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Petition to Hotel Soto owners Michael Gibbons, Martha Ross, Kathleen Schmidt

Demand Hotel Soto Fire Hitler Shirt Wearing Guy & LAPD Investigate His Actions

#justiceforjeffanddan • The apparent manager of Soto Hotel in Los Angeles has been seen wearing a shirt of Hitler saluting the swastika in the building's hallways and at the entrance. He is apparently one of the 4 on site managers and appeared to be on duty at the time he was wearing the shirt while standing near outside the door of a resident with a Jewish heritage and also his gay roommate. This manager has taken actions that have been reported as perceived assaults by both men and reported to LAPD. As you can see in this video, he made a threat to use a gun seemingly to both men and also purposely shined what appeared to be a high-powered flashlight in the gay resident's face. No residents of a residential hotel should have to be subjected to hate symbols.  There's no place for hate symbols in Los Angeles or California or the USA in 2017 nearly 2018. It's time the owners of Soto Hotel to fire him and evict him from the building with a restraining order.  Please also mail and also demand they hold this guy accountable. Considering the shooting tragedies in Las Vegas and Texas this year, gun threats should be taken very seriously.  At you can learn more about how you can help this guy's victims. Thank you. 

Dan B
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Petition to President of the United States, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Donald Trump, Florida Governor, Florida State Senate, Florida State House, Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson, Tom Goodson, Dorothy Hukill, Rick Scott


TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS FOR ABUSERS!!!!! 09/29/17 ATT: Donald Trump, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate     What is the point in a trespass or an injunction? Calling the cops or having an open case with DCF because you spoke up about abuse? So many woman are feeling this very exact thing right now. As we speak, I’m being served with papers that will change my 3 year old’s life, & unfortunately, if it goes the wrong way, it could end his life in the same instant! There are moms out there who are being arrested for allowing their significant other to abuse their children. However as we speak, there are other mom’s speaking up about the abuse to their children & themselves, & the court system is awarding the abuser some kind of custody. So throwing the abused children back in harm’s way is the answer??? Even if the courts say supervised visits---- Do you really think the abuser is going to mess up & abuse the child when he knows he’s being watched??? Please explain to me how this is better for the child? All you’re doing is creating a false sense of safety for them until the abuser is alone with that child again. Now they harmed this innocent child so bad, they might not have a future, or worse, they are dead! What is that?? A whoops?? Is that all they are?? What happened to “children are the future”??? Why are good parents, looking out for their children, being ignored in the court system??? I knew from the moment my abuser got me pregnant, that I was trapped & forever his prisoner. It was hard to feel joy during my pregnancy, when I felt condemned to a life sentence with my abuser & taking my children with me. My abuser wasn’t aware at the time, but I was still taking birth control before I found out he got me pregnant. After I found out, as much as I didn’t want to, I had my tubes tied because I never wanted him to get me pregnant again! So because of his abuse, he made me choose something so drastic & so permanent, even though I’m a good mom & I deserve to be happy & have more kids if I wanted. It’s no longer an option. The hell that is my life for 2,555 days & counting, & is still going on, even though I left him & he lost some control over me, he is now trying to regain that control by coming after our child! Even though he’s abused ALL my children & has been negligent to all of them daily. Even though he’s made their lives hell  & has traumatized them all in some way---- I’m being told by my domestic abuse advocate that “unfortunately, as much as you don’t want him to because he’s abusive—he’ll probably still get some kind of custody”.  What message is that sending to woman or their children??? I beg you to help these woman & those children in my situation, this very second! How do they stand a chance at a better life if you have the power to keep these abusers out of their lives, but won’t place a law?? If they want to go later in life & confront them when their 18--- more power to them! But I’m told as a mom, who’s trying to protect my child that I’m responsible for my child’s well-being & if the court system sends him back to hell, in an abusive situation---- how am I protecting him???? I’m fighting like hell for Leland! He’s 3 years old & has a loving mother & two older brothers, who is putting their lives at risk to stand up & fight! I’m fighting for my other children too, who also was abused by this monster & abused me in front of them! I need to be heard! My children need to be heard! If I lose this fight to protect their little brother from his abuser father, I’ve failed all of them because my other kids are worried & scared for their little brother too. They’re counting on me as their security & safety, to protect him, so he don’t end up badly hurt or dead! This has become so personal for me. Not just because there’s no law to protect MY child, but no law to protect ALL the children being sent right back to their abusers, being awarded some kind of custody, after traumatizing their child. This is the very same reason woman feel speaking up about their abuser won’t matter any ways. I’m dedicating my situation & even after, to get the system to listen to these woman & myself, as to not feel so “hopeless”, when it comes to defending our children! All the support sites for abuse & all the stories. These woman are me & I am them! The more I hear them feel its “hopeless”, makes me want to fight much harder! You can ignore me & not help my son from his abuser. You can do the same with all these other woman & their children, who have fear in their eyes. It won’t make it go away! This is a problem! Its innocent lives! At the end of the day I won’t stop being a mother, a street advocate & a fighter! If it means going to the news, the paper, social media & getting every woman’s signature who’s been abused or supports children not being told they have to go back to be abused again---I WILL! I’m a mom & I’m being told the court system wants to put my child at risk again, so am I just supposed to sit by & watch???? I am a damn good mom, who just made a bad decision in a male, but my children & I NEVER asked to be abused & I won’t stop fighting for my children! I WON’T BE SILENCED OR FEAR ANY MORE!!!!  TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS FOR THE ABUSER!!!!!!! DEDICATE A LAW TO THE INNOCENT LIVES!!! MY SON, LELAND & OTHER CHILDREN NEED A CALM AFTER THE STORM!!!!   Sincerely, Angie Eldridge -Mother -Street Advocate -Fighter         

Ang Eldridge
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Petition to Blake Murdock, KO Murdock, Paul Tew, Murdock Hyundai, Hyundai

Compensate and apologise for workplace violence at Murdock Hyundai.

On June 21 of 2017. I was assaulted by the New Car Manager at Murdock Hyundai in Lindon Utah, whilst under his management. I was a salesman at the time, and had arrived at work that day without a shave. I had promised my managers that I would go home to get a shave as soon as my shaver was charged, but before I could do that, I had some customers to help, who were also from the same country that I come from (Australia). As a result we had a great connection. The whole sales process took a while, and during that time, no other managers asked about my not having shaved. My customers couldn't have cared less either. On one visit to the "sales tower" desk to get some negotiated numbers for my customers. One of the finance guys who normally doesn't sit there. Asked "What's wrong with your face"? I didn't want to go through the whole explanation that I had previously gone through with my direct manager, and jokingly said "Well... the same things that's wrong with your face". Maybe it was my Aussie sense of humour, but this Finance guy didn't like the response, so started telling me how he could send me home right there and then. I told him I would as soon as I'd finished with my current customers, and not to worry about it.  At this stage. The New Car Manager (Doug Thorn) launched himself from his seat, threw it back. Jumped across to my position, grabbed me by the tie, pulled me across the chest high desk, and yelled F'ing shut up, you F'ing prick, F'ing do as your F'ing told, I'll F'ing fire you... and a load of other insulting and offensive shouting. He is quite a large bloke, and I thought he was going to punch me, but he suddenly let go and walked away. Probably realising that he had lost it, and done something wrong. I was shocked. Salesman, staff, and my customers, who saw what happened were also shocked. The guy I was getting the negotiation figures from was the Used car manager, and Doug's son. He looked embarrassed, and didn't know what to say. I couldn't go to HR, because HR is also one of Dougs sons, so I composed myself and finished the sale, then went home to shave. On the way back to work. I went to the Police station to report the assault, and told my floor manager I had done so. The following day. I arrived for work at 11am for my 1pm shift. I really couldn't work, and was still in shock. Not one manager asked me if I was ok, or what they could do. At 5PM. the GM, Paul Tew, called me into his office and said he had talked to all concerned and had found me "insubordinate" and that I was being fired! Since that day. I have suffered depression, anxiety, and have not been able to find work in my traditional occupation within the Information Technology industry. I have written emails to Blake Murdock and KO Murdock. Owners of Murdock Hyundai group in Salt Lake City, and I have approached Blake Murdock to talk with him. None of my emails have been returned and Blake Murdock dismissed the event and said if I want anything then go to a lawyer, which I have done. I was a great salesman and asset for Murdock Hyundai. I have hundreds or amazing reviews by some wonderful customers. Some even made me cakes and one even invited me to their thanksgiving celebrations. No one should suffer this sort of abuse at work, and then be wrongfully fired. Workplaces should be safe places, and management should provide such safe working environments. Murdock Hyundai knew the volatility of the New Car Manager, but allowed him to work there. He has not been reprimanded and no apology or compensation for the event has been offered or given. I request that Blake Murdock, KO Murdock, and Paul Tew, acknowledge that an assault took place. Just like Alex Wubbels was assaulted by a Police office, someone in authority, while carrying out her duties at work. I request that Blake Murdock, KO Murdock, and Paul Tew. Compensate me for lost wages, aggravation, depression and anxiety that this incident caused, apologise.   Employees should not be fired for reporting a crime to police! or for not having a shave one morning.

Matthew French
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