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Petition to Mark S. DeFrancesco MD

Stop Female Castration

Gynecologists routinely take it upon themselves to remove healthy ovaries when they perform hysterectomies for benign diseases. 90% of hysterectomies are considered to be medically unnecessary. They say it prevents the possibility of ovarian cancer. However, the risk of ovarian cancer in women who have no family history of the disease is less than 1%. Meanwhile, removing the ovaries greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease (the #1 killer of American women) and accelerates osteoporosis. Removal of ovaries is linked to a variety of diseases and cancers, not to mention mental impairment and sexual dysfunction. Most women do not know that when they agree to removal of their ovaries that they are agreeing to castration because the term castration is never used. Instead, they're told they will be undergoing some far-and-away sounding thing called "oophorectomy". No woman can give informed consent to ovary removal when she doesn’t understand that she is agreeing to castration. Castration (also referred to as gelding, neutering, fixing, orhietcomy and oophorectomy) is any action, surgical, chemical or otherwise, by which a male loses the functions of the testicles or a female loses the functions of the ovaries. Castration is considered to be immoral and barbaric according to every country in the world other than Germany and the Czech Republic. More specifically, it's considered to be immoral and barbaric to sugically castrate convicted sex offenders. Indeed, the South Carolina Supreme Court held in State v Brown (1985) that surgical castration is a form of mutilation and therefore considered to be cruel and unusual punishment and illegal under the 8th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. If it’s considered morally wrong to surgically castrate rapists and child molesters, then why is there no outcry about the castration of millions of innocent women? Thousands of women are surgically castrated every single day in hospitals across this country. That works out to be approximately 9 women every 10 minutes. Keep in mind that these women have committed no crime. Innocent and unsuspecting women agree to hysterectomy and wake up castrated. Where exactly is the outrage? What about cruel and unusual punishment being illegal? Does it somehow not apply to women? What about a woman’s right not to be mutilated? Please sign this petition and tell ACOG's President John C. Jennings MD to STOP the CASTRATION of thousands upon thousands of innocent and unsuspecting women every year.

Robin Karr
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Petition to Marlon E. Kimpson, Wendell G. Gilliard, Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Henry McMaster, South Carolina State House, South Carolina State Senate, South Carolina Governor, Katrina Frye Shealy, Margie Bright Matthews

Come together to support women's health in South Carolina

The state of South Carolina's PPO plan, under Blue Cross Blue Shield, does not cover comprehensive care for women. Let's come together, stand up for state workers, and ensure women's access to health services.  We are asking for: 1. Annual Wellness exams for all women primary care members and dependents be covered by PEBA. This includes the office visit, Pap test, pelvic exam, and breast exam. 2. Contraceptive coverage for dependents of primary care members. Currently, all state workers in South Carolina are covered by PEBA, Blue Cross Blue Shield. Under this plan, annual wellness visits for women are not covered, unless members opt for the high deductible HSA plan.  The lab costs for a Pap test are covered, but the office visit, pelvic exam, and breast exam are not.  This puts the health of women at risk, as many people cannot afford the costs of an annual wellness exam.  We ask that South Carolina get into step with the rest of the nation and protect the health of its women.  Wellness visits are already mandated by federal law. There is nothing stopping our legislators from stepping up and standing up for women's health.  The majority of states offer coverage for wellness visits and contraceptives for members and dependents.   Mammograms are already covered, but breast exams remain an effective, useful, and inexpensive way of screening for cancer, as well as pelvic exams. Please add this coverage for women.  Additionally, contraceptives are not covered for dependents of primary care holders. If a state worker has an adult child who needs birth control, the burden of the cost falls on the family.  This puts the health of the dependent at risk, as many families cannot afford this financial burden.  We ask that the state of South Carolina respect the autonomy of women and acknowledge that choosing birth control is a responsible way to protect one's self.   South Carolina, please protect the health of our women!

Susan Klein
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