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Petition to Pennsylvania State House, Pennsylvania Governor, Pennsylvania State Senate

Provide Access to Puberty Blockers for Transgender Youth

In December of 2014, a 17-year-old girl named Leelah Alcorn took her own life. Leelah knew she’d never get to be the person she knew she was because she was denied the medical treatment that she sought by her family. Leelah wanted her death to mean something. She wanted her story to spur others to promote understanding of transgender people. Our organization was inspired by her last wishes.We are Trans Minors Rights; an organization in Pennsylvania advocating for and empowering transgender youth. We are pushing for legislation that would allow young people to make their own decisions regarding puberty blockers. Our proposition is that transgender minors ages 14 and up in Pennsylvania should have legal and confidential access to puberty blockers. This coincides with the current law in Pennsylvania that allows minors (14+) to access birth control without requiring consent from a parent. Puberty blockers are similar to birth control in that they do not make any permanent changes to the body and normal bodily functions resume after stopping treatment. The American Academy of Pediatrics has proven that puberty blockers increase the quality of life for young transgender people (much in the same way that birth control increases the quality of life for young females).40% of transgender people attempt suicide at some point in their lives (The Trevor Project). The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Psychological Association agree that gender dysphoria is a serious condition and the best method of managing the symptoms is acknowledgement and encouragement in their transition. Unfortunately, many young people don’t receive the support that they need from their families.By signing this petition, you move us one step closer to introducing a new bill to congress that would allow minors (14+) in Pennsylvania to be able to access puberty blockers without the requirement of consent from a parent or legal guardian. This will give them time to explore their gender identities and discuss the next steps in their transitions with their loved ones. Our dream is to start at the state level and eventually get similar bills passed across the U.S. These protections for transgender youth could save hundreds of lives.Thank you for your support and don’t forget to share this petition with friends and loved ones.

Trans Minors Rights Execs
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Petition to Aaron Obrochta (Navy), United States Military, Sgt. Abianni, Navy, LT Keide Kerrick Akinola, CAPT Stuart Craig, SFC Camilo Batista, Ronnie L. Simonsen, Air Force

United States Military: Lift the Ban on Transgender People in the Military

Transgender people are banned from joining the military. Sign this petition to help get the ball rolling: We need as many people as possible to support this cause in order to show the government this is an important cause. "Don't ask don't tell" isn't over yet. The military still discriminates against transgender people. Don't ask don't tell only affected sexual orientation. Gender Dysphoria is now the classification in the DSW medical book so the military has no reason to discriminate based on the fact that a mental health diagnosis can prevent transgender people from serving in the military. Unfortunately, at this time they can prevent transgender people from serving in the United Stated military. Add transgender people the the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. Let equal rights and safety for all transgender people be possible! Don't ask, don't tell needs to be repealed for all, including transgender individuals. All transgender people deserve the same rights as every other United States citizen serving the country. Be that serving openly in the military, marrying the person they love or just walking down the street without risking being beaten or killed just because we live our lives differently than thinks is the "proper" way.Here are some articles about it: The New DADT: The Military's Ban on Transgender Service: and About one in 11,000 male babies and one in 30,000 female babies are born with Dysphoria. There are approximately 700,000 Transgender adults in the U.S., and about 15,450 service members who identify as transgender — 8,800 active, 6,650 in the National Guard and reserves, and 134,350 veterans. About 20% of the roughly 700,000 Transgender people in the United States have been a part of the military at some point in time. Transgender folks have served in every conflict in our nation’s history. One in five Transgender adults have served in the Armed Forces. Nearly one in ten Transgender Veterans report having been discharged due to their gender identity. Transgender people make up 0.6% of the 21.8 million U.S. Veterans; roughly 1 in 200. As of December 2013, being Transgender in the U.S. military is considered a psychological disorder and is grounds for dishonorable discharge. In 2013, the Veterans Affairs Department treated 2,567 Veterans with the diagnosis of gender dysphora with transgender-specific care, according to Ndidi Mojay, a V.A. spokeswoman. In sharp contrast, while Transgender people are prohibited from serving openly in the United States, thirteen foreign countries allow open transgender military service, in some capacity. These countries are: Australia Brazil Belgium Canada Czech Republic Israel Netherlands New Zealand Spain Sweden Thailand United Kingdom Uruguay There are hundreds of reports and statistics from our allies in which transgender service has had no impact; very similar to our own experiences with the repeal of DADT. dad always dreamed of me joining the Coast Guard. As a kid, like passing by, he'd be like "That’s the Coast Guard. They pay for school and its fun." So, it stuck. Passing by the Coast Guard with my dad was just as important as going to a nature walk with him, because he was concerned about my future, and those times I’ll never forget. Please sign the petition to help his dream and mine for other transgender people come true. This is why we need to change this regulation.

Jason Bartlett
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Petition to Mayor London Breed

Appoint TRANS YOUTH ACTIVIST Mia Satya to Board of Education!

In San Francisco’s November 2018 election, not only were three progressive candidates elected to the Board of Education, the election of Board of Education member Matt Haney to the District 6 Supervisor’s seat means that the vacant position will be filled this January by Mayor London Breed. London Breed will be appointing a Commissioner to that open seat on the Board of Education.  This petition urges Mayor Breed to appoint trans youth advocate MIA SATYA to this seat. Mia began her adult life as a homeless trans teenager on the streets of San Francisco, and has worked tirelessly for the rights of youth for the last decade. She has worked to help establish the Free MUNI used by 40,000 low income youth, reinstate the Public Enrichment Education Fund that brings over $100 million annually to after school programs, arts programs, mental health care, pre-k, and more, created landmark LGBTQ sensitivity training for city employees, and worked with the District Attorney’s Office of San Francisco to address bullying with the urgency it deserves. Mia’s platform includes the implementation of Wellness Centers in every SFUSD school, the protection of students who engage in political demonstrations, the protection of UESF and educators’ salaries, and the creation of gender neutral restrooms in all schools. Just as importantly, she brings her direct experience as a youth advocate who has personally experienced the disparities she seeks to address. With an administration hostile to the very personhood of transfolk in America, and a rate of attempted suicide among trans youth that nears 50%, we feel Mia Satya is the person poised to protect and expand the rights of these students in a way that will both protect our students and set precedents that will make a difference nationwide. And with a history of working for students and teachers alike we feel she is the ideal fourth new member to join the new crop of electees in creating a new era to be proud of in education! In an op-ed published in the Advocate, Mia Satya wrote to transgender youth: "While I don’t know you, I do believe in you. You have power, whether you feel it or not. Being trans is an asset that has made me a more compassionate and powerful leader. It’s OK to be scared, but never, ever give up. The world needs to hear your voice." By signing this petition, you show your support in urging Mayor Breed to appoint Mia to the San Francisco Board of Education to bring her expertise, experience, and energy to the Board of Education to make history as its first trans member!   You can read about her here or watch her in action at Mia Satya/Huffington Post See also the Bay Area Reporter’s endorsement for Mia’s appointment here: Mia Satya/Bay Area Reporter   ANYONE CAN  SIGN THIS PETITION! IF YOU BELIEVE IN TRANS RIGHTS AND PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES, YOU CAN SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY SIGNING.      

Lynn Hauser
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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Human Rights Campaign

Sex and Gender are not the same definition

Currently, the transgender community is still protected by laws and policies that were put in place under the Obama administration but they are at now under a potential threat with the new administration and far-right supporters of the administration. Before President Obama was elected in 2008 gender identity was not in conversation a lot and most policies regarding gender identity were left up to the states. Shortly after president Obama came into office he worked with Congress to pass and sign the ‘Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act’ in October of 2009. It made it against the law to attack someone based on their sexual orientation or gender identity which at the time was a huge step for the LGBT community but more specifically for trans people or gender-non conforming people. Another large step for transgender individuals was in 2016 when transgender people serving in the military were now allowed to do so openly and could no longer be discharged because of their gender identity. This is now on the brink of all being changed. Not only are policies and laws protecting transgender individuals now being repealed but violence against transgender people is on the rise since the 2016 elections. According to the “Crisis Of Hate” report released by the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs from January 2017, at least 52 people were killed due to their anti-LGBT identity and 27 of those documented were transgender or gender non-conforming individuals (does not include those un-documented) which was the highest amount it has been in 20 years. Not to say the Trump administration is at fault for the violence and discrimination taking place on the LGBT community and the trans community but there is definitely an increase of hate crimes since the administration was elected as Trump is known to have elected anti-LGBT people in the White House such as Vice President Mike Pence. Trump has gone as far as removing LGBT resources from the White House site within hours of being in office and has also tried to ban transgender people from serving in the military (which is currently blocked) according to CNN, nearly one-third of his Judicial nominees have anti-LGBT records, has rescinded Obama’s policy of trans workers being protected under civil rights law, that students K-12 can use the bathroom and locker room that aligns with their gender identity, has supported HB2, and many other things even after he has stated that he would stand with the LGBT community. With policies and ideologies supporting the trans community changing, a hateful and discriminatory attitude towards trans people have risen especially towards trans people of color. Specifically, half of black respondents who have attended a school have faced harassment and 49% have attempted suicide at some point. One of the most notable attempts of murder were the shootings of four trans women of color between February to June 2018 in Florida. Three of these women were shot and killed: Celine Walker, Antash’a English, and Cathalina Christina James. A mix of racism and transphobia are what fuel the killings of trans people of color. The idea of non-tolerance and that people different from us are wrong. We’ve come so far in terms of rights for the transgender community in the past couple years and more recently have taken a giant step back. Right now under Title IX it is illegal to discriminate someone based on account of their gender. Trump is currently trying to change that to sex which would erase anyone who identifies as something other than their genitalia suggests. By using the word sex it would exclude the protection of transgender, non-binary, or anyone else that does not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth (boy or girl). Due to gaps in laws that are in place and the fact that the word gender is not explicitly stated this is a completely legal possibility for the people of the United States. Let’s say a transgender female is harassed in her workplace and she takes the case to a court. The workplace and the court could have the right to view and treat this person as a male identified person due to their “biological sex”. Obviously it’s not as cut and dry simple as an example such as that due to the fact that every case is unique and based off of what judge is taking the case, they could interpret it however they want but the fact is that it would make it possible for people to not have to legally view this person the way that they identify themselves. This would minimize the identity of transgender people and others who do not identify on the binary spectrum. The binary spectrum, if this proposal is passed, would simply mean that a person is identified by the genitalia they were born with. This would invalidate the identity of an estimated 1.4 million Americans. Whether or not you agree with this proposal it is true that sex and gender are not they same thing and they should not be identified as such. Sex is the idea of a person’s biological characteristics such as their genitals, which also does not always fit the idea of male or female due to intersex individuals. Gender is the idea of one’s personal identity in the brain. Things that can factor into this is society and simply because one feels this way. Even within the spectrum of ‘sex’ (male and female) there are visible and non-visible differences between each person so it would make sense that the concept of gender is something in society today. It’s a concept that has been around for centuries so erasing the definition of gender would not be a rational or reasonable idea as we would be erasing the identity of people in our everyday lives and the community they feel safe in. As 78% of trans people are harassed or assaulted according to the ‘National Transgender Discrimination Survey’, specifying the word ‘sex’ in Title IX would prevent so many transgender individuals from getting the justice they deserve when incidents such as harassment happen. Currently the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) is fighting to not only protect cis women and men but also trans people whether they identify as male, female, or non-binary. They fight to help individuals who are victims of a hate crime of any type of abuse. They do not discriminate based on gender identity and a complaint can be filed if you feel as though a program or shelter has discriminated you. While there are current federal protections with ‘sex’ which can assist in protecting trans individuals, they can also be used to harm the trans community by invalidating their gender identity based off of their biological sex. Organizations such as the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) are trying to prove and use these laws as a means to why transgender individuals are and should be protected under federal law as the Obama administration fought for the word ‘sex’ to include people of other gender identities under Title IX. As of right now, nothing has been officially proposed but it is very possible that something will be very soon. It is best to do something before anything is officially put into place. As of right now, the best solution to prevent this from becoming an official policy is to contact your local government. Signing a petition or calling your local representatives is the best solution. Propose why this is not a good idea scientifically and politically and get your friends and supporters to sign the petition or call their local government. The best way of explaining why this is not a good solution is to describe how defining sex at birth is not as simple as the administration thinks it is. For example, people are born with intersex traits, atypical sex development, or genital/chromosomal ambiguity making it hard to simply ‘choose’ what ‘sex’ they are. These babies and also grow up with characteristics of both ‘sex’. It proves that changing sex and gender to the same definition would not benefit anyone. A solution to solve this to pass the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) which not only prevents discrimination based on account of ‘sex’ but it also holds protections which would prevent discrimination of trans or non-binary individuals.  

Willow Ryan
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