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Petition to Elizabeth Warren, Paul Sagan, James Morton, Katherine Craven, Ed Doherty, James Peyser, Jeffrey C. Riley, Martin West, Hannah Trimarchi, Mary Ann Stewart, Michael Moriarty, Margaret McKenna, Amanda Fernandez, Massachusetts Board of Education

Comprehensive Sex Education for Public Schools in Boston

As a future educator of Boston, I wish that our young adults receive information they deserve to have, particularly at the high school level. Too often teens are left unanswered and uneducated about their rights when it comes to sex. According to a study done in 2013, only four percent of the information teens receive on sexual and reproductive health is from teachers. The majority of the information that they receive are from peers or online sources. It is not always guaranteed that the information that they find online and from friends are factual. In a Facebook poll I put out recently among many young college-aged students, about twenty-two percent did not receive some form of sex education. While I was really happy to see that the majority of those who did receive sex education, received comprehensive sexual education as opposed to abstinence only. When asked about the topics that they wished their sexual education had included the two highest were healthy relationships and consent. Even though they did receive sex education, they wished to know more about these issues. In writing this petition, I have two goals. My first goal is to make comprehensive sex education the norm for Boston Public Schools. Why should you care? Teens have a right to know what is safe and how to take care of themselves in the midst of hookup culture. Research shows that programs that teach comprehensive sex education “either delayed or reduced sexual activity, or increased condom use.”  Massachusetts is ranked nationally as number one in education. Why shouldn't we also be the state to lead the way in sex education and enable parents to be more involved in this important education? Comprehensive sex education is not only important to protect teens from STDs/STIs and preventing teen pregnancy but also can create a space for conversations about healthy relationships, consent, and even encouraging responsible decisions about sexual behaviors.  My second goal is to make parents more involved in this conversation. By talking to your teens, you are able to create this ability for them to have conversations with others about this hard topic. Schools and parents need to work together. Every school should have a program educating parents on how to talk to their kids about these topics. Parents should learn how to communicate with their teens and preteens about tough subjects.  By bringing this concern to Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is already a passionate advocate for Sex Education and has co-sponsored a bill called the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act with "U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) reintroduced a bill that enhances and expands sex education programs that empower young people to make healthy, informed decisions throughout their lives" and to the Massachusetts Board of Education, we are able to voice the concerns of educating both young adults and their parents in sex education and protecting them against unintended pregnancy and STD/STIs that have lifelong effect. Also the importance of talking about consent, healthy relationships, and other influential topics in the classroom setting and at home.  Sources:  For more information on the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act: Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States: U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren: Mass Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Overall, teens want to be informed and school is the best place to give them the reliable information that they deserve. Give parents the means to have productive conversations with their teens and to teach them about all the difficult topics that both parents and teens could b struggling with. 

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Petition to Department of Education, United States Supreme Court

Comprehensive sex education is a basic human right that ALL students deserve to learn

High schools that do not get government funding for example, private and religion based high schools, do not need to teach any type of sex education, along with many other public schools throughout the country. Most of the time if they do teach any type of sex education it is fear based/abstinence only. The problem with this type of teaching is that it often times does not stop the act of sexual practices at all, yet leads to young people being misinformed and unprepared when they are going to do these sexual acts. This is harmful and only spreads STD's as well as unwanted pregnancy. Being taught the basic knowledge of our human bodies and how they work, as well as the diseases, and how to prevent diseases and unwanted pregnancy is a basic human right in which every young adult deserves to be taught. As of April 1st 2018 only "24 states and the District of Columbia mandate sex education... 34 states and the District of Columbia mandate HIV education; of these states, 12 mandate only HIV education." It is essential to know that these statistics also only apply to public schools in these states, and that private schools throughout the country don't have regulated sex education.In order for our youth to be empowered and educated they need to be taught comprehensive sex education and be prepared for anything that life may throw their way. We must make comprehensive sex education mandatory in all states, and all schools. We must have a set curriculum and monitor what is taught, so students are not receiving misinformation! Please sign my petition and help empower our youth!

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