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Petition to 内閣総理大臣 安倍晋三, 厚生労働大臣 塩崎恭久, 加藤勝信

Please review the use of physical restraints in Japanese psychiatric treatment

 This spring, my son Kelly Savage, who worked as an English teacher in Japan, died after being found in cardiopulmonary arrest while he was in a psychiatric hospital in Kanagawa prefecture. The cardiopulmonary arrest was completely unexpected, and occurred after he had been hospitalized on the psychiatric ward for 10 days. We asked the psychiatric hospital to investigate the cause of his death and to review their policy on the use of physical restraints, but they refused to do so. From the first time that a Japanese high school student came to our house on an exchange programme, Kelly loved Japan.  He loved watching Japanese movies such as Totoro and became fascinated by Japanese culture.   He studied Japanese through high school and university and qualified to be an English teacher in Japan.  He taught English to Japanese children in elementary and junior high schools in Kagoshima for about two years.  The students and other teachers loved his fun-loving, friendly personality. Unfortunately, he became depressed and entered a Japanese hospital in April. But less than two weeks later, he was discovered in cardiopulmonary arrest. It seems that he was tied to his bed with leg, waist and wrist restraints almost the entire time he was in the hospital. Compared to other countries, Japanese psychiatric hospitals keep patients in restraints for a much longer time. According to a survey conducted on 689 patients in 11 psychiatric hospitals, the average time spent in physical restraint is 96 days[1].  Meanwhile, the average time in foreign countries is at most several hours to tens of hours. Although it is thought that there are not many people in Japanese psychiatric hospitals, in fact, the number of people who are physically restrained in Japanese psychiatric hospitals continues to increase. In 2014 more than 10,000 people were restrained-the highest ever recorded, and more than double the number a decade earlier [2]. It is well known that long-term restraints can cause grave physical, as well as psychological, harm to patients. It may cause deep vein thrombosis, also known as economy-class syndrome, which can be fatal[3,4]. In order to give proper treatment for hospitalized patients, the use of physical restraints in psychiatric medical treatment must be reduced. Together with Toshio Hasegawa, Professor of Health Faculty at Kyorin University, we have set up a group to try to appeal to the country to reduce the use of physical restraints in psychiatric treatment[5]. According to Professor Hasegawa, experiences similar to Kelly’s occur to many Japanese people as well [1]. At the very least, we hope that Kelly’s experience will not be repeated.  Kelly, who was fascinated by Japan and loved Japanese culture, would want Japanese psychiatry to improve.  We hope that this incident will lead to improved psychiatric care in Japan. We appreciate your continued support so that this request can be delivered to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Thank you. Martha Savage [Our request] To prohibit the use of body restraints for a long period of time (24 hours or longer) in psychiatric hospitals. To quickly investigate whether there are human rights violations caused by physical restraint in psychiatric hospitals. In order to prevent human rights violations and deaths from occurring in psychiatric medical care, require a visual record, such as a video recording, whenever physical restraints are used.  Allow access to those recordings for patients or next of kin within 14 days to determine the actual conditions employed. The government should demonstrate leadership by setting targets with specified dates by which both the number of people in physical restraints and the time period of restraints are reduced. To provide medical information to patients and bereaved families, require hospitals to disclose information based on "guidelines for providing medical information" by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. We ask for your continued support so that people receiving psychiatric treatment in Japan will receive proper medical care, will not be restrained more than necessary and will not lose their lives. References:[1]長谷川利夫. (2016). 精神科医療における隔離・ 身体拘束実態調査 ~その急増の背景要因を探り縮減への道筋を考える~. 病院・地域精神医学, 59(1), 18–21.[2][3] Dickson BC, Pollanen MS: Fatal thromboembolic disease: A risk in physically restrained psychiatric patients. J Forensic Leg Med 2009; 16:284–286.[4][5] 【ホームページ 精神科医療の身体拘束を考える会】 日本語版ページはこちら: Our homepage:

Alliance against physical restraint in psychiatric care (精神科医療の身体拘束を考える会)
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Petition to Sadiq Khan, Theresa May MP, jack stenner, joanne mcartney AM

Prevent Graham Kerr's London speech on 15/2/2018

You haven't heard of Graham Kerr. Graham Kerr is good at what he does. However, Graham kerr is not real. Unlike other Ultra conservative faces, Kerr is underground and always moving. His local talks & rallies are largely missed or kept under total secerecy. He has no criminal record, no party ties and will never be seen with Britain First types (publicly anyway.)   Why do we say he's not real? because Kerr does not believe his own  extreme right, anti-LGBT+++ message and instead simply instigates crowds and rabbles of followers for his own ends.   This week he will be gathering people at an as yet undisclosed point in London to spread his message and views.  We cannot let this happen. Our goal is to muster as a group and show our resistance as well as letting our Mayor know that such a phony dares to think he can get away with attracting a crowd of supporters or youths who he can reruit to his vile disgusting side. Please sign our petition and please follow our groups. Share this message, our Fb page. make a poster, tell somebody about us. Anything you can do to make sure everybody has heard of Graham kerr and he gets the 'fame' he rightly deserves.  #Fakerr #resist Tweet the Mayor or his Deputy about what is about to happen. the more tweets the better!@sadiqkhan   @DepMayorLondon Thankyou and keep fighting!

George Tiel
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Petition to Uganda Gover, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga

Uganda's 10th Parliament: Join the Movement to Stop Acid Attack Violence in Uganda

How many more people have to be attacked for the Acid Attack Violence Control Law to come into existence? Who should be the next victim for the Government of Uganda to pay attention to our outcry? My name is Hanifa Nakiryowa, the founder of the Center for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and burns Violence (CERESAV). I suffered this horrendous act of human terrorism in 2011, 3 months after quitting an abusive marriage. It is now six years since that Acid Attack that changed my entire life, dreams, and hopes. It has been six years of crying out for an end to this inhumane form of violence. Acid Attack Violence is a form of Gender Based Violence that disproportionately affects women like me and children like my seven-year-old daughter, who sustained burns, and my 10-year-old daughter, who witnessed it all as it happened. It has been six years and it still happens today as it did six years ago. Seeing another human being victimized by the same Acid Attack Violence brings me the worst memories. It traumatizes my children who witnessed my own attack and live with it every day of their lives and will live with it for the rest of their lives. They put up with the bullies trying to defend my identity everywhere they go. My children need a chance to be children. All children need a chance to be young and only young. They don't deserve to go through this form of invisible victimization. It is time for us to embark on a rigorous advocacy campaign in Uganda to have the Acid attack Violence Control Bill passed so we can have no more Victims. Together we can save the next victim. Let us together spread this awareness. Please, Help us share this sensitization video on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram until we attract the attention required to bring the change. We have accomplished a lot together. We have shown love together. We have shared great ideas together. Up to this point, we are still standing together. You have demonstrated a priceless sense of humanity by continuing to stand with us. NOW IS THE TIME TO STAND TOGETHER EVEN STRONGER to call on the 10th PARLIAMENT OF UGANDA to take action.We have done our part.Let us pressure them to do their part too! TOGETHER WE SIGNED THE TOXIC CHEMICALS PROHIBITION AND CONTROL BILL PETITION TO VICTORY. TOGETHER WE CAN SPREAD THE AWARENESS AND GET THIS PETITION SIGNED TO VICTORY. SincerelyHanifa Nakiryowa, On Behalf of the CERESAV Team

Center for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and burns Violence (CERESAV)
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