STOP BREED BANS-Airlines Must Create An Expert Animal Health And Care Advisory Board

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The Airlines NEED expert animal counsel BAD. More HORRIBLE decisions coming down.

Delta recently announced a ban on Pit Bull type dogs, including service dogs and emotional support dogs effective on July 10th, 2018. 

This will be extremely damaging for Veterans, those with disabilities and all anyone who relies on their dog's for physical and emotional support. 

We need these airlines to get their ACT TOGETHER. All of these issues can be avoided if they would listen to advocates, animal professionals and owners alike. 

Sign our petition to get the airlines to recognize they need our help NOW. 


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Dog Dies In Airline Bin

Dog Mistakenly Flown To Japan

The recent news of this dog dying due to poor advice from airline staff just solidifies that airlines need expert advice in how to handle and care for the pets that fly with them.

Airlines need expert advice on how to handle pets, where they need to stay, how they need to be cared for and more. 

Our proposal is to create a travel coalition of the top leaders in the world on pet health and safety. We will then work directly with the airlines to create safe environments for pets that travel so that there are NO MORE DEATHS. is volunteering to start and spearhead this coalition for the well being of all our pets.

Sign the petition below to show the airlines that they MUST have better protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of our pets.