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PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world with 3 million supporters. PETA works through public education, cruelty investigations, research, animal rescue, legislation, special events, celebrity involvement, and protest campaigns.

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Don't Let Trump Reverse the Ban on Trophy Hunting of Elephants in Africa!

The Trump administration has come to the conclusion to reverse the elephant trophy ban in Africa. This decision will put the lives of every elephant in danger, and it makes it permissible for those waste-of-space poachers to kill and degrade these beautiful creatures. Please sign this petition, so we can give the elephants a voice, keep them protected, and send the message that animals matter. Don't let Trump decide the fate of every elephant in Africa. They need your help! Sign now!

Tonja Lambert
84,169 supporters
Petitioning Salomón Chertorivski, Enrique Peña Nieto, Camara de diputados, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), International Animal Rescue, Oficina de Protección Animal de la Municipalidad de P...

¡¡Alto a la venta y maltrato de animales en el Mercado de Sonora!!

La venta de animales en el Mercado de Sonora propicia a que las personas comerciantes no tomen los cuidados y condiciones que los animales necesitan induciendo así maltrato brutal a los animales. Día a día los animales dentro de éste Mercado se enferman y contagian a los demás, haciendo que todo animal que entra y no sea vendido, sea obligado a morir bajo condiciones fatales. Éste mercado es blindado por personas de cargo alto por lo que no se ha podido regular las condiciones de higiene y salud.  Al firmar ésta petición me ayudas a crear conciencia y alzar la voz para que éste mercado sea regulado e inspeccionado para que los animales dentro no sean maltratados, al firmar ésta petición me ayudas a que las personas como yo y como tú no compren más animales y adopten mejor. Paremos la venta de animales en este mercado y en otros más, que no vean a los animales con fin económico. Me importa parar y hacer un alto porque así como tu sientes, los animales sienten; así como tus hijos necesitan de ti para que estén bien, los animales nos necesitan para que estén bien. Apóyame a firmar y hacer la diferencia. Las firmas recaudadas serán dadas al Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto, a la Cámara de Diputados y a otras varias instituciones contra el maltrato animal. Finalmente anexo un vídeo de un reportaje que se hizo en ese lugar y veas con tus propios ojos el dolor de los animales y la falta de regularidad de éste Mercado.  

Montserrat Serrano Guillén
49,543 supporters
Petitioning RSPCA NSW, Blacktown City Council, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Stop the selling of animals @ Parklea Markets

After growing up near the Parklea Markets for a number of years, I've watched the pets/animal section begin to slowly lack the resources and key elements that a number of their animals need for their over all safety, health and well being more and more. There have been posts made in the past confronting/calling out the running of the section after people were witnessing kittens lying in their own waste, birds not having clean drinking water available as it was full with their faeces, and the dogs having poor living conditions over all. Today, On the 10th of February, 2017 - I visited the markets at around 4pm. At this time, the area temperature (Glenwood) according to the weather app on my phone was 44 degrees, however my car was recoding it at 46. Most of the stalls were already closed, with the rest packing up and cleaning. I detoured past the animal section on the way back to my car. The first thing I noticed was the amount of tweeting coming from towards the birds, making it sound as if they were distressed. As I progressed further, I noticed that both sides of the isles were tarped off. I tried to persuade myself that there was no way that they'd not only leave the animals in this heat, but also cover their cages with these thick tarps. I walked past a small hole in the tarp which allowed me to see in to one of the cages, I was heart broken to see the same 3 puppies that were there last week, all panting and resting on cold water bottles (I assume they were frozen but had melted). In disbelief, I pulled the tarp back so I could see into the cage next to this one, where my heart broke even more to see 6 puppies squished into another cage, also in this same predicament. The complex is made of corrugated iron/colourbond and doesn't have sufficent ventilation or fans, which is bad enough. However, the fact that their cages were covered with the tarps just ensured that they were receiving minimal air flow. Puppies are similar to human babies; and do not have the ability to control their own body temperatures, in which they were clearly suffering heat stroke symptoms (glazed eyes, excessive drooling and 2 of the puppies didn't seem stable on their legs at all). The worst part of this all is that placed on the tarp was a sign stating "Too hot to sell animals." However it isn't too hot to leave them locked in these cages? After making a post about this situation, I've had another girl come forward with an extremely similar situation to this and yet nothing has been done to stop it from occurring. It pains me that car windows can be broken to save animals, however we don't know how long these people have been mistreating animals and providing poor 'accomodation' and living standards while nothing has been done about it. Please sign this petition to spread the word and put a stop to it..  

Aimee O'Brien
47,658 supporters
Petitioning Mr. Mo Gong Ming, Nami Kim, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Sherrod Brown, International Animal Rescue, Animal ACTion Network

Harsher punishment for dog meat trade offenders in Yulin,China.

My petition is based upon actions that have been newly made known. Mr Mo Gong Ming in Yulin has recently stated the ban to be imposed on June 15th 2017 for the period during the dog meat festival which is based upon solice (a period in which Yulin consumes dog meat and cat as well). He put into effect the ban during that time, but only for that time period. There still would be other days throughout the year in which they will have no ban imposed. We need to push Yulin officials to follow Taiwan which has signed a ban on eating dog and cats. The ban has very limited punishment for an individual that would be caught delivering dogs or cats. And only with support can we push for the ban to become a law and a full ban decision to outlaw consuming cats and dogs. Previously it was $17 per truck and offender....which as we see is simply not enough punishment... Now it has changed to $100 per truck and offender. If we really look at that,that is simply still not enough...which may be a reason as to why their citizens are still committing these barbaric acts upon animal companions...torturing of dogs and cats before they are boiled alive because they saw the meat tastes better...or torching their fur off for that burnt smell. If we can push harsher punishment for offenders as well as a FULL in EFFECT ban of consuming meat from their officials can we start to do this. They say that the people want to eat meat and what can we do...that's an officials actual response. What can be done is harsher ground rules for punishment on these offenders instead of a ticket and let them be on their journey.. That didn't stop the slaughter of those dogs and cats on that truck. They should take the dogs and cats and seize the offender at that time.   The reported decision initiated to ban the sale of dog meat during the event, shows that they are taking critical steps to curb animal cruelty during this time and to correct an historical wrong. Only by ending the mess slaughter and consumption of dogs and cats, can Yulin be transformed into a centre of culture and civilization.    This ban is a commendable step for dogs, and I hope that Yulin officials will continue to take further steps to protect companion animals by including cats under the order too, and making it a permanent prohibition.  I would love to see this temporary ban break the ground for an end to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and inspire transformational change across Asia to end the dog meat trade for good. I respectfully urge these changes:    1. Permanently ban dog and cat meat trade in Yulin; 2. Strengthen food safety law enforcement; 3. Penalize inbound dog trucks without proper documents;seize all animals on board 4. Shut down dog slaughter operations inside Yulin; 5. Build a government facility to accommodate confiscated dogs and cats; and 6. End dog and cat meat consumption in Yulin  7.   Push harsher punishment for offenders; and for repeat offenders even more harsher punishment. We need to urge this ban. If not millions of dogsdogs and cats will be killed for meat. It is not a tradition or spiritual journey as some China citizens have said. Some say its for prohit when asking their beliefs. Some completely disagree. Please take a stand with me to show Yulin how you agree there needs to be stronger punishment and a FULL ban in effect. Thank You Crystal Lee Animal Activist/ PETA First Responder    

Crystal Lee
41,339 supporters
Petitioning Municipalidad de Ate

¡Justicia por la muerte de los 40 gatitos QUEMADOS VIVOS en Ate!

Somos un grupo de ciudadanos peruanos que no tenemos palabras para describir el profundo dolor que sentimos por la terrible crueldad y salvajismo con el que han quemado vivos a 40 gatitos el pasado sábado 11 de noviembre en el Parque Los Naranjos, ex Vivero de Ate-Vitarte ubicado en el Distrito de Ate-Vitarte, LIMA - PERÚ. Los gatitos fueron encerrados en un mueble de madera que los protegía del frío y allí fueron quemados vivos por personas que han violado la Ley de Protección y Bienestar Animal y no vamos a permitir que este hecho quede impune. La Municipalidad de Ate Vitarte, ha asegurado mediante un comunicado público que no había ni un gato en ese mueble, sin embargo en el informe del médico veterinario Mirko Castro CMV 6356 que analizó los restos determinó que pertenecían a gatos carbonizados y no a trozos de madera como sostuvo dicha municipalidad.  Las denuncias pertinentes ya han sido formuladas ante la POLICÍA NACIONAL DEL PERÚ y esperamos que se inicien las investigaciones correspondientes lo antes posible para sancionar a todos los responsables. Pedimos a todas las autoridades del Gobierno de la República que tomen atención a este grave caso de maltrato animal e identifiquen y sancionen a los responsables. Además es urgente disponer el traslado de los más de 120 gatos que aún se encuentran habitando el lugar del atentado a un lugar seguro, puesto que están expuestos a nuevos atentados. Los vecinos del Parque Los Naranjos han expresado en diversos videos y canales de noticias su abierto rechazo a los animales y es una bomba de tiempo que los animales sigan habitando esa zona. Nos urge que el Gobierno actual se solidarice con esta situación y disponga el rápido traslado de estos gatos a un albergue seguro. Pedimos que el Gobierno actual disponga la creación de albergues para animales sin hogar tanto en Lima como en Provincias, que les proporcionen una calidad de vida digna, alimentación, castración, promueva su adopción y vele por el cumplimiento de la Ley 30407 - LEY DE PROTECCIÓN Y BIENESTAR ANIMAL y sobretodo cree un precedente para que no vuelvan a ocurrir hechos tan terribles de maltrato animal en el Perú.

Chela Sandoval
47,147 supporters
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Create more marine protected areas to reduce effect of overfishing on oceanic ecosystems

Overfishing occurs when more fish are caught than the population can replace through natural reproduction and it is a serious issue that is often ignored. It is a problem within the United States but even worse outside of it. Some stocks of large fish have decreased by about 90% in the past 60 years. Overfishing leads to so many deaths of fish (especially large fish) that the oceanic ecosystems are being negatively impacted. By protecting more areas in the ocean and creating more "no fishing" areas across oceans, the effect of overfishing would be reduced and fish populations may begin replenishing themselves. More than 85 percent of the world's fisheries have been pushed to or beyond their biological limits and are in need of strict management plans to restore them. The creation of more "no fishing" zones would only be a step towards stopping overfishing and its harms. Overfishing is an issue that affects everyone, not only fish; it is in everybody's best interest to keep the fish populations healthy. 

Allison King
33,507 supporters
Petitioning International Animal Rescue, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Mettre un terme à l'exploitation, la torture et l'abattage des galgos

Il s'agit du traitement abominable réservé aux lévriers galgos, une race de chiens couramment utilisés pour la chasse. En Espagne, ces chiens sont tués, torturés, lentement mis à mort. Et cela, ni dans le but de finir dans les assiettes, ni même par «sport»... mais simplement pour se débarrasser d'eux. Chaque année, près de 50 000 galgos seraient tués ou abandonnés, laissés à demi-morts après avoir été torturés de manière atroce. Les éleveurs cherchent à faire se reproduire les animaux pour obtenir le plus de chiots possible, afin de ne sélectionner à terme que les meilleurs galgos. Ils doivent donc, logiquement, se débarrasser des autres. Les « mauvais chasseurs », les jeunes chiens jugés les moins prometteurs, se voient donc d'office supprimés par ce processus de sélection. Ces meilleurs galgos sont ensuite dressés pour chasser du gibier, mais ils doivent le chasser "à la loyale". En effet, un galgo  qui attrape sa proie en rusant, en prenant des raccourcis ou des virages pour gagner du temps couvre son propriétaire de honte, le maître se débarrasse alors de lui. Traditionnellement, il est tué par pendaison lente, selon la méthode du pianiste et les pattes arrière au sol afin que son agonie dure longtemps. Il peut être également brûlé vif, mutilé, abandonné dans la forêt les pattes brisées, jeté au fond d'un puits. Il est possible d'adopter ces chiens, et ainsi les sauver de cette extermination, en passant par plusieurs organismes notamment le groupe Facebook "Chien Galgo à adopter" ( ). Cependant, les adoptions ne suffisent pas, il faut faire cesser ces pratiques en les condamnant par la loi.

25,867 supporters
Petitioning People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Matt Mead, Amanda McKee, Brandy Durante, David Bush

Animal cruelty sentence

Forest Stearns of Stearns Outfitters, Wilson, Wyoming tortured one of his working horses to death recently, in a clear case of animal abuse. There is video evidence. He is a repeat offender with a criminal record. If this concerns you please take a moment to contact the Wyoming State Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides and tell them under their own rules and regulations (see below) that Stearns Outfitting license should be revoked: Amanda McKee 1950 Bluegrass Circle, Suite 280, Cheyenne, WY 82002 635-1589(800) 264-0981(307) 777-6715 Fax _________________ THREE Wyoming Board of Outfitters "REGULATORY PROVISIONS" Forest Stearns appears to violate: 1) Section: 1; Subsection (m) - "A licensee shall provide any animal used in the conduct of business with proper food, drink and shelter and shall not subject any animal to needless abuse or cruel and inhumane treatment."  2) Section 2. Code of Ethics; Subsection (a)(9) - "(a) All outfitters and guides shall: ... (9) Provide any animal used in the conduct of business with proper food, water, and shelter and not subject any animal to abuse or cruel and inhumane treatment as provided by Wyoming Law;" 3) Section 3. Denial, Suspension and Revocation - "Failure to comply with any provision of these Rules shall be grounds for denial of an outfitter or professional guide license or any other discipline to include, but not limited to, suspension for a period not to exceed three (3) years or revocation of any outfitter or professional guide license issued by the Board. Suspension and revocation proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act W.S. 16-3-101 et seq. and these rules of the Board."

Christie Shannon
25,204 supporters
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Salviamo l'orso bruno, stipato in un piccolissimo spazio del parco faunistico

Il parco faunistico "Le Cornelle", 24030 Valbrembo (provincia di Bergamo), tiene gli orsi bruni in piccolissimi spazi, non adatti alla loro dimensione, alle loro necessità e i loro bisogni. Vivono in un buco, sono magri e gli orsi sono rimasti senza forze.  Vogliamo salvare questi orsi e chiudere questo spazio angusto in cui sono costretti a vivere. Gli animali, come gli uomini hanno sentimenti. Vivono per essere lasciati liberi. Gli occhi malinconici dell'orso mi hanno profondamente commosso, per questo motivo lotterò con tutte le mie forze per far chiudere quella parte del parco.   

Valeria Galimberti
23,638 supporters
Petitioning Worldwide authorities, The English Government, the american government, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), International Animal Rescue

Ban fireworks and firecrackers being sold to the public. We say NO MORE.

For many years now, the world has watched in horror every year at the damage being left by publicly purchased and used fireworks. Children are getting hurt, homes are getting damaged but most of all, animals are being tortured with the new "firework in the mouth" method. This is undoubtedly horrendous behaviour, it has happened numerous times now on numerous dogs and we want it to END. Ban sales of any merchandise fireworks to the public. We have had enough. It needs to become illegal to buy a firework without a licence and reason for what the fireworks are being used for. We are all signing this petition out off sheer anger and would like this law to be put into effect as soon as possible, before anymore defenceless children or animals become victims to these legalised weapons of destruction used by uneducated, unknowledgeable people.

Jessica Zhivenkova
21,676 supporters
End animal rape, brothels, and pornography

Thank you for contacting PETA about bestiality (humans’ use of animals for sexual pleasure). It is a very serious issue and should be considered an act of abuse. Sexual assaults against animals can be fatal, and we encourage everyone to take action against this type of violence. If you encounter a website that depicts acts of bestiality, please report the site to its host. For information about what to do about websites depicting or supporting cruelty to animals, please see The Department of Justice has developed a division to help investigate Internet crime. Please go to to learn more about this program. To submit a complaint, please go to Animal abusers need to be aggressively prosecuted. If you visit the action alerts page on our website (, you will find that many alerts address cruelty cases. Our Cruelty Investigations Department (CID) pursues animal-abuse cases by contacting law-enforcement officials, pushing for vigorous prosecution and strict sentencing, sending out news releases (, and offering rewards for information leading to convictions of perpetrators. CID has also mailed our “abuse link” packs—which explore the connections between cruelty to animals and violence against humans—to hundreds of prosecutors and judges across the country. Please visit to learn more about the following topics: • What to do if you witness cruelty to animals • The link between animal abuse and human abuse • How to campaign effectively for tougher laws Thanks again for your compassion for animals. Sincerely, The PETA Staff

3 years ago

Diandra, Thank you for sharing your concern with us regarding the abuse of animals around the globe. Ending animal suffering is PETA’s main focus, both in the United States and abroad. PETA has entities around the world in efforts to accomplish this goal. These include PETA UK, PETA Deutschland, PETA Asia-Pacific, PETA Austrailia, PETA France, and PETA India. In regards to China, PETA Asia-Pacific just announced a huge victory in regards to “crush” videos. PETA Asia worked with authorities to ensure that the Ridons were located, arrested, and prosecuted. They received a life sentence for their part in making the videos. You can learn more here: The best way to end cruelty to animals is to encourage the local people themselves to work against it―hold public demonstrations, take their case to the media, and use any political clout at their disposal. We fight for animals in many countries, but without the invaluable support of local people fearlessly denouncing cruelty, we can only offer animals so much. To find animal rights groups in a particular area, consult, a Web site that offers an extensive listing of organizations categorized by country. Ultimately, great courage and strength will be required to fight against injustice and cruelty. We appreciate everyone who has signed this petition and works to make a better place for animals, worldwide.

3 years ago