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Unblock the 'Deadname Remover' chrome extension at Coshocton Highschool.

Many students are trans like myself and some of us can feel really uncomfortable when seeing our deadnames on assignments, applications, ect ect. It would be very helpful if the chrome extension were to be unblocked. It would make students, including myself be more comfortable with ourselves during school. It's a way for us to express ourselves without worry of the other students judging us, as some of us aren't open about it yet. It would really make school a lot more bearable if we were to see our preferred names on things rather than the name some may hate. We were able to add extensions to our chromebooks in previous years, I don't see why that suddenly had to change. I'm going to assume someone did something wrong, so you all decided to punish the whole student body rather than keeping an eye on things. You did a lousy job at it if you ask me. You are keeping such important extensions such as the one this whole petition is about. Please reconsider this decision, if not for me, but for the student body as a whole. I don't care if you don't unblock any other extensions other than this one. I truly believe that this is crucial for the trans students, and anyone who wishes to change their name. Nobody can even see the change, it's a one sided change. It doesn't affect anyone at all. If you agree, sign this petition. It's the least that can be done. I have linked the extension  here. 

Jasper Reinert
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