Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline By Pressuring The Investing Banks to Pull Their Money Out!

Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline By Pressuring The Investing Banks to Pull Their Money Out!

November 10, 2016
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TD securities and 38 others
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Started by Defund DAPL

We ask that all banks and institutions that are currently providing the money to Energy Transfer Partners to make the Dakota Access Pipeline happen, IMMEDIATELY withdraw and terminate their investment and funds from this project. Complete list of banks found at

We ask that these banks re-invest these funds into renewable and sustainable energy research, development, and installations that do not impact the environment in destructive ways.

We the people are now taking action to close our accounts, mortgages, car loans, business loans, etc, with your banks and campaigning to get others to join in this movement.

At Standing Rock, we have seen those that are gathering peaceably and prayerfully being met with unprecedented violence. Unarmed people including elders and children are being maced, beaten, shot, arrested, strip-searched and left unclothed in kennels meant for animals. To us that is elder and child abuse. As spiritual people we cannot sit and watch as those who claim to be upholding the law, repeatedly violate their own man-made laws. These contemptible actions must stop along with this Nations’ addiction to oil. The path to life and a healthy future requires this addiction to end.

You can make a difference if you as an individual/business have accounts with a bank that is invested in this Dakota Access Pipeline project, we ask that you close your accounts, loans, mortgages, and find a more local credit union or bank that is investing directly back into the community you are in.

This pipeline will contaminate the drinking water for millions of people as well as already desecrating the native indigenous peoples' sacred burial grounds, other sacred sites and cultural ways. This project and construction breaks the treaties that the United States made with indigenous peoples in 1868.

We can make a major impact in this movement by pulling our money out of banks, sending emails and letters to the owners of these banks, organizing peaceful demonstrations at these banks to make locals aware, take ads out in your local newspaper, write a press release and distribute to your local media, get on the radio, get on TV, make yard signs and install throughout your area, print flyers and distribute at large events - parked cars are very receptive to flyers :  ), the possibilities are endless....

By signing this petition, you are committing to take action to Defund DAPL. You are committing to close your accounts if you have them with any of these banks and to spread the word to whatever extreme you feel most comfortable.

List of Involved Banks:

Chase Bank
Bank of America
Wells Fargo
US Bank
PNC Bank
Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley
TD Securities
Royal Bank of Canada
...and many others. Check out the full list on our website:

Petition Closed

This petition had 7,109 supporters

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