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Allow Backyard Chickens in Lee County Florida

Backyard Chickens of Lee county is seeking to legalize Urban Chickens (hens only) for Lee county citizens. We strongly believe that the right to food and food security are 2 of the most important issues we face today as a society. : States: Vegetable Gardens; Prohibiting local governments from regulating vegetable gardens on residential properties except as otherwise provided by law; specifying that such regulations are void and unenforceable, etc. Effective Date: 7/1/2019 Backyard Chickens of Lee county strongly believes that we need to legally have the right to more food security and urban chickens are a way to obtain just that! The City of Fort Myers and the City of Bonita Springs have their own backyard chicken ordinances that allow them if you live in those areas. Backyard Chickens of Lee County,  Hereby petitions the Board of County Commissioners to Amend the Land Use Code to allow backyard chickens in all residential zoned areas of the county.   Lifting the overburdening zoning restrictions on property owners and removing the governments interference on individual food security.   Please sign our petition to support this important cause, and email your county commissioners to tell them that You Support Backyard Chickens in Lee County!  Together we can achieve more freedom and food security!

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SUMMER STREETS ! Outdoor Dining and Shopping on Greenwich Avenue !!!

Greenwich Avenue should now be closed to cars and parking to allow our RESTAURANTS to set up tables 6 feet apart in the street! Also, outdoor SIDEWALK SHOPPING, every day! Research says the virus is 18.7x more likely to spread indoors than outdoors - and it's highly sensitive to sunlight, temperature, and humidity [research sources linked below].  Cars can find another street to for driving and parking. We must to help our small business owners (and hourly employees) get through the 2020 Summer in Greenwich... bring your mask, maintain your distance, be safe, help our people! SIGN THE PETITION - CALL YOUR CONTACTS IN GOVERNMENT - AND PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO FRIENDS! [and in other Towns too - Stamford, Westport, Darien, New Canaan, Fairfield, Norwalk, Port Chester, Chicago, Miami - everywhere that is safe - copy&paste to start more local petitions!] ====================================== Very informative article in WIRED Magazine this month ( ):  As Cities Reopen, Outdoor Dining May Provide a Lifeline - Restaurants are anxious to expand beyond takeout, and some researchers believe open-air transmission of the coronavirus is rare Key facts below:  - In cities like Denver, Oakland, San Francisco, Berlin, Milan, and Vilnius (Lithuania), officials have blocked lanes and in some cases entire streets to car traffic. After public pressure, even New York is getting in on the act and beginning to open select roads to just people.  [source: Wired] - Now some cities have taken the next step, throwing tables and chairs on roadways. Vilnius has become a big open-air cafe, with well-spaced places to eat in the city’s public square. In a two-week experiment in Tampa, Florida, businesses in some neighborhoods are allowed to put tables at 6-foot intervals and operate in what were once street parking spaces, even without a permit. It’s gaining support in San Francisco, which already has a program.  [source: Wired] - Some researchers studying how the Covid-19 virus travels think allowing restaurants to operate outside—and critically, at appropriate distances—is OK. “It’s a great idea,” says Donald Milton, a professor of environmental health at the University of Maryland Schools of Public Health and Medicine.  [source: Wired] - The epidemiological work done so far suggests most cases are associated with close, sustained contact. Research suggests that outdoor transmission is rare. A study looked into 318 outbreaks of the virus involving three or more people: None happened outdoors, and of the total 7,324 cases studied, just one appears to have been the result of an asymptomatic person conversing outdoors with another person.  [source: Wired] - Wind and sun may also diminish the chance of contracting the virus outdoors, says Julian Tang, a virologist at the University of Leicester in England. “The likelihood of a successful infection occurring from an exposure outside is likely less because the sunlight may damage the virus as it passes through the air between people,” says Donald Milton, a professor of environmental health at the University of Maryland Schools of Public Health and Medicine. [source: Wired] - Brookhaven (GA) has come up with what it hopes is a solution: a free, temporary permit that lets restaurants operate outside, on any land they have access to, for 90 days.  [source: Wired] - “Public space is mostly for cars,” Becker says. “Maybe it’s time for humans to use it again.”  [source: Wired] - The upshot: As long as surfaces are wiped down regularly, patrons and servers are appropriately far apart from each other, and everyone washes their hands with regularity, outdoor café virus transmission shouldn’t be easy. But oh, wouldn’t it be nice? A glass of wine outside?  [source: Wired]  

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Allow CT Bars & Restaurants to Sell Cocktails, Beer & Wine To-Go Permanently

Currently as a result of Governor Lamonts executive order; CT bars & restaurants are allowed to sell cocktails that they make and package in sealed containers, bottled beer and wine To-Go accompanied by food. Though previously unprecedented in the state of CT, this executive order has created a source of income for bars & restaurants in the state of CT during the mandatory Covid shutdown, into phase 2, 3 and beyond. The executive order is due to expire on September 9th and when that happens things will, "get back to normal," meaning that bars & restaurants will lose this privilege. Unfortunately things will not be "back to normal" for many bars & restaurants as the local bar & restaurant industry continues to see huge drops in revenue even with the advances into phase 2 & 3. Many bars and restaurants are struggling to survive during this current economic climate. Many of them have closed their doors already or are operating at a loss currently, as they are generating allot less revenue in reference to the Pre-Covid economic climate. The bars & restaurants that are open need every bit of revenue available to them and that includes selling alcoholic drinks to go with takeout food. Many of you have already enjoyed; margaritas to go with your taco takeout dinner, a bottle of wine with your takeout pasta meal or even craft or signature cocktails that you missed from your favorite bars with takeout snacks! All we are asking is to take this practice that has now existed for months with no immediate issues and make it a part of Connecticut's permanent legislation. If you care about your local bars, restaurants, their staff and families then please give them every tool they need to survive. Thank you for your support!  Contact your local representatives and let them know how you feel here:

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