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Protect Our Kids from Sexual Violence: Pass the Teach Safe Relationships Act

*Updated July 28th, 2015 Last fall, we organized the group Yes All Daughters and led a protest after multiple teenage girls in our hometown of Norman, OK were raped by the same classmate and then bullied out of their school. The administration was ill-equipped to handle these cases, and their peers blamed and shamed them. The perpetrator was arrested following our protest and pled no contest to two counts of first degree rape on Monday, May 18, 2015. According to the Department of Justice, nearly 300,000 Americans are victims of rape and sexual assault each year.  Young women between the ages of 16 and 24 experience the highest rate of intimate partner violence. WE CAN DO BETTER. As a direct result of our effort, the state legislature introduced a bill addressing Sexual Assault Prevention Education in Oklahoma. Last week, our governor signed the legislation into law. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. The Teach Safe Relationships Act of 2015 requires schools across the nation to create curriculum that teaches kids about healthy relationships, how to spot abusive behavior, and promotes understanding of consent and sexual assault. It will teach teens where to turn for help, and ensures that help will be there when they do. It is imperative Congress passes this important legislation. We demand Congress provide funding for this legislation, including funding to coordinate this crucial initiative’s program development with state-level resources. The Bill has been added as a provision to the Every Child Achieves Act. We ask that you contact your legislators immediately to demand they support Title IV; Section D of the Every Child Achieves Act and that this language remains intact as the bill moves through Congress.   THIS CANNOT WAIT. Girls ages 16-19 are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault.  Educating teens about issues of consent and healthy relationships is essential to reversing these horrifying statistics. EDUCATION IS PREVENTION Sign Our Petition. Stand with us against Sexual Violence.  No more Silence. No more Shame.

Stacey Wright
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Introduce Sex-Ed into Arizona High-schools

  In the United States many schools do not offer any form of a sexual education class. However, once it is approved by a school district's governing board then an educational class is allowed to be introduced into a high school's curriculum. By this point if a class is incorporated into a school's educational standards it is abstinence based. At Moon Valley High School while a sexual education class is not taught a class called C.O.O.P is offered. This class teaches the students how to care for a child and to help raise one. Despite offering a class meant to teach about children there is not a class offered specifically to teach students about Sexual activities and safe practices and the effects of engaging in such. This is due to Arizona being an abstinence based state despite having no formal laws mandating any form of sex ed. By not teaching and offering this class to students, many will wrongfully engage in activities that may lead to diseases and even higher concerns without even knowing they entered the situation with a huge risk factor. By not being aware, it may tremendously affect the life of an everyday student, all of which could be prevented by offering such classes to those who attend high school. As a high school student who attends regularly at Moon Valley I believe sex ed should be offered and have an opt-out based curriculum. While some cities in Arizona do offer some form of sex ed, it is in no legislation passed that the information has to be comprehensive sex ed, nor does it have to consist of 100 percent actuality and facts. Moon Valley, as well as all other high schools in Arizona need to start offering these courses to their students NOW, not "in a year or so". I firmly believe we need to make a change and begin having a sex ed course offered in every high school in Arizona that must be 100% factual.   

Genavieve Smith
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