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Petition to Gavin Newsom

SAVE Live Events in San Diego

Petition to SAFELY RE-OPEN LIVE EVENTS IN SAN DIEGO, CA, by supporting the San Diego Event Coalition's Guidelines! 200,000 San Diegans that used to make a living by working live events are suffering.  Meanwhile, unorganized, rogue and unsafe events continue to pop-up daily. It’s time for our leaders to adopt live event guidelines for their safe reopening. By signing this petition today, you are sending a message to our elected officials that San Diego's event industry should begin safe reopening phases for outdoor community events and within the safety guidelines established by the San Diego Event Coalition's Proposed Guidelines. Whether you are a bride-to-be, concert goer, art enthusiast, race participant, event organizer or vendor, millions of Californians are being negatively impacted by a lack of guidelines for this important sector of our economy. For every favorite memory someone has of an event, there are hundreds of event workers it took to make that experience happen.  No one sees them, and that was the point.  But we will no longer be unseen.  We will stay loud and fight until a plan is in place to save the live events industry. Sign this petition and help us re-open this sector is time. About the San Diego Events Coalition Tourism in the second largest segment of San Diego’s economy and employs over 194,000 people, promoting San Diego as a preferred event destination. Together, members of the San Diego Event Coalition have produced over 10,000 events with an average of 20 years of commitment to creating experiences that bring our community together in safe and iconically San Diego ways. Our Coalition of event professionals has extensive experience in coordinating with multiple municipalities as well as adhering to strict regulations from, and not limited to; the Public Health Department, local Vice, local Fire Department, Municipal Storm Water, San Diego Police and local Sheriff Departments, the State Alcohol Beverage Control Office, the regional transit agencies, etc. Standing together in the devastation of the event industry, our group of detail-driven Event Producers has joined forces to create comprehensive safety & sanitation instructions for event organizers in the current climate of COVID-19. These guidelines will create a path to a safe reopening plan for community events that benefit our business associations, local non-profits and all San Diegans. These community events are outdoor events by nature and scientific evidence has shown the COVID-19 risk of spread to be significantly reduced in outside environments. Establishing guidelines for community event producers will enable local nonprofits and businesses to provide safe public venues for community events. Due to Covid-19, the event industry has experienced close to 100% in cancellations or rescheduling to future years. This impact is compared to the data retrieved from 2019. An example is 53,810 daily licenses issued by the ABC. The Port of San Diego issues 1,680 permits with an attendance of 2,933,484. Community Events in San Diego generate employment as well as revenue for local businesses. We contribute to local municipal governments through paying permit fees, security costs, and the renting of city or county owned space. For more information about the San Diego Event Coalition or the proposed Guidelines for Safely Reopening Events in San Diego County, please visit: Follow us on Facebook: #saveliveevents#savecaliforniaevents#wishiwasthere

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Petition to State of New Jersey

Help Open Our Local Restaurants

Since March of 2020 COVID-19 has presented a danger to the citizens of our state unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetime. Everyone has felt the effects of this catastrophic public health crisis. Over this time we learned about how to identify and treat the illness, how to keep our public and private spaces safer, and how to take personal safeguards to keep our selves and others healthy.  While the crisis continues, both nationally and here in New Jersey, there are some measures that can be taken to mitigate the damage done to our local economy without sacrificing the health and safety of our residents. Every individual has highly personal choices to make when it comes to their own safety and the safety of those around them.  Other states, like New York and Pennsylvania, which are similarly situated to New Jersey reopened specific establishments, like indoor dining on a regional basis. It is for this reason that we are petitioning to lift the ban on indoor dining to restaurants, at 25-50% capacity, by no later than October 16, 2020, based on regional levels of COVID-19 transmission. Hunterdon County is a great example, with a low number of reported cases and a population that is taking every precaution to keep it that way.  We make this request with the understanding that safety measures will be outlined from the state to food service establishments and all protocols will be followed in order to maintain the safety of patrons.  Most of our local restaurants are mere months away from closing if we do not permit them to open doors once the consistent warm weather ends. In our region, thousands of New Jersey residents will lose their jobs, our citizens will lose crucial cornerstones to their community, and our Main Streets and Shopping Districts will be littered with vacant store fronts. We ask that you sign this petition to save our restaurants.

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Ron DeSantis, Steve Sisolak, Gavin Newsom, Andrew M. Cuomo, James E. Clyburn, Steve Scalise, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Phil Murphy


Most pool halls have been closed since March with no end in sight. This has gone far enough! It's time our governments allow ALL NATIONWIDE POOL HALLS TO OPEN IMMEDIATELY!! The pool halls being closed effects people of ALL ages, races, genders, income levels, nationalities, political beliefs and more.  This petition is labeled a Health issue, because anyone who is a pool player, or knows someone that is, recognizes that pool players NEED to play pool multiple times weekly for their mental health and physical well being. We go to pool halls to exercise our brain and get our minds off of life's everyday challenges and worries. A pool game is typically played between 2 players on a table that has 6 feet or more between the next table. When the players are done, the pool hall staff has adequate time to clean the table for the next customers. It is extremely easy to social distance and stay safe in a pool hall. On top of the need for pool players to play pool regularly there is the business aspect. Pool Hall owners typically do not make much profits, but in a way they are prophets. Most are in the business to have a place that provides happiness to others and that satisfaction supersedes their decision to open a more profitable business. The decision to force them closed is causing irreparable harm.  We are petitioning local, state and federal governments to allow ALL NATIONWIDE POOL HALLS TO OPEN IMMEDIATELY!

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