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Delta Air Lines, Inc. is a major American airline, with its headquarters and largest hub at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Petitioning Richard Anderson

End the Transport of Exotic Animal Hunting Trophies

Last year, more than a thousand rhinos were poached in South Africa, elephant populations have plummeted 66% in just five years, and the export of lion "trophies" has increased ten-fold--hunters bringing home animals' heads and bodies to stuff and mount. In response to such threats, South African Airways has declared an immediate, worldwide ban on transporting any hunting trophies made from rhinos, lions, elephants, and tigers. Now I need your support to ask Delta Air Lines to match this policy and refuse to transport exotic animal hunting trophies! South African Airways made it clear this ban applies to all such hunting trophies, without exception, "even if the shipper has a valid permit issued by the relevant authorities." "With the depletion to near extinction of wildlife that once roamed in prolific numbers," there is no justifying the slaughter of such incredible animals for sport and vanity. But for South African Airways' embargo to have the most effective result in saving animals’ lives, it is imperative that the hunting trophy transport ban is honored across all air carriers. As one of the world’s largest airlines, and the only U.S. carrier with direct service to South Africa, Delta Air Lines is in a key position to help protect these and other vulnerable wild animal populations from further hunting and poaching pressures. By refusing to play a role in the wildlife trafficking supply chain, Delta Air Lines can demonstrate the strong and ethical leadership that has made it such a successful and respected company. More importantly, Delta will be preserving a valuable natural resource that provides one of the primary reasons customers choose to fly Delta to visit Africa and other wilderness destinations. As a loyal, "Diamond Medallion" Delta customer who has logged over 650,000 miles with the company, I can attest that Ecotourism now accounts for a full 12 percent of GDP in some African countries. As the Legislative Director for a national animal protection organization, I also am acutely aware how over-hunting has devastated threatened and endangered species. It is a tragic circumstance driven almost exclusively by the $20 billion illicit trade in imperiled animal body parts. So join me in asking CEO Richard Anderson to show the world that Delta cares by doing its part and refusing to transport exotic animal hunting trophies.

Chris Green
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Petitioning Mike Hhogan, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Air Group, JetBlue Airways

STOP BREED BANS-Airlines Must Create An Expert Animal Health And Care Advisory Board

**UPDATE*** The Airlines NEED expert animal counsel BAD. More HORRIBLE decisions coming down. Delta recently announced a ban on Pit Bull type dogs, including service dogs and emotional support dogs effective on July 10th, 2018.  This will be extremely damaging for Veterans, those with disabilities and all anyone who relies on their dog's for physical and emotional support.  We need these airlines to get their ACT TOGETHER. All of these issues can be avoided if they would listen to advocates, animal professionals and owners alike.  Sign our petition to get the airlines to recognize they need our help NOW.    -------------------Trending Recent News- Dog Dies In Airline Bin Dog Mistakenly Flown To Japan The recent news of this dog dying due to poor advice from airline staff just solidifies that airlines need expert advice in how to handle and care for the pets that fly with them. Airlines need expert advice on how to handle pets, where they need to stay, how they need to be cared for and more.  Our proposal is to create a travel coalition of the top leaders in the world on pet health and safety. We will then work directly with the airlines to create safe environments for pets that travel so that there are NO MORE DEATHS. is volunteering to start and spearhead this coalition for the well being of all our pets. Sign the petition below to show the airlines that they MUST have better protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of our pets.
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Petitioning Richard Anderson

Stop al trasporto di trofei di animali esotici

L'anno scorso più di mille rinoceronti sono stati affogati in Sud Africa, il numero degli elefanti è diminuito del 66 per cento in soli cinque anni, ed è decuplicata l'esportazione di leoni "trofeo" - con cacciatori che portano a casa le teste e i corpi degli animali per impagliarli e appenderli. In risposta a tali minacce, South African Airways ha decretato l’immediato divieto mondiale di trasportare qualunque tipo di trofeo di caccia fatto con rinoceronti, leoni, elefanti e tigri. Ora ho bisogno del vostro sostegno per chiedere alla Delta Air Lines di abbracciare questa politica e di rifiutare di trasportare trofei di animali esotici! South African Airways ha chiarito che questo divieto si applica a tutti i trofei di caccia, senza eccezioni, "anche se lo spedizioniere ha un regolare permesso rilasciato dalle autorità competenti”. “Con la diminuzione - giunta quasi fino all’estinzione - della fauna selvatica, un tempo invece molto ricca”, non c'è giustificazione per l'abbattimento di animali così incredibili solo per sport o vanità. Ma perché l’embargo della South African Airways abbia il risultato più efficace possibile nel salvare le vite degli animali, è indispensabile che il divieto di trasporto di trofei di caccia sia imposto da tutte le compagnie aeree. Come compagnia tra le più grandi al mondo, e come unica statunitense con un servizio diretto in Sud Africa, Delta Air Lines è in una posizione chiave per aiutare a proteggere queste e altre specie vulnerabili di animali selvatici da ulteriori pressioni di caccia e bracconaggio. Rifiutando di svolgere un ruolo nella catena del traffico della fauna selvatica, Delta Air Lines può dare prova della forte ed etica leadership che ne ha fatto una società così rispettata e di successo. Ancora più importante, Delta preserverà una preziosa risorsa naturale che rappresenta uno dei motivi principali per cui i clienti scelgono di volare con Delta per visitare l'Africa e altre destinazioni a contatto con la natura. Come viaggiatore fedele, “Medaglia di diamante” Delta, con oltre 650 mila miglia accumulate con la società, posso attestare che l'Ecoturismo rappresenta oggi il 12 per cento del Pil in alcuni paesi africani. Come Direttore legislativo di un’organizzazione nazionale per la protezione degli animali, sono inoltre ben consapevole di come l’eccesso di caccia abbia devastato specie minacciate e in via di estinzione. La situazione è tragica ed è guidata quasi esclusivamente dal traffico illecito da 20 miliardi di dollari di parti del corpo di animali. Allora unitevi a me nel chiedere al CEO Richard Anderson di dimostrare al mondo che Delta ci tiene e sta facendo la sua parte, rifiutando di trasportare trofei di animali esotici.

Chris Green
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Petitioning Delta Air Lines

End Sexual Harassment in Air Travel #MeToo

Imagine falling asleep on a flight only to wake up and find the person sitting next to you groping you. Or sitting next to someone on a flight who forcibly tries to kiss you against your will, and keeps touching you despite complaints to flight attendants. These stories and many others like it happen all the time on flights in the United States, where there's been a 66% increase in reports of sexual harassment and sexual assault on airplanes since 2014. Why aren't U.S. airlines doing more to keep their flights free of sexual harassment and sexual assault? Delta Airlines, one of the biggest airline carriers in the world, could take a major step forward in ending sexual assault and harassment in the airline industry. Call on Delta to establish clear policies and trainings for employees to help end harassment on flights. Delta Airlines was sued earlier this year after allegedly mishandling a sexual harassment complaint from a passenger who woke up on a flight between Seattle and Amsterdam to find the passenger sitting next to her touching her inappropriately. This comes on top of hundreds of other stories where passengers (both men and women) have reported on rampant sexual abuse and assault that happens on flights. It's not just passengers, either. A new report shows that upwards of 70% of flight attendants report experiencing sexual harassment on the job from passengers or other crew members. It's time for airlines like Delta, who are world leaders in flight, to do more to protect passengers and employees from sexual harassment and sexual assault. Urge Delta to commit to ending sexual harassment on its flights, and help reform the airline industry's lax response to in-flight sexual assault.  

Campaigns Lab
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Petitioning Ed Bastian, Frank Argenbright, Delta Air Lines

Delta Global Services (DGS) Flight Benefits Necessary to Retain Quality Workforce

Dear Mr. Bastian and Mr. Argenbright, Before sharing with you the purpose of this letter, I’d first like to introduce myself.   My name is Mather and at my station, I’m the face of Delta.  I check passengers in at the ticket counter, change their seat assignment at the gate, print release paperwork for the pilots, clear HVC customers into their upgraded seats, thank passengers for choosing Delta as they de-plane, welcome passengers as they scan their boarding passes and ensure that my planes are out on time.  I even have the messy job of pulling the trash from the aircraft resulting from in-flight services and hustle to bring new bags of ice to the plane, when needed.  Though I’m the face of Delta to the customer, in actuality, I’m employed by Delta Global Services.  I’m proud to be part of the Delta family and give my all every day. With this pride that I have, I feel a responsibility to bring to your attention an issue that will undermine the success of our operations in the not-too-distant future.  Like many of my counterparts, when I interviewed for my position, it was apparent that at $9.50 per hour, this job isn’t a living-wage job.  As was the case with a large percentage of us, the draw of the position is the opportunity for travel.  And I am so thankful for that opportunity when the stars align.   With the recent news of the merger between DGS and Argenbright, the opportunity for travel -the very reason many of us are employed with DGS and work at a sub-market wage— will become even more difficult beginning January 1, 2022, when our standby priority drops even further from SC3 to S4.  In addition to this lower priority, we will also begin paying the not-insignificant yield fare amount for the flights.  Flying at an S4 priority, along with paying the yield fare, renders this benefit unusable for many DGS employees.  Additionally, the merger makes using flight benefits further challenging, by no longer allowing DGS employees to use ZED, which was the ‘ace up the sleeve’ if we were unable to fly standby on Delta. Our skilled and committed workforce is what has grown DGS into the valuable asset that it is today.  But with the announcement of the change in benefits looming, there is a considerable amount of talk by current employees, across the system, about leaving DGS in the next three years.  If you speak with station managers today about the difficulty in staffing our stations with current pay and benefits, I think you would find that the task is challenging.  Remove the benefit for which many of us work, and that creates a troubling situation for both the bottom line of the company and safety of passengers. For the benefit of the Delta brand and the success of Argenbright, I would like to encourage the review of the standby prioritization both for these next three years… and beyond.  It is my sincere wish that both Delta and Argenbright succeed.  To do that, we need a workforce that knows they are valued.  Flight benefits is the currency that speaks volumes to the majority of DGS employees.  Without a change to flight benefits, I fear that turbulent skies are ahead for Delta, Argenbright and DGS. Please visit to see the names of those who have also signed this letter (currently 1200 and growing).  Additionally, you can read the heartfelt stories of those who have commented, to better understand what drives DGS employees to deliver outstanding service to Delta passengers. I welcome the opportunity to communicate with you about this issue and would be willing to serve on a panel to look into the topic further.  On behalf of the 19,000 DGS employees, I thank you for giving this issue your consideration. Sincerely, N. Mather Zickler, ACS at ATW  

Mather Zickler
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Petitioning American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Department of Homeland Security, Ricardo Rossello Nevares, Nydia Velazquez, Luis Gutierrez, Bernie Sanders

Implement FEMA's PETS Act & lift the airline pet-travel restrictions in Puerto Rico

We are asking FEMA to fully implement the PETS Act, and for airlines to actively mirror-enforce parts of this regulation in order to transport pets safely out of Puerto Rico and into the USA, thus, reinstating pet-travel in their cargo area. The emotional toll of losing your home, job and place of residence is grave enough adding insult to injury when being forced to abandon a loved one. Why? Families in Puerto Rico are not allowed to take their pets with them when traveling domestically -to any of the 50 states- due to a recent airline pet-travel restriction post hurricane Maria; we want it lifted. Pets weighing up to twenty pounds are allowed in the main cabin on commercial flights, but above the 20-pound-rule, pets are only allowed to travel in cargo. The latter policy has been barred, becoming a major stumbling block for pet owners traveling with their pets outside of Puerto Rico. The American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) remarks on the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006 (PETS Act) clearly states that PETSA is deemed operational when a federal disaster declaration has been made. The Department of Homeland Security’s, FEMA, should be providing “rescue, care, shelter, and essential needs for individuals with household pets and service animals, and to the household pets and animals themselves following a major disaster or emergency”, through its Disaster Assistance-Pet Evacuations and Sheltering policy DAP9523.19. There has been confusion on what exactly is going on. An article from the Huffington Post mentioned that, “On top of logistical issues, there’s confusion about what airline policies actually are, and who is making the rules. A widely shared Daily Beast story said a ‘federal ban’ was trapping pets in Puerto Rico. However, both FEMA and the FAA told HuffPost they were not aware of such a ban. Multiple airlines said they did not know about any such embargo coming from federal authorities” This ongoing restriction, enforced by the airlines, has already left thousands of pets abandoned in the Island, during what has been deemed the second largest exodus of Puerto Ricans to the mainland since WWII.  That is to say, and contrary to the law, that American citizens are not allowed to travel to safety with their entire family following a major disaster or emergency declaration.   Please sign this petition. Thank you, Pet Friendly PR, Corp., Fundación Almas Gemelas, Inc. and Barreto Animal Rescue Mission, Inc. [all 501 (c)(3) orgs] and Ileán Pérez Cruz.  

Barreto Animal Rescue Mission
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