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Petition to Government of Alberta, The Honorable David Eggen, The Honorable Rachel Notley, Mr. Brian Jean, Mrs. Leela Sharon Aheer, The Honourable Marlin Schmidt, Mr. Ric McIver, Mr. Greg Clark

Reform Alberta's Sexual Education Curriculum to Encompass Consent and Sexual Assault

I graduated from high school in Alberta in 2015. I completed the Career and Life Management 20 (CALM) course in grade 10. As a part of CALM, we received a lesson in sexual education from an educator from a local sexual health resource center. I remember learning about how to prevent pregnancy and contracting STIs but don't remember learning too much about consent, different types of abuse and what to do when one has experienced sexual assault. September 2015 marked the start of my first year at Queen's University. I'd heard news stories about the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses in North America, but I never thought that I, or anyone I knew, would ever experience it. Then I learned that one of my closest friends at Queen's had been assaulted during her third week of university. Luckily, she had heard of what is commonly known as a rape kit and made the decision herself to go to the hospital. A "rape kit" is a tool used by healthcare professionals to collect DNA evidence following an assault. If one chooses to access a kit, they are also offered access emergency contraception and other medications to help stop certain STIs from fully entering the system. The scary thing is I never learned what to do in the event that I or a friend were to experience sexual assault. The only reason I now know what to do in the event of assault is because my friend was raped, not because I learned it in my sexual education course. The following is a quote from my friend, whom I shall keep anonymous, about her experience: “I had heard what a rape kit was from Tumblr and took note of it in case I ever had a friend in such a situation. I never thought the person needing a rape kit would be me. After being raped at a party, I luckily stumbled upon two girls who brought me to campus staff at my university. It was then that I knew, if I ever wanted to press charges in the future, I should go to the hospital as soon as possible for a rape kit. Although the decision was hard, I am so glad that I did it. When I got there, I found out that not only is DNA collected, but medications such as HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) could be given to me to help prevent HIV from reaching my bloodstream if I was exposed to it during the assault. I was lucky enough to know about a rape kit and have access to such resources. In an ideal world, no one would ever go through what I and so many others have experienced. However, rape and sexual assault does happen and I hope that if someone experiences it that he or she will at least have learned about a rape kit.” Sexual assault can affect anyone at any time, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. According to Alberta's Minister of Education, Hon. David Eggen, the province is currently undergoing a curriculum redesign of the CALM course to focus it more on health and wellness. We need to speak up and let our legislators know that Alberta students deserve proper knowledge about consent, sexual abuse, and assault. While it is critical to teach students about how to cope with the aftermath of sexual violence, it is equally as important to teach them about consent. No one ever has the right to touch another’s body without their permission. Students must understand that renewed consent is required with each sexual activity that ensues. Consent is not only required out of principle, but also by Canadian law. It is critical that students understand the legal aspects of consent and how it plays a role in healthy sexual encounters. To address this critical issue, I ask that the Alberta government take the following measures: 1) Teach students about the value of consent and when it is valid/invalid (i.e., how the role of drugs/alcohol can negate consent). Students should be taught exactly what constitutes consent under Canadian law. Additionally, students should be informed of their right to say "no" to unwanted sexual interactions and should be empowered to do so. 2) Integrate information about sexual assault into Alberta's sexual health education classes. This means addressing what constitutes sexual assault (which can occur in forms other than heterosexual intercourse), what to do in the event that an assault occurs (e.g., getting a sexual assault evidence kit, also known as a "rape kit"), what the victim's options are (e.g., pressing charges/not pressing charges and other legal options), and where they can go to get follow-up medical and psychological assistance. 3) Ensure that schools convey this information to students consistently across the province. Every child should receive the exact same quality of education. This applies to one's sexual health education, too. 4) Develop an explicit set of learning outcomes and a framework that can be consistently followed by all sexual health classes in Alberta. Ensure that these learning outcomes are explicit and easy to understand by parents, students, and teachers. 5) Ensure that the new curriculum is inclusive for all. Consent is necessary for all sexual encounters, regardless of the sexual orientation or gender of the parties involved. 6) Require instructors who teach about sexual health be trained to do so. There is currently no legislation mandating that teachers who teach Career and Life Management be trained to teach the course. This applies to the sexual health component of the course. It is both legal and feasible for a teacher with no professional training in how to deliver information about sexual health to do so. 7) Post-secondary education institutions in Alberta should mandate that all incoming students (including first-year students and transfer students) should undergo a mandatory discussion about consent, the reality of sexual assault, and the resources available to those who may experience sexual violence. 8) Require all post-secondary institutions across Alberta (and the rest of Canada, for that matter) to develop sexual assault policies to help combat the prevalence of sexual violence. Sexual violence is a horrible reality that too many Canadian students will face. Our government has the power to make the new curriculum more informative and useful to all of Alberta's students. Tell Rachel Notley, Education Minister David Eggen, and your MLA that your sexual health education matters! You can find this campaign on social media under the name Right2Know. You can find it on Facebook at as well as on Twitter and Instagram at @Right2KnowAB. Our website is For inquiries, please email

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Petition to General Santos City, Department of Education, CHO , PopCom , CPMO

#SexEdTheCity - A Call to Improve the Quality of Sex Education in General Santos

Sex Education is more than just about sex, it's about empowering the people, it's about providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to make healthy and well-informed decisions.   A Call to Improve the Quality of Sex Education in General Santos City - an effective way in preventing the cases of STDs and pregnancy among the youth of General Santos City. #SexEdTheCity  To make you support our call for action, we will show you the reality through the numbers. In the Philippines, 1 in 10 young Filipino women have begun childbearing. 1 in 5 of them had initiated their sexual activity before the age of 18, more of them coming from those with poorer education. Reported cases of HIV infections among teenagers nearly tripled between 2007 and 2008 from 41 cases to 110 per year. In 2009, teenagers make 29% of all new infections. In General Santos City, 2012, the cases of teenage pregnancies have reached 3,010 cases. There are 767 recorded young fathers. This continue to increase along with 51 persons living with HIV. Sex education is the immersion of science of reproduction, physical care and hygiene, correct values and the norms of interpersonal relations to the youth. One reason of it being taught in schools is that it is meant to prevent the cases of STDs and pregnancy among the youth but despite the presence of sex education in the K-12 curriculum in the Philippines, the said cases are still prominent and statistics continue to increase at an alarming rate. The reason being, according to United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), is that the the curriculum in the country has not yet developed the minimum standards of comprehensive sexual education (CSE) which should be taught in schools. Also, teachers have yet to be trained on how best to deliver age-specific CSE within the curriculum. The increase in the statistics can be traced from inadequate population education, among many other factors. It can be inferred that the factor that have contributed to these problems are the apparent misguided notions the youth have about sex and other aspects that revolve around it. THIS brings us to our petition. The youth is the future of this country, of our city; but how can they raise the nation if they are being held captive of the consequences of ignorance. We have told you our stand, we have told you the numbers, we have told you the WHYs; now, we want you to join us in our call for improving the quality of sex education in General Santos City.  #SexEdTheCity

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Petition to Evan Spiegel

Stop Snapchat from using sex to make money

  "19 Unicorn Sex Toys That Will Make Your Love Life Magical" "8 Things Lesbians Get About Sex That Straight People Don't" "I Tried 5 Flavored Lubes- Here's The Surprising Winner" "Why the Satanic Temple Has Become so Popular" -------Snapchat's Cosmopolitan advertising stories for 5/16/2017 Dear Evan Spiegel (CEO of Snapchat), Though I admire your entrepreneurial spirit and creativity I discredit it all due to the manner in which you choose to monetize your app. I have been bothered by your chosen advertising content on Snapchat for quite some time. I, like you, am an entrepreneur. I am about the same age as you (26). I am not as successful as you, and my net worth will never be as high as yours, but my businesses' will always be run with more integrity. The stories that are displayed at the bottom of your app are visible to young children. My 10 year old sister uses Snapchat regularly and it saddens me to know the type of things you expose her to on the regular. The majority of your app users are young teenagers or adolescents. You are molding their minds everyday by choosing to advertise with Cosmopolitan, Now This, Vice, Refinery29. You are a young guy with a lot of power. You are molding certain people's children more than their parent's are. Why do you choose to allow such explicit sexual content on your app? I know it sells well, but is money your only driving force in life. Your app is amazing, and I use it regularly, but I want you to know you are poisoning the minds of adolescents about the reality of love and relationships, about politics, and about reality. I would ask you to kindly monitor what you allow on your app and use more integrity in your business practices. Tanner

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