at two Japanese footballers who were trialling for their team.

Angus told the man to stop the tirade. The other player smashed Angus in the face, leaving him with fractures and other severe injuries.

Despite the horrific trauma, no one called the police or an ambulance and a teammate had to drive Angus home.

His mum saw his injuries and took Angus immediately to hospital where he underwent facial reconstruction.

The assailant was convicted and sentenced.

In the wake of the attack, soccer's governing body Football NSW banned all his teammates from speaking to Angus.

This had a terrible impact on Angus.

To make matters worse, Football NSW has not given any guidance on an insurance claim that will cover medical costs associated with the assault.

Angus has now been navigating the civil court for two years, hoping to get acknowledgment of his physical injuries and his emotional injuries and compensation.

Angus and his family have spent a small fortune in legal costs.

Today, The RED HEART Campaign is calling on Australians to join us in supporting Angus and his family by sending a message to Football NSW and Dulwich Hill Football Club:

  • Provide a public apology for the way Angus was treated following the assault.
  • Use all possible means to settle the court proceedings.
  • Train all Football NSW players and playing staff including coaches in the appropriate way to handle people injured as a result of violence while attending Football NSW-endorsed events including training, games days and at social gatherings.
  • Clearly outline the duty of care owed to all participants involved with Football NSW events including the appropriate response should an act of violence occur.
  • Declare a zero-tolerance approach towards violence – on and off the field.
  •  Declare a zero-tolerance approach towards racism – on and off the field.

Please join us in helping secure a just outcome for Angus and to ensure Football NSW makes the changes needed to keep ALL people associated with soccer safe from violence and racism.