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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Charles Schumer

Restore funding to the Laboratory for Laser Energetics, a Unique National Resource

After five decades of exemplary research, the Laboratory for Laser Energetics (LLE) has been targeted for complete and irreversible shutdown. At this point only the U.S. congress and its leaders can reverse the decision. Why should we sign a petition to restore funding to LLE? LLE is a major research facility with a unique attribute: a strong and dedicated educational mission. More than 100 graduate students and 40 undergraduate students contribute and rely on the laboratory to continue their research. Besides the University of Rochester, more than 40 universities, including SUNY Geneseo, MIT, Princeton, Rice, University of California, are also involved with the research done at LLE. LLE's research program develops the physics and critical knowledge base required to demonstrate fusion in the laboratory. Once demonstrated, fusion research will become important in solving one of humankind's greatest challenge: a clean, abundant source of energy. More than 350 scientists, engineers, technicians, and administrators work relentlessly so our  planet can have can have a more secure and hopeful future. LLE is not only recognized as a resource in the US, but is an internationally recognized center for high power laser and optics research and applications. Scientists from laboratories in France (i.e. CEA, University of Bordeaux), England (AWE, Imperial College, Rutherford, Oxford, University of York) routinely collaborate with LLE scientists and engineers and conduct experiments on the Omega facilities. LLE has invented many of the technologies that have revolutionized high power lasers found in essentially all major facilities worldwide. What happens if LLE gets shut down? First, 350 scientists, engineers, technicians, and administrators lose their jobs. 100 graduate students have no more support to finish their research. And there is a long term negative impact for fusion research, the National Ignition Facility in California, the Laser MegaJoule in France and the Extreme Light Infrastructure in Europe. Second, there is an impact on the local economy of Upstate New York. Once these jobs are lost people are forced to leave the local economy. This indirect funding is lost to local schools and businesses. The US leads the world in physical science research, including technology, because the US invested in the hard sciences for decades. That's $80M less for science. It’s the future of America, the future for our children and ultimately the future of our planet. What can you do about it? Please sign the petition and we will send it to Congress. LLE leaders are working harder than ever to make sure science is supported by the government, but they also need our help to make sure Congress gets it. For more information about all the LLE achievements you can go to the LLE website.    

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Petition to Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, Soodesh Satkam Callichurn, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Hon. (Mrs) Leela Devi DOOKUN-LUCHOOMUN, Honourable Mr Prithvirajsing Roopun​

Introduce Sanskrit in all Mauritian Schools. #Sanskrit_In_Mauritian_Schools

#Sanskrit_In_Mauritian_Schools "Yaam medham devaganah pitarashcha upaasate, tayaa maamadhya medhayaagne, medhaavinam kuru" ***That knowledge revered by the saints and our forefathers, oh God, please bestow upon me.*** Today, it is known that Sanskrit is the most computer-friendly language, and that its Grammar, Panini's Grammar, is the most suited for Natural Language Processing... But not only that... In the wake of the waves of debauchery running through Mauritius, one is overwhelmed by the sheer ugliness of criminality in the country. 7 year old kids tie and put their classmate on fire, 9 year old kids rape a 7 year old. 13-14 year olds are making blue films.. star-college students are diagnosed with AIDS, while other star-college students make blue films they are proud of, only regretting that the films went public... Society is consumed by consumerism, schools and colleges are rife with synthetic drugs, and of all things, youths are campaigning for the legalisation of more drugs!! And their parents are even worse.. People commit crimes with total disregard for any values whatsoever.. Corruption is everywhere, the institutions such as the police, the ministries and the civil service are seen to be unprofessional and unworthy, and the Lambda citizen has a dearth of role models! All this points to an increasing lack of moral values and civic education and sheer disrespect for human life coupled with the belief that they will thwart the law ("The rules are for others, not me!").. In this context one ponders that instead of imposing regulations through the law, people should be made to auto-regulate themselves, to "self-regulate". They should be made to understand the reasons behind civilisation and instilled with civic sense.. And that, at as an early age as possible. So, what better way to do that than to turn to philosophy? And what better philosophy, in a country where more than half the population has roots in India, than Indian Philosophy? And again, what better means to do that than allow those people to read of that philosophy themselves, in the native language that the said philosophy was formulated in? Sanskrit! Currently people of Indian origin(especially native Biharis - Bhojpuri speakers) learn Hindi.. Which at best can lead to a career as newscaster, writer or teacher.. But in general leads to nothing more than a good understanding of Bollywood films. Films glorifying sexuality, precocious or not, glorifying passion as the only form of relationship and misrepresented as "love", and soap-operas parading as value-based family films that are guides to the destruction of the family (think "Kyunki Saas...") Instead, Sanskrit would allow them to read the deepest human philosophies that have stood 5 millennia and still hold true.(Vasudheiva Kutumbakam, "The whole world is one family").. People would turn to spirituality as guidance to proper conduct, instead of as only solace after a heartbreak. They would understand the meaning of all prayers being said for them, like the one at the top, said in every hawan. The values in Indian Philosophy run so deep they allowed India to flourish through numerous colonisations, and even today, form the basic building blocks of most modern philosophical movements. So in response to the ugly path of fashion, of following the herd, of "qu'en dira-t-on?"; Why reinvent the wheel and try to invent a new means of spreading values? Why not use something that has been proven and seen to work. Why not Sanskrit? Sanskrit was allowed in  Mauritius legally side-by-side with Arabic as a means to promote civic education, but while Arabic has been implemented country-wide, Sanskrit is taught at hardly a dozen schools, and this has a direct effect on the erosion of values within Mauritian society. So, this is a plea to allow and promote Sanskrit as a language which will also help kids to grasp intricate and advanced language skills and give them a strong base to learn all Indo-European languages including German, Italian, Croatian, Spanish, English and French.. If you agree,please sign this petition. Hopefully the next generation (think.. our kids and grandchildren) will not just pay lip-service to prayers and mantras(pun intended), but actually know their meaning, and live those Values. Namaste (The divine within me, bows down to and honours the divine within you).Arvind C.S Bhagan

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