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Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline By Pressuring The Investing Banks to Pull Their Money Out!

We ask that all banks and institutions that are currently providing the money to Energy Transfer Partners to make the Dakota Access Pipeline happen, IMMEDIATELY withdraw and terminate their investment and funds from this project. Complete list of banks found at We ask that these banks re-invest these funds into renewable and sustainable energy research, development, and installations that do not impact the environment in destructive ways. We the people are now taking action to close our accounts, mortgages, car loans, business loans, etc, with your banks and campaigning to get others to join in this movement. At Standing Rock, we have seen those that are gathering peaceably and prayerfully being met with unprecedented violence. Unarmed people including elders and children are being maced, beaten, shot, arrested, strip-searched and left unclothed in kennels meant for animals. To us that is elder and child abuse. As spiritual people we cannot sit and watch as those who claim to be upholding the law, repeatedly violate their own man-made laws. These contemptible actions must stop along with this Nations’ addiction to oil. The path to life and a healthy future requires this addiction to end. You can make a difference if you as an individual/business have accounts with a bank that is invested in this Dakota Access Pipeline project, we ask that you close your accounts, loans, mortgages, and find a more local credit union or bank that is investing directly back into the community you are in. This pipeline will contaminate the drinking water for millions of people as well as already desecrating the native indigenous peoples' sacred burial grounds, other sacred sites and cultural ways. This project and construction breaks the treaties that the United States made with indigenous peoples in 1868. We can make a major impact in this movement by pulling our money out of banks, sending emails and letters to the owners of these banks, organizing peaceful demonstrations at these banks to make locals aware, take ads out in your local newspaper, write a press release and distribute to your local media, get on the radio, get on TV, make yard signs and install throughout your area, print flyers and distribute at large events - parked cars are very receptive to flyers :  ), the possibilities are endless.... By signing this petition, you are committing to take action to Defund DAPL. You are committing to close your accounts if you have them with any of these banks and to spread the word to whatever extreme you feel most comfortable. List of Involved Banks: Chase BankBank of AmericaWells FargoCitibankUS BankPNC BankGoldman SachsMorgan StanleyTD SecuritiesRoyal Bank of Canada...and many others. Check out the full list on our website:

Defund DAPL
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Community Outreach With Brooklyn Tech High School

Brooklyn Tech High School is forced to split graduating classes into smaller groups due to the limited size of their auditorium. Barclays Center is new, so they may have open scheduling for the daytime event next June (2013) and be able to donate the venue for the special day. This would help long-time high school friends actually graduate with each other, unifying the 2013 the graduating class and making for a more joyful event for all. Barclays is new in the area and the outreach would be beneficial; helping the kids and fostering a healthy relationship with the community.

Dave Pare
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Petitioning Barclays, Barclays Bank

Stop Llanidloes Barclays bank branch closing

Petition organised by Llanidloes Plaid Cymru Town Councillors We, the undersigned urge, Barclays bank to rethink their decision to close their Llanidloes branch. It is important that the town keeps a bank where residents and businesses can bank face to face. The bank plays an important social and economic role in the town. We recognise that although internet banking is cited as an alternative to in branch banking by Barclays, this is by no means an appropriate alternative. 

Aled Griffiths
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Stop Much Wenlock Barclays bank branch closing

We, the undersigned, strongly object to closure of the Much Wenlock branch of Barclays. It removes the last bank from Much Wenlock and compels customers who want face-to-face meeting to travel to Madeley or Bridgnorth. Further, it removes an important component from the range of amenities in this town. The bank plays an important social and economic role in the town. We recognise that although internet banking is cited as an alternative to in branch banking by Barclays, this is by no means an appropriate alternative.   I stand on the Much Wenlock Town Council

Daniel Thomas
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Petitioning Mr Antony Jenkins

Stop your transphobic voice gendering protocols.

Barclays bank likes to claim they are LGBT friendly, but apparently that doesn't extend to trans people.  Transgender people suffer discrimination wherever we go, but to think that it's still at the level where I am being told I can't access my own bank account is disgraceful. Today I had a very distressing phone call with Barclays when I needed to enquire an issue with my account. The customer service person refused to serve me because "I sound too manly". I was very offended and asked to speak to a supervisor who said the protocol was for women with deeper voices to go into branch to get a marker put on their accounts which would say they "sound like a man". This is obviously a direct display of discrimination on women whos voices do not fit into the stereotypical "female voice" and I would say is very transphobic to imply that my voice is a mans voice, which it is not since I am a woman. I have been using Barclays for years and I didn't have any problem till I changed my name to a more feminine name. I refuse to get a marker like that put on my account so I have created this petition to hope that I can get the word out there to Barclays to change this outdated and transphobic practice of gendering voices. So I would really appreciate any signatures it can get.

Cynthia Swadling
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Keep Brandon branch of Barclays open!

Barclays is a vital part of Brandon town, and in an already struggling high street, this is a key reason for people to come into the town and spend money in other local businesses.  Closing Barclays will have a huge effect on the remaining businesses, both in the short and long term. Many older people and non-drivers will also be left inconvenienced and out of pocket if they have to travel to another town.  This is not just about saving the last remaining bank, it is also about saving our high street!! 

Nikki Filan
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Petitioning Barclays

Keep Barclays Four Lane Ends branch open as a public amenity

Barclays Four Lane Ends branch cater for a high number of elderly customers who are unable to access on line banking. The bank have advised customers the branch is to close. This closure removes a vital local amenity. Staff from the DWP site at Tyne View Park and Inland Revenue site at Benton Park (10k staff), many of whom used to benefit from an on site branch will also loose their local branch as will students at the Northumbria University Coach Lane campus. The proposed alternatives of on line banking do not suit older customers or those with restricted access to the Internet. The Forest Hall branch is to far away and not on the metro system nor with easy parking. The local post office who are proposed to accept deposits is already suffering from queues which again means older residents are suffering further inconvenience. A bank who has just made over £5 billion profit despite setting aside over a billion for previous mis-selling should focus more on customers needs and provide local services.

Russell Perry
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Stop your transphobic voice gendering protocols.

On behalf of Barclays, let me reassure you. Barclays is firmly of the belief that no one should suffer any discrimination or unsatisfactory service as a result of being transgendered. I’d also like to thank Ms Swadling for bringing this matter to our attention. Any incident of a customer being challenged over the pitch of their voice is simply unacceptable. We have looked into this matter as a priority, and in addition to the training and events we already hold on transgender awareness, we are taking additional steps to ensure our staff are fully aware of their obligation to treat transgendered customers fairly. We are sorry that our level of service, from our telephony centre and in our branch, did not meet Ms Swadling’s expectations, and we would like to take this opportunity to offer a formal apology. In fact Barclays is proud of our support for LGBT colleagues and customers, and we have been recognised as a leading employer in this area, not least through our Spectrum diversity network. We also have a number of transgendered employees who are senior managers and leading our Spectrum network. Barclays was also the first bank to feature a transgendered colleague in our advertising, and to our knowledge we are the first to have a transgendered woman as a bank manager. We also work closely with the Gender Identity Research and Education Society to ensure we constantly strive to adopt best practice for transgendered employees and customers alike. Finally we recognise that making assumptions about a person’s voice is neither a practical nor an appropriate way to help our customers to identify themselves over the phone. That is why we are also the first bank to pioneer voice biometric technology, which will be able to recognise that you are who you say you are when you call us. This will make banking much more convenient for all our customers, removing the need for security questions, and will be available to retail customers next year. Let me finish by saying that we are determined to recognise all our customers for who they are, and our door is always open if there is more that we can learn and do. Raymond Pettitt Managing Director, Barclays Telephony

4 years ago
UK Government:stop moving the goal posts and take every step you can to ensure remittances flow through safer channels to Somalia

Thank you for inviting Barclays to respond to this survey. We welcome the opportunity to explain what is happening here and the reasons why. Firstly, the decision that has been made by Barclays has not been an easy one. From the outset our aim has always been to do the right thing given the constraints upon us. We would like to give you some further background on our decision so you can see what we have had to take into account before coming to a conclusion. As a global bank, we operate in a very different regulatory environment to money service businesses. It is well recognised in the industry as well as by regulators and law enforcement agencies that some money service businesses (including some money remitters) don’t have the necessary checks in place to spot criminal activity with the degree of confidence required by Barclays’ regulatory environment. Two recent reports highlight why it’s become even more important for us to take immediate action. These concern instances where the money service sector has been used as a conduit for financial crime, including terrorist financing. In their recently published Annual Financial Crime Report, our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, drew attention to the heightened money laundering risks, with the sector “being at particularly high risk of abuse by those seeking to launder money or finance terrorism, and some money service businesses have been seen to be complicit in these activities”. In addition, a report by the ‘Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea’ to the UN Security Council on 12 July 2013 highlights the financial crime risks in relation to terrorist financing. If these money service firms have their services abused, it can have significant negative consequences on society, by enabling criminals to move money around and the funding of terrorist attacks. Barclays does not want to unwittingly facilitate such transactions, given these serious risks. Additionally, if we were caught up in such transactions Barclays could be punished by our regulators and potentially fined, as we have seen with global banks receiving fines of hundreds of millions for anti-financial crime failures. The regulatory environment compels us to take reasonable steps to not knowingly or unknowingly facilitate such activities. As a global bank, we must comply with the rules and regulations in all the jurisdictions in which we operate. The risk of financial crime is a crucial regulatory concern and we take our responsibilities in relation to this very seriously. We have recently reviewed our eligibility criteria for money service businesses to take into account the above regulatory concerns. Having done that, we then assessed our UK money service business clients against our new criteria. As a result of that review, we have asked those clients who in our opinion no longer meet our new criteria to rebank, and provided them with sufficient time to do so, extending deadlines to allow this to happen where appropriate. Only a small proportion of those clients whom we have asked to rebank (4 to be precise) send money to Somalia. The vast majority do not. Although we have tried to work hard to find a resolution, given the regulatory environment, we believe that we have no choice but to exit these firms. However, to help them and the remittance industry, we have proactively engaged with the UK Government, remittance industry bodies and other stakeholders to discuss the issues around providing banking services to the remittance industry. We understand how many of you feel about this issue, and hope that this post goes some way towards explaining how important this matter is to us and how we have thought long and hard about the reasoning behind our decision. Barclays remains committed to responsibly supporting the remittance industry and we recognise the benefit that money transfer firms provide to local communities around the world. We are happy to continue to serve companies who, in our opinion, have sufficiently strong anti-financial crime controls and meet our eligibility criteria. We appreciate all your comments on this, and every one of them helps us make informed decisions for the future. We know not everyone will agree with our decision but hope you can now see why we made it. Barclays

5 years ago