Make Wollongong Wolves the next A-League team

Make Wollongong Wolves the next A-League team

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The Wollongong Wolves are an established, proud and successful community club. They truly represent the Illawarra region.
The A-League needs them!

The FFA recently released the A-League Expansion criteria and time frame. Wollongong Wolves are the obvious choice but have direct competition with the Corporate Franchise Southern Expansion bid. This petition is to send a clear message that Wollongong and the Illawarra needs its own standalone club and will not accept being grouped in with the Shire and Southern Sydney. 

Sign the petition and show your support for the Wollongong Wolves being the next A-League team!

Give the people what they want

The people of Wollongong and the football community in general wants Wollongong Wolves and not a Southern Expansion joint team. In a recent Facebook poll with over 2000 votes, the Wolves were clear winners with 88% of the vote.

If you need any further evidence of public opinion, check out the Southern Expansion Facebook page and you'll see the comments on every post universally condemning the idea. Why risk adding a team that people are already saying they don't want, when you have a well supported team in Wollongong ready to go? Can the A-League really afford a failed team right now?

And it's not just Wollongong that wants Wolves. All over social media, other A-League fans (particularly in Sydney) already have their mouths watering over the idea of away days to Wollongong to play Wolves.

This is the team the people want. It is guaranteed to succeed and will add to the game without imposing on the existing teams' supporter bases. The game can't afford to get this wrong and miss this golden opportunity.

Ticking all the Boxes

The released criteria for an expansion team is:

  • Vision and strategy for the expansion A-League Club, including: Unique selling point(s); Approach to fan engagement, media engagement; stadia, government and player development and youth pathways;
  • Proposed location(s), including connection to the area and an understanding of the local football community and its history;
  • Financial capacity, including Evidence of available resources, including capital, revenue and/or membership; Details as to how they intend to finance the acquisition of the licence; Details as to how they intend to fund the ongoing operations of the club.
  • Details about persons involved in the prospective bid, including relevant experience across sport/football, business management, marketing and media experience.

Wollongong has a strong footballing background stretching back many decades through the migrants that moved to the area to work in the steelworks. Most notably however was the introduction of the Wollongong Wolves in 1980 to compete in the now defunct National Soccer League.

Already competing in the NSW National Premier League they have a grassroots program, including teams from juniors up, as well as an understanding with the Illawarra Stingrays, the women’s team. They have a current passionate supporter base and a true connection with the Illawarra.

On top of that, they also have the ideal boutique stadium, WIN Stadium, which they already play out of for all home games in the NPL.

In terms of finances, they are a well-established club and have sponsors and backers ready to go. In a recent interview with the Daily Football Show, Wolves CEO Chris Papakosmas stated that they have all their financial agreements (from local businesses to national and even international sponsors) already lined up and could have the finances ready to go "in an hour" of being given the green light.

They clearly tick all of the boxes and are a genuine football team, with an existing supporter base desperate for A-League representation. They will only grow and will only improve the whole competition.

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The league needs Wollongong Wolves!!!



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