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TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS FOR ABUSERS!!!!! 09/29/17 ATT: Donald Trump, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate     What is the point in a trespass or an injunction? Calling the cops or having an open case with DCF because you spoke up about abuse? So many woman are feeling this very exact thing right now. As we speak, I’m being served with papers that will change my 3 year old’s life, & unfortunately, if it goes the wrong way, it could end his life in the same instant! There are moms out there who are being arrested for allowing their significant other to abuse their children. However as we speak, there are other mom’s speaking up about the abuse to their children & themselves, & the court system is awarding the abuser some kind of custody. So throwing the abused children back in harm’s way is the answer??? Even if the courts say supervised visits---- Do you really think the abuser is going to mess up & abuse the child when he knows he’s being watched??? Please explain to me how this is better for the child? All you’re doing is creating a false sense of safety for them until the abuser is alone with that child again. Now they harmed this innocent child so bad, they might not have a future, or worse, they are dead! What is that?? A whoops?? Is that all they are?? What happened to “children are the future”??? Why are good parents, looking out for their children, being ignored in the court system??? I knew from the moment my abuser got me pregnant, that I was trapped & forever his prisoner. It was hard to feel joy during my pregnancy, when I felt condemned to a life sentence with my abuser & taking my children with me. My abuser wasn’t aware at the time, but I was still taking birth control before I found out he got me pregnant. After I found out, as much as I didn’t want to, I had my tubes tied because I never wanted him to get me pregnant again! So because of his abuse, he made me choose something so drastic & so permanent, even though I’m a good mom & I deserve to be happy & have more kids if I wanted. It’s no longer an option. The hell that is my life for 2,555 days & counting, & is still going on, even though I left him & he lost some control over me, he is now trying to regain that control by coming after our child! Even though he’s abused ALL my children & has been negligent to all of them daily. Even though he’s made their lives hell  & has traumatized them all in some way---- I’m being told by my domestic abuse advocate that “unfortunately, as much as you don’t want him to because he’s abusive—he’ll probably still get some kind of custody”.  What message is that sending to woman or their children??? I beg you to help these woman & those children in my situation, this very second! How do they stand a chance at a better life if you have the power to keep these abusers out of their lives, but won’t place a law?? If they want to go later in life & confront them when their 18--- more power to them! But I’m told as a mom, who’s trying to protect my child that I’m responsible for my child’s well-being & if the court system sends him back to hell, in an abusive situation---- how am I protecting him???? I’m fighting like hell for Leland! He’s 3 years old & has a loving mother & two older brothers, who is putting their lives at risk to stand up & fight! I’m fighting for my other children too, who also was abused by this monster & abused me in front of them! I need to be heard! My children need to be heard! If I lose this fight to protect their little brother from his abuser father, I’ve failed all of them because my other kids are worried & scared for their little brother too. They’re counting on me as their security & safety, to protect him, so he don’t end up badly hurt or dead! This has become so personal for me. Not just because there’s no law to protect MY child, but no law to protect ALL the children being sent right back to their abusers, being awarded some kind of custody, after traumatizing their child. This is the very same reason woman feel speaking up about their abuser won’t matter any ways. I’m dedicating my situation & even after, to get the system to listen to these woman & myself, as to not feel so “hopeless”, when it comes to defending our children! All the support sites for abuse & all the stories. These woman are me & I am them! The more I hear them feel its “hopeless”, makes me want to fight much harder! You can ignore me & not help my son from his abuser. You can do the same with all these other woman & their children, who have fear in their eyes. It won’t make it go away! This is a problem! Its innocent lives! At the end of the day I won’t stop being a mother, a street advocate & a fighter! If it means going to the news, the paper, social media & getting every woman’s signature who’s been abused or supports children not being told they have to go back to be abused again---I WILL! I’m a mom & I’m being told the court system wants to put my child at risk again, so am I just supposed to sit by & watch???? I am a damn good mom, who just made a bad decision in a male, but my children & I NEVER asked to be abused & I won’t stop fighting for my children! I WON’T BE SILENCED OR FEAR ANY MORE!!!!  TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS FOR THE ABUSER!!!!!!! DEDICATE A LAW TO THE INNOCENT LIVES!!! MY SON, LELAND & OTHER CHILDREN NEED A CALM AFTER THE STORM!!!!   Sincerely, Angie Eldridge -Mother -Street Advocate -Fighter         

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UNITED REVOLUTION INITIATIVE (A.K.A. – MASS SHOOTING/MASS VIOLENCE INTERVENTION ACT) UNITED REVOLUTION – PEOPLE UNITING AND SERIOUS ABOUT MAKING GREAT CHANGES Mandate that the Department of Education provide anger management and relationship management classes as required fields of study within its public education core curriculum.  Anger management (ability to exercise proper coping skills for stress and anxiety) and relationship management (ability to initiate, build, and maintain proper relationships) are essential sciences for everyone’s emotional, social, and interpersonal development.  These areas have never been required for students to study in K-12 and may be one of the major reasons why a person is more easily influenced to commit violence and maintain dysfunctional relationships with others.  WE NEED TO IMPLEMENT BETTER PROACTIVE MEASURES – MASS SHOOTING SHOULD NOT BE AN OPTION OR A TREND FOR ANYONE TO FOLLOW Many measures to counter gun violence have been reactive with little result.  Many people are upset that the U.S. House of Representatives just passed a school safety bill but made no attempt to address gun control laws.  Many believe that no action on gun control means that politicians don’t want to “rock the boat” and possibly thwart their chances at re-election and future political careers.  I suggest taking a look at our education system and change the core curriculum as a prominent proactive solution.  We are not taught certain things that would enable people to deal with anger and relationships more appropriately.  Our mass violence crisis is a direct result from a lack of self-development education that is relative to emotional and social growth.  We need to include important self-development education in our public education system so that our children are taught how to deal with life’s unfavorable circumstances more appropriately.  The added self-development education will definitely make a difference by strengthening the emotional and social development of our children (future leaders).  The added field of study will be categorized as Emotional/Social Development.  REMEMBER, WE CAN NOT CONTROL HUMAN BEHAVIOR FOR IT IS HIGHLY UNPREDICTABLE.   THEREFORE, THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES Gun policies have become exhausted and will not be the only answer in suppressing the mass violence that we are experiencing today.  It seems that mass violence today is a trend due to the sensationalism of it by our media and has been a keen popular vent for people who have resorted to killing in order to deal with their pain and want to become infamous in the process.  In the midst of our gun control movement after the infamous Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, school shootings are still happening at the same rate.  Just recently, a school shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland occurred which has gotten national attention.  I want to ad that the Great Mills resource officer was obviously not a deterrent for the shooter.  Lastly, a resource officer was not a deterrent for a student who recently committed a mass shooting and killed ten people at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas. The primary focus and attention given to rectify our pressing mass violence crisis has fallen on the shoulders of politicians to pass more gun laws.  But because criminals don’t obey laws along with an enormous black market for guns, mass violence probably will not end and that is the hard reality of the situation.  Remember, we can not control human behavior for it is highly unpredictable.  Therefore, there are no quick fixes.  For example, authorities have been trying to stop drivers from texting/talking on cell phones while driving but have failed every time.  Now research has proved that texting/talking on cell phones while driving is more gravely dangerous than drunk driving.  Our mass violence crisis still exists at alarming rates so we need to implement other countermeasures to counteract the violence instead relying solely on politicians to pass more gun laws.   If we want to really make progress, then we must accept the truths regarding this matter. Today, mass violence and other senseless acts of violence are being committed by people who may or may not have criminal records.  Many of these people have not experienced anger management until they are mandated by the court to do so.  It is not until a person displays some type of emotional outburst before he or she starts to get attention and the possible intervention that is needed to solve their behavioral issues and that is not enough.  Mass shooting should not be an option or a trend for anyone to follow.  Therefore, we need to cast a wider net and make sure that there is some measure in place to ensure that all citizens are given some form of anger management and any other self-development lesson that is needed to deal with emotional and/or social issues properly. VIEW MASS VIOLENCE LIKE AN EPIDEMIC AND TREAT IT LIKE A DISEASE; IMPLEMENT COUNTERMEASURES TO ALL SIDES We need to view our mass violence crisis like an epidemic and treat it like a disease where we apply countermeasures to all sides.  In addition, we need to do a better job at policing ourselves and take more responsibility and accountability for what we are doing instead of easily placing the blame towards the wrong entity.  We must strive to become better than what we currently are so that we respect ourselves at the highest levels and in-turn respect others’ lives at the same degree.  So we don’t only need the passage of working gun laws but also need productive mental health, proper education component, and other pertinent measures as well. Since we live in a free society where citizens have the dignity to choose, we must forego instant gratification or any type of quick fix for solving a crisis such as mass violence especially when it involves human behavior.  But we can condition people to operate on a higher level that shuns all aspects of senseless violence by helping them to learn and develop characteristics needed for proper problem solving and relationships with others.  We can help people become centered emotionally, personally, and spiritually, and develop the wisdom needed to acknowledge that growing of the mind is constant and we should continue to grow if we desire to become better than what we currently are. THE ABILITY TO INITIATE, BUILD, AND MAINTAIN PROPER RELATIONSHIPS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PROCESS IN LIFE AND OFTEN UNDERESTIMATED The same goes for people who don’t know how to foster basic friendships with others.  Engaging in relationships is the most important process in life and often underestimated.  The premise of To Live Is To Help Others Foundation’s (TLITHOF) philosophy stems from the fact that relationships is the core of our existence from birth to death.  We are dependent on others for the realization of life itself, food, aid, and comfort throughout life because we can not do it alone. We are conceived, born, and live our lives in relationships.  Relationships form the context for all other aspects of our lives.  Therefore, TLITHOF believes it is important to lead in the effort of influencing others to help people who are in need of supreme public service.  Many people find it difficult to initiate, build, and maintain relationships on all levels (acquaintance, friend, intimate, etc…) because we are not professionally taught to do this in our society in K-12.  It is not until a person realizes that he or she is wasting time in and out of short-term relationships before getting help by reading books, attending workshops, seminars, life coach, psychologist, counselor, etc…Being able to test for compatibility is learned in relationship management and people would save much time dealing with others if they learned how beforehand.  It is not until a person has exited high school before experiencing some type of self-development lessons related to relationships, anger management, life career change, and anything else that may be blocking their growth.  Some people go through life not experiencing any of these at all.  A person who has experienced studying the sciences of anger management and relationship management are more prone to being centered emotionally, socially, and inter-personally. The ability to effectively handle emotions of anger and foster the basic positive interactions of friendships will be actualized.  Also, the ability to use reason, logic, and rationale will more than likely be enhanced as well while building a stronger foundation of character, personality, and spirit. GOODBYE TO BULLYING AND DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS BY ADDING THE PROPER MEDICINE; BULLYING IS NOT A RIGHT OF PASSAGE By making anger management and relationship management mandatory fields of study within  our public education system, over time you will see a reduction in school and public mass shootings, domestic violence, breakup violence, workplace violence, threats, physical bullying, cyber-bullying, intimidation, assaults, and other senseless gun violence mass violence and dysfunctional relationships which is more beneficial than not implementing this self-development education at all.  Self-development is a multi-billion dollar industry.  So if self-development enhances the lives of millions of people spiritually, personally, and financially, then why can’t we offer self-development to our children (our future leaders) free of charge.   We should be able to provide this education for free because it will enhance and enrich their lives well beyond what basic education provides, it will help our future leaders attain a heightened sense of logic, rational, and reason which allows for a great amount of perspective on life, better decisions and choices, and judging more correctly especially when solving problems.  Also, this will not only decrease violence and other white/blue collar crime, but will increase peace and civility among our citizens.  Above all, self-development enlightens, enhances, empowers, elevates, influences, and inspires mindsets.  This is how human behavior is changed overtime to get the results that are sought after. IF WE WANT THINGS TO GET BETTER, THEN WE HAVE TO WANT TO DO BETTER.  EVERYBODY HAS  GOODNESS WITHIN THEM AND THAT GOODNESS GIVES THEM THE RESPONSIBILITY TO MANIFEST THEIR GREATNESS In conclusion, the motion to mandate that the Department of Education include anger management and relationship management be included into the core curriculum have been delineated along with the benefits of experiencing self-development education.  The benefits of self-development exceedingly outweigh the cost and time of dealing with senseless acts of violence and the wasting of time dealing with endless cycles of short-term or long-term dysfunctional relationships. Young people especially K-12 are going to be our future leaders so we should enhance their lives since we have the ability to help them to become the best citizens that they can be at no cost of course. JOIN THE UNITED REVOLUTION AND SIGN THE PETITION SO THAT WE ARE HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR!  INSPIRE EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO JOIN AND SIGN WHETHER THEY ARE ONLINE OR OFFLINE.  ~Mahalo~  

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