Tell Delta Airlines To STOP Their Discriminating Service Dog Policy

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Delta Airlines has announced starting July 10th 2018 that they will be banning "pitbull type" service and support dogs from flights because of "safety concerns". This policy is DIRECTLY discriminatory against disabled people from all backgrounds. The ADA allows for any breed of service dog to accompany their handler anywhere the general public is allowed. Service dogs are a disabled person's eyes, ears, mobility and sometimes their lifeline. Sometimes these highly trained service dogs are pitbulls or "bully" breeds (which encompass bulldog type dogs too). Unfortunately, the Airline Carrier Access Act DOES allow discrimination from airlines like Delta to give in to ridiculous and outdated stereotypes about different breeds. But, this isn't about pitbulls or "bully" breeds. This is about freedom from discrimination for disabled people WHO CANNOT FUNCTION IN DAILY LIFE WITHOUT THEIR DOGS. Deciding that a type of breed is dangerous sets a horribly discriminatory precedent. Tell Delta Airlines to STOP discrimination NOW.