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Petition to Chris Ragsdale, Jaha Howard, Randy Scamihorn, Governor Brian Kemp

Reinstate Face to Face learning option for Cobb County Schools

The purpose of this petition is to regain our rights to choose, as parents and tax payers in Cobb County, GA, to send our children to school utilizing the traditional classroom setting. On 7/10/2020, the Cobb County School Board informed the residents of Cobb County that we would have 2 options from which to choose for the beginning of the  2020-2021 school year.  The 2 options available were face to face learning and virtual learning. On 7/16/20, the Cobb County Superintendent, Chris Ragsdale, arbitrarily made the decision to eliminate the face to face learning option completely. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “We recognize that children learn best when physically present in the classroom. But children get much more than academics at school. They also learn social and emotional skills at school, get healthy meals and exercise, mental health support and other services that cannot be easily replicated online…”.  Additionally, the current AAP recommendation for screen time per day is limited to 1 hour or less.  Virtual learning would far exceed this medical recommendation.   Many families require both parents working outside of the home.  Virtual learning is not conducive to this kind of family structure as neither parent would be available to provide instruction. Some children live in abusive situations where time spent at school is their only safety and reprieve.  Many others receive their only substantial meal while at school for the day.  Still other students have special needs that only a school setting with the properly trained staff is qualified to provide.  Personally, our children are very unsettled and upset by the decision to eliminate face to face learning; after nearly 5 months, they were looking forward to returning to the classroom.   Furthermore, we pay hefty taxes for the privilege of being in one of the best school districts in the state of Georgia, with some of the best teachers.  We, as parents, whether working from home or outside of the home, are not qualified, trained, or educated in the way these teachers are and cannot provide the quality of instruction and education that the classroom setting does.  It is truly detrimental to the children's education experience and will set them back academically, emotionally, and mentally for the coming years. We strongly feel that the decision to eliminate face to face learning leaving only the  remote virtual learning choice is a one size fits all approach in which only one viewpoint is accommodated.  It simply works for only those who want it this way.  However, many others do not want virtual learning for their children due to the AAP's recommendation and the associated negative impacts to the childrens' health and well-being.  For the reasons stated above, we, the Parents, petition to regain our choice of face to face learning for the 2020-2021 school year.  

Michael Shelley
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Petition to Dr. George Arlotto, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Dr. Karen Salmon, Bobbi Pedrick, Nilesh Kalyanaraman, MD, Robert Neall, Carol Beatty, Dr. Darryl Williams, Jeffrey Blank, Dr. Sonja Brookins Santelise, Dr. Daniel D. Curry, Dr. Patricia W. Saelens, Dr. Steven A. Lockard, Dr. Jeffrey A. Lawson, Dr. Kimberly A. Hill, Mr. W. David Bromwell, Dr. Theresa R. Alban, Barbara Baker, Dr. Sean Bulson, Dr. Michael J. Martirano, Dr Karen Couch, Dr. Jack Smith, Dr. Monica Goldson, Dr. Andrea Kane, Dr. James Smith, Dr. John Gaddis, Dr. Kelly Griffith, Dr. Boyd Michael III, Dr. Donna Hanlin, Mr. Louis Taylor, Dr. W. Robert Hair

Face to Face Instruction for Maryland Special Needs Students

Virtual learning is not a viable solution for our most vulnerable students who have a range of medical conditions and disabilities that require substantial support and services in order to thrive and succeed.  This includes severely disabled students integrated throughout the school system who are not assigned to "Special Centers."  While some students on Individualized Education Plans (IEP) may be supported virtually, many like my severely disabled daughter cannot be.  The support and services provided to students under IDEA are not a luxury that can just be suspended.  These supports and services are very much an essential and critical service to our children. Far too many staff members and parents have put way too much time into IEP’s and fulfilling those IEP’s for our most vulnerable children to be left on hold and regress in their skills and abilities.  Many children will never regain lost skills and abilities and many others will never gain skills and abilities if left on hold.   We need AACPS (and all Maryland school districts) to provide face to face instruction to provide the education, supports, and services our disabled students require. We need the Maryland Department of Education, Dr. Karen Salmon to provide more specific directives to the school districts like the directive she issued to close schools so all disabled students can get the education, support, and services they require.   Just to share one of the medical conditions, here is a video of my daughter showing what Rett syndrome is and some of the challenges:

Adam Wyndham
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Petition to Fort Bend ISD, FBISD Board of Trustees, Charles M Dupre

FBISD - Give back our Choice to send kids back to school!

Dr. Charles Dupre and the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees We represent some of the over 80,000 families hurt by your recent decision to remove the CHOICE to send our kids back to in-person school this Fall.   We do not believe you are fairly representing the needs of families and teachers who will be put in crisis by your actions.  We feel that the Administration is not properly considering the MASSIVE economic and psychological disaster you will create by keeping kids out of school.    What about the thousands of working parents who cannot work and support online schooling?  What about the children with special needs who require the personal touch of our expert teachers?  Finally, what about the tens of thousands of families that cannot afford computers and high-speed internet, let alone the training required to use them.  Your current plan has forced many parents into the unthinkable choice between their children's education and feeding their families. It is widely known that data regarding COVID cases and hospitalizations is not accurate.  The numbers change almost daily.  And it is widely known that children are less impacted by the virus at every level.   Given these trends, there is simply not enough data to justify reversing your June 23 plan which included choice.  All of your decisions are based on projection - not real data.  And we will never have the data  unless we get kids back in class! FBISD has chosen a guaranteed economic and educational disaster to avoid a possible health crisis based on poor data.   There are thousands of parents and teachers who are willing to go back to in-person school.  They are willing to take whatever personal risk they deem necessary BECAUSE it is so important.  Parents and teachers instinctively know the value of in-person social interaction between kids, including sports and activities that teach teamwork.  Taking this away is a moral crime.  Prolonged social isolation leads to depression, anxiety and even suicide.  They have been denied long enough. We do not feel that Fort Bend ISD has the right to make decisions regarding our personal health and freedom.   Note: We are NOT demanding that everyone return to school in person.  We ARE demanding that parents and teachers should be given a choice, based on their personal beliefs and social and economic needs.   Do not ignore our voices!  Please follow the lead of other local districts and put choice back into our school plans.  Signed Below, David Lineman, FBISD Parent Parents and Teachers of FBISD 

Fort Bend ISD Parents Association
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