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Petition to Josh Shapiro

Exonerate John D. Brookins -Innocent Man Serving Life Sentence!

Dear Josh Shapiro, Attorney General of Pennsylvania; Please end the sentence of John David Brookins. This man was wrongfully accused and sentenced to prison 20+ years ago. Months following the murder of Sheila Ginsberg, John was accosted by 3-4 officers. They attempted to kill him but were interrupted by a family member. He was then "arrested". When these corrupt police officers could not successfully kill him, they tried to coerce him into a false statement. After that failed, John suffered police brutality. He was struck several times and was threatened not to tell or his family would be in danger. Subsequently, he was charged and wrongfully sentenced to life. To date, John has lost over half of his life while the the known perpetrator resides in Florida. Today, John's life is spent behind the walls of Graterford Prison. He has sought help from the Innocence Project and many other organizations in the past, only to be told that there is not enough funding or lawyers to assist. Former attorneys also threatened witnesses, waived his issues and abandoned him in the courtroom, after agreeing to handle his case.  I beg on his behalf for help! This man is innocent and many from Bucks County, Pennsylvania know that he is. Six months after the murder, a group of corrupt police officers who were later found to be a part of a drug and prostitution ring framed him in order to cover up the murder at the hands of one of their prostitutes (Sharon Ginsberg), She was also an "informant" with a past and recent criminal history of violence, prostitution, and drug abuse!  DNA evidence that would have exonerated John was purpously witheld and mispresented at John's trial. That DNA will exonerate him and prove the identity of the actual murderer.  Those who gave statements,  advised the police that the perpetrator (Sharon Ginsberg-Jones) admitted several times that she killed (her mother), Sheila Ginsberg. The murderer currently resides in Florida. Years after John's incarceration, the former Bristol Twp. detective, Al Eastlack, was exposed for his part in the prostitution and drug ring. Eastlack, and at least one of the other detectives from John's case, relocated to Florida while John remains locked up in Graterford Prison for life. He's an innocent man who was framed for murder and is a victim of wrongful imprisonment. John was never given the opportunity to tell the truth.  What he witnessed on that fateful day, the jury never heard the full story and the prosecution fabricated facts (that can be proven) to coerce the jury to chose guilty!   Facts of the prior acts of violence between Sharon and Sheila Ginsberg were hidden from the jury! JOHN was told by his attorney that the witnesses would be able to testify and his name cleared... that did not happen!  It was later learned that the appointed attorney was a former Police Commissioner (who's motivation was to protect the police). truth is and always was: JOHN did not murder Sheila Ginsberg!  Sharon Ginsberg did!  An investigation by your Prosecution Integrity Team would clearly see how "one sided" the fabricated circumstantial evidence and facts do not add up!   Start with the probable cause...Mr. Brookins was NOT found with the instrument of crime!  It was embedded in the chest of the victim by Sharon Ginsberg in a fit of rage!  Check into her criminal history and complaints filed by others of violence, prostitution and drug use!  She had an ongoing intimate relationship with Detective Eastlack (he relocated to Florida also) after the discovery of his Indescretions.  Please look into the true facts and "unlawful acts" of violence, threats, fabrication and omitted evidence and documents (statements) that would have proven his innocence! Bristol Township Detectives Alfred H. Eastlack, Thomas Mills, Rudolph "Rudy" Heierling, Bucks County Detective Robert C. Potts and Former District Attorney, Diane E. Gibbons (who is now a judge).  During your "swearing in Ceremony" you made the statement: "This Office has seen turmoil and now it will be rooted in integrity"!  When I heard those words from you, I realized that you recognized what many of us have over the years!  Those words offers such hope for Bucks County and especially John!  Please Sir, I beg of you to meet with John and become familiar with what he has experienced and continues to experience at the hands of Former members of our Justice System! On a lighter note I want to say: "even though John is behind bars, it has not broken his spirit. He is still the same soft spoken and caring person he was since his childhood. He has excelled in education and is a health, wellness and fitness, yoga and meditation instructor.   By designing Health, Wellness, Sports Conditioning, and Power Yoga Classes, John continues to help fellow inmates and others on the outside.  He also continues to seek higher education and stays busy with writing poetry and learning to write music and play the keyboards". He has maintained his beautiful heart and disposition. Once you meet this man or speak to his friends and family, including those at Graterford, you will be certain that your decision will not be in vain. Now at the age of 50 plus, John maintains a high level of positivity and the expectation to be free again. He has the love and support of many friends and family, all of which have suffered right along with him. We are all praying for his long overdue return to freedom. Upon his release; John has secured a place to live and full time employment. With his skills, proven tenacity, love and compassion for others, John will definitely be an asset to society.  Please release him.  John was born and raised in the state of Pennsylvania. He has a right to ensure that He is protected from further unjust persecution!  The system has grossly failed him! On behalf of John and his family, I'm asking you Sir, please do all you can to rectify this wrong, and show the world (and the true perpetrator), that justice prevails! It is time for the Bucks County Judicial System to discuss the "Elephant in the Room". The one that has been walked around for 20 plus years!  This could be the first step towards correcting the broken and unjust system that has existed here for way too long!  John stands ready and waiting for the opportunity to speak with you! Thank you in advance for your service to the great State of Pennsylvania and for all that you represent. Prayerfully submitted,Friends of John D. Brookins John D BrookinsBW7444P.O. Box 244Graterford, PA 19426 For More Facts Go To:

Free John David Brookins
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Petition to Melinda N Coonrod, Richard D. Davison, Commissioner David A. Wyant

Urgent! Please don't let Nick die in prison!

Nicholas Lucanegro Y19020 is receiving palliative care at the Florida Department of Corrections Reception and Medical Center in Lake Butler, Florida.  Nick had a biopsy in November 2012 and never received the results of that biopsy. The lesion from that biopsy never healed. He kept bringing his condition to the attention of the prison medical and dental providers but his condition was not taken seriously. Finally a second biopsy was taken and on November 21, 2016 he was diagnosed with squamous cell (carcinoma) of the tongue. In January 2017 his weight had dropped to 147. As of May 20, 2017 he weighs only 110 pounds. Since April 1st he’s had two rounds of chemotherapy that caused his white blood count to drop dramatically. He was put in isolation but still ended up with an infection. For this reason he was transported a Jacksonville hospital ICU for sepsis. He is now back at Lake Butler and is suffering badly. We are petitioning the Commission on Offender Review to approve a conditional medical release so that we can get him out of prison and into a private home cared for by loving family and friends. His care would be provided by a top notch palliative care/hospice facility. Nick does not deserve to die in prison. The facts of his case are staggering.  To review his whole story please go to The only one who benefited from Nick’s incarceration is the prosecutor who offered Nick a shorter sentence if he pleaded guilty. Because Nick was innocent he wouldn’t plead guilty … in any case that is the past. During the sentencing phase of Nick’s trial even Judge Porter stated: “It’s my interpretation of the law that I don’t have discretion, that I must sentence the 20 years; and I’ll go on record that based on this Defendant’s background, that it is a very harsh sentence.” The present and the future are bleak to say the least. We need to get him out of prison, to live the rest of his days with quality care and to eventually die with dignity. Please sign the petition to set Nick free to go home to his family.

MaryEllen Digiacomo
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Petition to Diane Lozano (State Public Defender), Reporter (Riverton Ranger), Senior Senator Michael Enzi, Junior Senator John Barrasso, Congressman Cynthia Lummis, Governor Matt Mead, Wendy Soto, Shannon Howshar, Wyoming Attorney General


On November 10,2013 an older woman was robbed at gun point at wal mart in Riverton,Wyoming. My son, Curtis Russell Oldman is currently serving a prison sentence. He was originally charged with Conspiracy to commit a felony (a felony) in violation of Wyoming State Statute 6-1-303 and also served two Fremont County Sheriffs office warrants for arrest. He pled not guilty to the felony charge. He was the only one that got a prison sentence. The driver, a female, was Curtis girlfriend, was charged with conspiracy to commit a felony (a felony) in violation of Wyoming State statute 6-1-303, reckless endangering in violation of Wyoming state statute 6-2-504, fleeing or attempting to elude police in violation of Wyoming state statute 31-5-225, reckless driving in violation of Wyoming state statute 31-5-229, and drivers license required in violation of Wyoming state statute 31-7-106 (a). The driver was sentenced to 9 months in a halfway house. She has since been released. No fine, no restitution. The person that did the robbery was a male juvenile, younger brother to Curtis. He got 10 months in the Wyoming Boys school, he was released in November 2014. No fine, no restitution, no probation. When law enforcement stopped the vehicle, another occupant,female, older sister to the driver,was riding in vehicle like my son. She was handcuffed and placed under arrest. After all occupants in the vehicle were detained,the arresting officer unhandcuffed the other female occupant,drivers older sister. The arresting officer stated that she had been cooperative and she had an illness,schizophrenic. The driver and the male juvenile waived their preliminary hearings and appeared together in the District court room for their charges and trial date. During this time Curtis was still in the Circuit court waiting for prosecutor to present evidence that he was guilty of this felony. The Judge in District court read the driver and the juvenile their charges and set trial for March 10,2014. The District Judge then asked where the other two defendants were,he thought there was four involved in the case. The prosecutor stated that there was only three defendants involved and the other defendant, Mr.Oldman pled not guilty and is still in circuit court. The Judge said that he wanted to have trial for all defendants in this case on the same day so, save a place on the same date for Mr. Oldman,as the other defendants, March 10,2014. My son had a trial date and he didn't even appear for his preliminary yet. During his preliminary hearing the Circuit court Judge did not hear enough evidence that my son could be charged for conspiracy. The prosecutor did not agree and argued that conspiracy has many elements and Mr.Oldman was there. My sons public defender said Being there does not say he conspired. If being there is conspiracy,why didn't they charge the other female occupant? She was there too. The Circuit court Judge told prosecutor he had a meeting at 3 pm. and if he could come up with something on Mr.Oldman that falls under conspiracy, I will consider this. My son was never told why he was bound over to District court. We still don't know. Curtis was then taken to District court and read his charges and continued to plead not guilty. Trial date was set prior to appearing and entering his plea. He then was taken back to Circuit court for the two arrest warrants from the Sheriffs office. He pled not guilty to a probation revocation,he explained his situation and was found guilty and given a year in county jail for probation revocation.   The other female occupant was mentioned once during my sons preliminary hearing and when the other two defendants appeared in District court. Yet the state prosecution had her subpeoned to testify against my son at his trial. He was found guilty. During sentencing the District judge said,"I have no reason to believe that you didn't take part,you was the oldest in the vehicle and did nothing to stop this. I believe you orchestrated this crime. I am sentencing you to 5-10 years. My son was given an appeal. There was a judge on the Supreme court of appeals that was related to the victim. An alternate judge took the seat. Another judge knew the family of the victim, but sat through the hearing. He was denied his appeal. My son had a trial date and he never appeared in the other court room to hear if the state had enough evidence to charge him with a felony. The Circuit court, during his preliminary hearing, gave the prosecution time to present other evidence that we never seen or heard. Curtis was given an extension by District judge at the request of his paid attorney on his 180 day right to a speedy trial,without my son knowing this. The jurors consist of 1 being the neighbor of arresting officer, 1 that worked at the same place as the victim, 1 that was the neighbor to head investigator, 1 that had been a clerk for over 10 years, that is still employed, in the same court room where Curtis was convicted. Another was a victim in a different and similar crime that my son is charged with. Paid attorney did not speak on behalf of my son, he was once a public defender. He was upset because he wanted $2,000 more and family didn't have it. I seen him speaking to the driver of the vehicle and her older sister,the other occupant that was not charged,I approached him and asked why he was talking to them,they are witnesses against his client. He said that he could speak to whoever he wanted to about my sons case as he recalled I never paid him what was owed. Video of the robbery was unclear,it was a copy. The original was locked in the evidence room about 30 miles from the court room. Trial lasted 4 days,plenty of time to present the original video. Evidence of two pistols,air guns with no prints from Curtis or juvenile defendant. Expert witness stated that, the climate where we are in Wyoming does not allow anyone to produce enough oils in our bodies to leave finger prints on rigid items such as fire arms. He also stated there was still one test that they didn't get the results back yet. The female driver said she never seen Curtis in the vehicle. The older sister that was in the vehicle was asked several questions with the response of no no no no, over and over again. The arresting officer said she was on patrol when she heard the call on the radio. She followed the vehicle that fit the description,she chased it out of her jurisdiction at rapid speeds. She said her video camera was not working that day. No video of the chase or arrest presented as evidence. Arresting officer said she was informed by dispatch that they were contacting other agency. She also said, that agency joined in the chase. My son didn't have any witnesses at his trial. I was there during the arrest,it was on my property. No other agency took part in the chase federal agent showed up after the arrest and after law enforcement already transported. Paid attorney had my son get on stand and testify for himself. No evidence of purse that contained a $2,500 government check inside was ever seen or presented as evidence that was taken from victim. Not even a picture was taken to prove as evidence. This evidence was given back to victim at city hall.victim identified robber in a line up where the male juvenile was sitting in a room behind a one way window/mirror,she looked at him for less than 1 second and positively identified juvenile as the person who approached her. He was the only person in this interview room. My son, Curtis Russell Oldman, has been a diabetic since the age of 9 years. Insulin dependant, a very life threatening illness. I have pictures of his feet and legs taken a few months after his arrest. Doctors at the prison gave him 1 year before complete kidney failure. This was in February 2015. Its been 1 year and 9 months and several surgeries for, I don't know what. He is also being sent bills in his name at the prison for these surgeries. It has been almost 2 years that he has been at complete kidney failure,and hasn't even started dialysis. Without proper medical care, my son will die. I got a call from him last night, November 4,2016. He says " Momma, I need a visit, I'm sick, my back hurts so much. Tell everyone that they need to start getting tested to see who can give me a kidney. I'll talk to you when I see you and don't bring no money for the vending machine,because I'm trying real hard to take care of myself. I love you, Momma." I have 7 children. Curtis is the oldest of 4 boys. As I write this with tears in my eyes,we have always looked up to him for being so strong at a young age,to endure all that he has,to never giving up on life, He is the heart of this family. I have been fighting for his innocence since the day of his arrest November 10,2013. I know that whoever reads my story,to hear me, will help bring my son, Curtis Russell Oldman #29571, home before he dies. He will be going before the parole board in January 2017.  I am pleading for your help. Please respond to my letter at: or Pamela Sixfeathers 757 South Beverly #2 Casper,Wyoming -82601- (307) 240-0080  Thank you for your time. Pamela Sixfeathers,mother of Wyoming inmate, Curtis Russell Oldman #29571  

Pamela Oldman
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Petition to Greg Abbott, Joan Huffman, Joe Straus, Royce West, Rafael Anchia, Harold Dutton, John Smithee, Jessica Farrar, Roland Gutierrez, Ana Hernandez, Jodie Laubenberg, Andrew Murr, Victoria Neave, Matt Rinaldi, Mike Schofield

Support HB1246 and SB207: Texas Pay Joyce Ann Brown

Support: HB1246 and SB207 - Relating to eligibility for compensation of persons wrongfully imprisoned. Bill authors are Representative Rafael Anchia (HB1246) and Senator Royce West (SB207) --  28 years later, the state of Texas has yet to compensate Joyce Ann Brown for her wrongful incarceration. Texas current law time-bars Joyce Ann Brown from seeking restitution.  #TexasPAYJoyceAnnBrown  I am Koquice Spencer the “only” daughter of Joyce Ann Brown. Because of my mothers’ proven earthly strength—I have faith that she wants me to continue her fight for restitution from the state of Texas.  Today, my mother is mourned by my brother, 12 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren and 15 loving siblings. My uncle John "Jig" Spencer Sr., passed seven months after my mother in January 2016, and her mother my maternal grandmother Ruby “MaDear” Kelley recently passed December 2016. I’m not asking the state of Texas to pay for my mother’s death but I am asking the state of Texas to reciprocate for her nine years, five months and 24 days of “wrongful incarceration.” There can be no doubt that my mother Joyce Ann Brown is worthy and should receive the same restitution consideration as those currently receiving relief. I thank Representative John Smithee, Chair, Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence Committee for holding hearings for HB1246. I now ask the Chair  to vote out HB1246. And, I'm asking Senator Joan Huffman, Chair, State of Affairs Committee, to grant a hearing and bring SB 207 to a vote. Background May 6, 1980, a robbery and murder was committed. Accused, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison for a murder she did not commit was the beginning of a nine-year nightmare for Joyce Ann Brown. Joyce began serving time in the Texas Department of Corrections. Joyce never gave up even with the tragic death of her son Lee Jr. With the help of Jim McCloskey and Centurion Ministries, continuing support of her court appointed attorney Kerry Fitzgerald of Dallas, and national media exposure from 60 Minutes (CBS); on Valentine’s Day, 1990, the charges were dropped and Joyce Ann Brown was freed! This judicial injustice belongs to yesterday's Texas lawmakers. In 1993, Ms. Brown founded Mothers (Fathers) for the Advancement of Social Systems Inc. (MASS, Inc.), a 501(C) (3) organization effectively providing community-based programs to those least likely to obtain help elsewhere. The vision to build an organization on the cornerstone of Justice and Equality began when Joyce Ann Brown was released from prison. Her initial goal was simply to nurture change in an inequitable judicial system by supporting the wrongfully convicted. However, her passion to support others who had lost their voice in the community soon led her to expand the mission of the organization to include: helping those being released from prison readjust to life without bars and become productive law-abiding citizens; providing support for children and families of adult offenders who are themselves at high risk of continuing the cycle of crime and poverty; improving economic opportunity by promoting educational achievement, job development and housing availability and public advocacy of the Innocence in Prison programs.  October 2009, Ms. Brown was recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives with a Congressional Record honoring her 20 years of Freedom and Fighting for Justice. August 2005, under the leadership of Ms. Brown, MASS began immediately helping Hurricane Katrina Evacuees, bypassing FEMA red tape and oftentimes senseless policy for how to distribute housing and funding allowances to those who had a felony. Moreover, MASS continues to monitor and serve 170 of 350 Katrina victims serviced in 2005. It is MASS policy to continue to be a resource for all MASS clients. Ms. Brown has testified before Congress addressing Katrina Victim issues. Ms. Brown was a longtime supporter of Centurion Ministries and worked closely with the Center on Wrongful Convictions Women’s Project, Bluhm Legal Clinic Northwestern Law. It is Ms. Brown's hope that today’s Texas legislature will support HB1246 and SB207. By supporting HB1246 and SB207, the state of Texas takes another legal step forward to correct its current law by acknowledging that an individual should not be time-barred and or denied the right to seek compensation when wrongfully imprisoned in the state of Texas.  I signed this petition to support HB1246 and SB207, and the efforts of the family of Joyce Ann Brown. We thank you for your consideration. 

Kimberly Jenkins-snodgrass
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