Stop your transphobic voice gendering protocols.

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Barclays bank likes to claim they are LGBT friendly, but apparently that doesn't extend to trans people. 

Transgender people suffer discrimination wherever we go, but to think that it's still at the level where I am being told I can't access my own bank account is disgraceful.

Today I had a very distressing phone call with Barclays when I needed to enquire an issue with my account. The customer service person refused to serve me because "I sound too manly". I was very offended and asked to speak to a supervisor who said the protocol was for women with deeper voices to go into branch to get a marker put on their accounts which would say they "sound like a man". This is obviously a direct display of discrimination on women whos voices do not fit into the stereotypical "female voice" and I would say is very transphobic to imply that my voice is a mans voice, which it is not since I am a woman.

I have been using Barclays for years and I didn't have any problem till I changed my name to a more feminine name.

I refuse to get a marker like that put on my account so I have created this petition to hope that I can get the word out there to Barclays to change this outdated and transphobic practice of gendering voices. So I would really appreciate any signatures it can get.

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