Investigate/ Arrest Brittany Johnson aka Peaches aka @lovelypeaches4ever100

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Brittany Johnson, known to most by her social media persona as "Peaches", is a 17yo prostitute who openly admits to selling sex to older men in exchange for food, money, and shelter to her fan base of over 80k people. She's gained most of her recognition through a series of disturbing social media stunts including eating her own feces, releasing pornography of herself (That's now uploaded to PornHub), licking used sanitary napkins & tampons, as well as even performing sexual acts on a dog (all with video evidence many have saved). Despite this type of "comedy" she posts and her followers watch, recently, there has been a series of disturbing messages she's been posting and deleting that alludes and states her harming her 8-month old daughter Cora (who she's said she's performed oral on in the past as well). This has led many of her followers to turn on her and despite this, she still continues with it. Many have tried contacting authorities and a definitive answer is never given being that no one can ever locate her & being that we live in an age of trolls it's easy to dismiss her as one. That, & the idea that it's rumored her child isn't in her custody but another family member's. She claims to have a best friend, a "rapper" by the name of @kethekid who might possibly have answers but blocks anyone who asks. Shes posted messages recruiting older men to have sex with her 8-month old in exchange for money and even refers to her as a "bitch" who will be "dead by 10yo".Many fear for the life of her child and are worried she might possibly abuse/kill her. I believe this petition will go nowhere, however, even if you don't sign it, I ask that you screenshot and help this story go viral to potentially turn it into a case. A child's life is at stake here. I, as well as many others, would hate to hear a child is found dead at the hands of someone who was reported multiple times. Thank you.