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Petition to President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence

It is time to stop playing politics with the health & lives of women.

Since taking office in January 2017, the Trump-Pence administration has repeatedly made policy decisions that endanger the health and rights of women and girls around the world. One of the president’s first actions was to announce the dramatic expansion of the inhumane Global Gag Rule (GGR). This expansion of the policy compels foreign NGOs receiving any U.S. health assistance to choose between remaining eligible to receive this funding or providing, referring or advocating for comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services using their own, non-U.S. funds. Evidence from previous iterations of the GGR demonstrates that this policy does not reduce abortion rates. In fact, the GGR leads to an increase in the number of unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortions and maternal deaths by cutting off community access to some of the most effective and experienced local providers of contraception. However, previous implementations of GGR only applied to foreign NGOs providing family planning and reproductive health care—the current administration’s expansion of this policy to all health sectors implicates services for HIV/AIDs, maternal and newborn health, nutrition, malaria, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. The impact of Trump’s Global Gag Rule is likely to be more widely felt and life-threatening as additional health services are now put out of reach of those who need them most. The Trump-Pence administration has compounded the threats of the GGR by continuing to undermine sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide. In March 2017, the administration withheld critical development and humanitarian funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the lead agency providing lifesaving reproductive health care in more than 150 countries—including areas affected by conflict and natural disasters. Meanwhile, the President’s FY 2018 budget proposed to eliminate the U.S. international family planning and reproductive program—a proposal so extreme that a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, with a record of attempts to significantly cut international FP/RH funding, was unwilling to entertain it. Tell the Trump-Pence administration it’s time to stop playing politics with the health and lives of women and girls: repeal the Global Gag Rule, restore UNFPA funding and support the U.S. international family planning and reproductive health program.

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Petition to U.S. State Legislators

No Tax On Tampons: Stop Taxing Our Periods! Period.

Aunt Flo is one helluva house guest. She can be painful, messy, and just keeps coming back each month. And, oh yeah, expensive! As anyone who menstruates knows, dealing with a period is a monthly necessity—and a costly one at that. Women spend upwards of $70 a year on sanitary products like tampons and pads. What’s worse, across the U.S., a whopping forty states increase the financial burden of menstruation by charging sales tax on these essential items. Not taxed: a bag of chips. Taxed: a box of tampons. WHAT?! Check out the above map to see if your state is one of the forty that taxes your purchase of tampons, pads, and menstrual cups. For anyone who has a period, these items are a necessity—not an option, not a luxury item—and should be treated as such. Eliminating the Tampon Tax is simply the FAIR and EQUAL thing to do. Change is possible! This summer, Canada made history when its Parliament voted unanimously to eliminate a national tax on menstrual products. Across the pond and down under, women in the U.K. and Australia are insisting their governments do the same. A global movement is underway! Sign this petition, share it with your friends—and let the forty state legislatures that profit from your period know that you won’t stand for it. Join Cosmopolitan in the national movement to Axe the Tampon Tax! #TamponsForAll

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf and Cosmopolitan Magazine
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Petition to Governor Jerry Brown

Sign AB 2125: Healthy Nail Salon Bill

Nail salon workers experience unnecessary occupational exposures to harmful chemicals linked to chronic health problems such as cancer and reproductive and respiratory harm and short term effects such as headaches, dizziness, rashes and breathing difficulties. Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Programs (HNSRP) result in healthier nail salons. Cities and counties have voluntary recognition programs that encourage salons to use less toxic and safer products and practices. In a survey, most healthy nail salons said that by participating in the program, they and their employees are healthier—work-related acute health symptoms disappeared. Plus, their business increased. Consumers appreciate the benefits of beauty services at Healthy Nail Salons. Chemicals in professional cosmetics can also be harmful to salon customers, who increasingly include still-developing younger girls.  In consumer surveys, approximately 90% said they would pay more for nail salon services that used less toxic products and received government recognition for healthier practices. AB 2125, authored by Assemblymember David Chiu, would help make California nail salons healthier through a statewide approach that would involve:  Conducting an awareness campaign for local governments on the benefits of implementing HNSRPs in their locale; Publishing program models and guidelines for implementing HNSRPs; Developing and implementing a consumer education program. The bill passed both houses of the California Legislate and we want to show the Governor this bill has a good amount of support. Join our email list: For more information, contact: Phuong An Doan (Vietnamese):,  510-986-6830 ext 773 Julia Liou (English), 510-986-6848, ext 267 Catherine Porter (English) Mike Lok (English), 510-986-6830, ext 8373 Co-sponsors Asian Health Services (Twitter: @asianhealth818) Facebook: "Asian Health Services" California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative (Twitter: @CA_HNSC) Facebook: "CA Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative" Use #passAB2125 AB 2125 Co-Authors Rob Bonta (Assembly) Kansen Chu (Assembly) Lorena Gonzalez (Assembly) Roger Hernández (Assembly) Evan Low (Assembly) Phil Ting (Assembly) Richard Pan (Senate) Supporters: ACT for Women and Girls Aerovex Systems Alameda County Department of Environmental Health Alameda Health Consortium Alaska Community Action in Toxins American Cancer Society- Cancer Action Network American Lung Association American Sustainable Business Council Asian Advocacy Project at Community Action Marin Asian Law Caucus Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum Asian Pacific American Legal Center Asian Pacific Environmental Network Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations Bao Nguyen, Mayor of Garden Grove Black Women for Wellness Breast Cancer Action Breast Cancer Fund California Environmental Justice Alliance California Health Advocates California Immigrant Policy Center California Labor Federation California Policy Action Network Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy (CHANGE) Cancer Prevention Institute of California Center for Environmental Health Center on Policy Initiatives Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment City of Los Angeles Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs City of Santa Monica Clean Water Action Coalition for Clean Air Community Health Partnerships Environmental Working Group Greenlining Institute Immigrant and Resettlement Cultural Center Khmer Girls in Action Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland May Fu, Associate Professor, University of San Diego Michael Fong, Los Angeles Community College District Trustee Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund National Council of Jewish Women - California National Employment Law Project National Resources Defense Council North County Health Services  OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates: East Bay Chapter OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates: Greater Los Angeles Chapter OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates: Sacramento Chapter OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates: San Francisco Chapter Orange County Asian Pacific Islander Community Action Pacific Arts Movement Physicians for Social Responsibility – Los Angeles Physicians for Social Responsibility – San Francisco  Planned Parenthood Action Fund of Pacific Southwest Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California Proven Recruiting  San Francisco Department of Environment San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Southeast Asian Resource and Action Center Southern California Council on Occupational Safety and Health Students and Faculty of the San Jose State University, San Jose, School of Social Work The Children's Center UCLA Labor Center UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health program Vietnamese American Community Center of the East Bay Wilda Wong, San Diego State University  Women With a Vision Women's Foundation of California Women's Voices of the Earth Working Solutions Worksafe 25 nail salon owners and workers from Northern California.

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Petition to ASNAU , Lauren L'Ecuyer

Provide Free Menstrual Products on NAU's Flagstaff Campus

**The aim of this petition is to show support behind the idea of stocking Northern Arizona University's academic restrooms with free menstrual health products for those who find themselves in an emergency situation. Students should be able to spend time learning, not trying to find a solution to a menstrual emergency.** Even if you don't experience menstruation, we appreciate your support of those who do!! --Below is an article providing some very valid reasons why schools should provide free menstruation products.-- "The lack of adequate access to menstrual products is an issue that impacts women throughout the world, and it is a serious issue. The push for schools to provide free access to menstrual supplies extends past the collegiate level. Currently, all public schools in New York state have free menstrual products, both in middle and high schools, as required by law. One of the major reasons why it is important for schools to provide menstrual supplies is because, for many, periods can come unexpectedly. In one survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 79% of women over the age of 18 have started their period without access to the necessary supplies, and it is more likely that those in middle and high school are going to be lacking access to supplies if their period arrives unexpectedly.  The other reason that schools should provide pads and tampons for students is economic. Periods are expensive, with a single box of pads or tampons in the United States costing anywhere from $7 to $10. For lower income families, the costs of purchasing supplies every month can be more than they can afford. Access to free supplies would help to alleviate some of the economic strain having a period provides.  Lack of access to menstrual supplies can have an impact on education. Without access to supplies, students often miss class or do not participate as vigorously for fear of leakage and embarrassment. Fear of period leakage prevents students from being able to focus in class and that can overall impact educational outcomes. Without shame and fear, students have more opportunity to be successful in school, which is always a plus. Educational opportunities are being impacted all because people cannot afford the supplies that they need while on their period. If schools were to provide free access to menstrual supplies, it would be a huge step forward in achieving menstrual equality." Source:

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