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PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world with 3 million supporters. PETA works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, legislation, special events, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns.

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END the Yulin Dog Meat Festival NOW!

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is an inhuman festival held each year in Yulin, China where dogs are stolen from their owners, picked up as strays off the street, or bred from illegal puppy mills to be cooked and eaten because they supposedly help the health of those who eat them. Some people there even consider it a delicacy which I find sad and crazy, especially since this only started in 2005 so it's not like it's part of a long tradition. While being brought to the festival, the dogs are crammed into cages -- 5-6 dogs in a cage meant for a rabbit -- to the point where they can't even move their heads. Their limbs are often twisted into awkward positions causing them great pain. The dogs are deprived of food and water for many days. When they finally arrive at the festival, they are tortured even further. After dying an extremely painful death, they are then cooked and served to anyone at the festival. Around 15,000 dogs have been eaten during the 10-day festivals in the past. I want people to sign my petition to make people aware of what's going on. I want to send a message to the government there and make sure the Yulin Festival doesn't continue so that not one more dog suffers. I am a 13-year-old dog owner and animal lover who finds it hard to live knowing dogs are being tortured on the other side of the world as I live my life. Whether you're a dog owner or not, please help stop innocent dogs from being tortured and killed.

Jack P
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Abusive bulldog breeder needs to be stopped

A breeder in NC and Maryland is rubbing their dog's face in shit and posting it.  They are also breeding dogs that are physically mutated and will have very unhealthy, short lives.  They are responding to posts with pictures of all the money they are making at the expense of these precious soul's lives.  They need to be shut down immediately.  Please join my effort to, at minimum, shut down this operation, and ideally send these "people" to prison.  There is also a vet that is helping them.    

Derek Thomas
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STOP! The Yulin dog eating festival! Dogs are innocent animals, that deserve love, attention, care, and a family. First, dogs are stolen from owners, taken from puppy farms or taken from the streets as strays, next they are crammed into cages that are way too small for the amount of dogs inside, click this link to see: , which often twist their limbs into extremely uncomfortable positions and have to stay there for several hours. Once they finally reach their destination, then, like some sort of torture the dogs are boiled, beaten, strangled, electrocuted, burnt and skinned ALIVE! They think the dog tastes better and will be more tender if it has adrenaline! After the horrendous ordeal the visitors happily eat the dogs. Animal cruelty is not a crime in China! When a dog just bites a human, it usually gets euthanised, or, in China there was a policeman that beat a dog to death in public! Here is the link to that: They eat dog meat because they believe that if you eat dog meat it gives the men more sexual stamina and that it will keep them cool during the summer and it will apparently ward off evil spirits. I just can’t beleive that these people could torture the animals that help with the police, help disabled people, support and love each family they have, support and love children if they have been abused and many more.   If a human tortures a dog in China, nothing happens! PUT AN END TO THIS MADNESS!   If you really want to see how China really treats man’s best friend, contact me on and I will send you the link as soon as I can. I’m warning you that the video is extremely graphic and upsetting.  

George Bedford
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Santorini is absolutely beautiful, but here is some honest truth that shook me to tears. The island has a long path that stretches from the port below to the city centre at the top of the volcanic rock. Despite the fact that it's only a 30 minute walk (depending on how fast you are - that's how long it took me) or 2 minutes by cable car, these donkeys are used as cruel transportation for people who want the 'real Greek' experience. These donkeys are forced to stand around in the sun in their own faeces at the side of the path and all they do is go up and down, up and down carrying people who are too lazy to just walk or take cable car. In addition, the farmers give them lashings to make them go faster up the path when carrying tourists etc. I'm so so saddened by this, even old donkeys who have probably been doing this all their lives haven't been given to the shelters yet. So if you ever go to Santorini - or any other place that offers rides on animals such as donkeys or elephants etc. please, please do not support this mindless and unnecessary animal torture. You can see the sadness in their eyes. Animals are not at our disposal, nor are they for our use.  Please Sign and Make a change.  Thank You  Credit: AntoninaRoss & Holly Ann Blossom

Holly Ann
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Don't Let Trump Reverse the Ban on Trophy Hunting of Elephants in Africa!

The Trump administration has come to the conclusion to reverse the elephant trophy ban in Africa. This decision will put the lives of every elephant in danger, and it makes it permissible for those waste-of-space poachers to kill and degrade these beautiful creatures. Please sign this petition, so we can give the elephants a voice, keep them protected, and send the message that animals matter. Don't let Trump decide the fate of every elephant in Africa. They need your help! Sign now!

Tonja Lambert
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SHUT DOWN PUPPY ZONE ***IF you still need some convincing or want to be more involved with our fight, please follow this link and you will see tons of articles, posts, etc to further show the INJUSTICE these animals are enduring.. Also find the headquarters for what we are doing next and event information!*** I'll start this by posting a link of a story that has ALREADY made it to our local news channel about this place. Then I will post ANOTHER article that furthers my point. For YEARS, I have heard negative story after negative story. I have never, not ONCE hear a positive outcome from Puppy Zone in Knoxville, Tennessee. Former employees and volunteers have told countless HORROR stories of feeding puppies bleach, puppies being drugged, improper care or puppies, etc.. on top of the fact that these dogs are the products of puppy mills and are sold at an outstanding rate. The percentage of survival for adopted puppies at Puppy Zone is somewhere south of 50%. YET SOMEHOW, this business is STILL running. You walk in to lethargic puppies who are barely responsive in cribs with cage floors. One woman walked in with her daughter to find a DEAD PUPPY recently. This was the final straw. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE. This is inhumane and sickening. Please help me in shutting down the worst excuse of a business I have ever seen. Help me save these puppies and pray that God will save their souls. 

Caitlin White
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Close zoos that do not properly care for their animals

Zoos like the one showed in my video should be banned because all animals should be left to live freely in their own environment or in sanctuaries. Many animals in zoos like this die from sicknesses caused by the unsuitable climate, use of drugs and sedatives, unfamiliar parasites and also contact with humans. It isn’t fair for the animals and they shouldn’t have to live their lives in cages for human enjoyment.

Jayce B.
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unite against animal cruelty

We want to help and save the animals against the cruelty in this society, we want to spread our advocacy through social media to inform the people about the abuse of the animals Social ads concerning the environment and animal rights stand out the most in the controversial field of social advertisement. And it’s no surprise, as these ads speak about global issues that aren’t easy to solve and suggest that we change our old negative habits for good.

Anne Lucanas
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Say NO to Animal Cruelty!

           What is animal cruelty? In the article of RSPCA, animal cruelty can take many different forms. It includes overt and intentional acts of violence towards animals, but it is also including animals neglect or the failure to provide for the welfare of an animal under one’s control. Causing animal’s psychological harm in the form of distress, torment or terror may also constitute animal cruelty.             In the Philippines, animal cruelty is a big issue that no one can end it. By just tying your pets, giving them leftover/rotten foods, letting them to eat in the trash, abusing them if they do harsh things to the owner, and not giving them a proper good attention, is an act of animal cruelty.             All over the world, animal cruelty is existing. We must do something against it, because animals are so lovely essence. They deserve a good life just like us, humans. Because they also have feelings, they also need love, they need our help. It’s so horrible to see how many animals died and be tortured. We must stop the people who kill them. Every animal is special. Every animal is exceptional.             Please join us to our campaign, and let's join our forces to STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY!

Khyle Bolante
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¡¡Alto a la venta y maltrato de animales en el Mercado de Sonora!!

La venta de animales en el Mercado de Sonora propicia a que las personas comerciantes no tomen los cuidados y condiciones que los animales necesitan induciendo así maltrato brutal a los animales. Día a día los animales dentro de éste Mercado se enferman y contagian a los demás, haciendo que todo animal que entra y no sea vendido, sea obligado a morir bajo condiciones fatales. Éste mercado es blindado por personas de cargo alto por lo que no se ha podido regular las condiciones de higiene y salud.  Al firmar ésta petición me ayudas a crear conciencia y alzar la voz para que éste mercado sea regulado e inspeccionado para que los animales dentro no sean maltratados, al firmar ésta petición me ayudas a que las personas como yo y como tú no compren más animales y adopten mejor. Paremos la venta de animales en este mercado y en otros más, que no vean a los animales con fin económico. Me importa parar y hacer un alto porque así como tu sientes, los animales sienten; así como tus hijos necesitan de ti para que estén bien, los animales nos necesitan para que estén bien. Apóyame a firmar y hacer la diferencia. Las firmas recaudadas serán dadas al Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto, a la Cámara de Diputados y a otras varias instituciones contra el maltrato animal. Finalmente anexo un vídeo de un reportaje que se hizo en ese lugar y veas con tus propios ojos el dolor de los animales y la falta de regularidad de éste Mercado.  

Montserrat Serrano Guillén
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End animal rape, brothels, and pornography

Thank you for contacting PETA about bestiality (humans’ use of animals for sexual pleasure). It is a very serious issue and should be considered an act of abuse. Sexual assaults against animals can be fatal, and we encourage everyone to take action against this type of violence. If you encounter a website that depicts acts of bestiality, please report the site to its host. For information about what to do about websites depicting or supporting cruelty to animals, please see The Department of Justice has developed a division to help investigate Internet crime. Please go to to learn more about this program. To submit a complaint, please go to Animal abusers need to be aggressively prosecuted. If you visit the action alerts page on our website (, you will find that many alerts address cruelty cases. Our Cruelty Investigations Department (CID) pursues animal-abuse cases by contacting law-enforcement officials, pushing for vigorous prosecution and strict sentencing, sending out news releases (, and offering rewards for information leading to convictions of perpetrators. CID has also mailed our “abuse link” packs—which explore the connections between cruelty to animals and violence against humans—to hundreds of prosecutors and judges across the country. Please visit to learn more about the following topics: • What to do if you witness cruelty to animals • The link between animal abuse and human abuse • How to campaign effectively for tougher laws Thanks again for your compassion for animals. Sincerely, The PETA Staff

3 years ago

Diandra, Thank you for sharing your concern with us regarding the abuse of animals around the globe. Ending animal suffering is PETA’s main focus, both in the United States and abroad. PETA has entities around the world in efforts to accomplish this goal. These include PETA UK, PETA Deutschland, PETA Asia-Pacific, PETA Austrailia, PETA France, and PETA India. In regards to China, PETA Asia-Pacific just announced a huge victory in regards to “crush” videos. PETA Asia worked with authorities to ensure that the Ridons were located, arrested, and prosecuted. They received a life sentence for their part in making the videos. You can learn more here: The best way to end cruelty to animals is to encourage the local people themselves to work against it―hold public demonstrations, take their case to the media, and use any political clout at their disposal. We fight for animals in many countries, but without the invaluable support of local people fearlessly denouncing cruelty, we can only offer animals so much. To find animal rights groups in a particular area, consult, a Web site that offers an extensive listing of organizations categorized by country. Ultimately, great courage and strength will be required to fight against injustice and cruelty. We appreciate everyone who has signed this petition and works to make a better place for animals, worldwide.

4 years ago