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Petition to The Phoenix Center

Increase Education Programs for Students on the Risks of Alcohol-Induced Casual Sex

Alcohol seems to go hand in hand with attending college and casual sex tends to go hand in hand with alcohol. According to studies at the Center of Health and Behavior, 51% of women had engaged in casual sex before attending college while 60% engaged into it by the end of the semester, and of which 64% were under the influence of alcohol (Walsh, Jennifer L., et al.). Through those statistics that’s nearly 40% of all college women engaging into casual sex while under the influence. Alcohol induced rape cases have the highest percentage (19.4%) compared to child sexual abuse (6.2%) or forcible rape (6.4%) (Walsh, Kate, et al.). In a society where we assume that liquid courage leads to casual sex, this may be a problem when the results ends in something as extreme as Alcohol-Induced Sexual Assault (AISA). It may seem as though it is easier to blame the victim if they were under the influence due to this assumption. The studies conducted by Neil M. Malamuth testing the morality of men asked each subject the question, “If you could be assured that no one would know and that you could in no way be punished for engaging in the following acts, how likely, if at all, would you be to commit such act?” Consistently throughout his studies, (with the percentages of men who would not engage in these acts) transvestism (87%), pedophilia (86%), murder (85%), and rape (84%) were all at the top of the moral ladder. However rape being at the top percentile, forced-sex (62%) was at the bottom just above bondage (56%), anal (29%), and group sex (24%) while there were a total of eleven circumstances. In other words, more than 1/3 men would force-sex. The difference between force sex and rape depends solely on the conscious mind of the victim. 'Did she consciously give in' is the question that makes the difference. Rape is forced sex, but forced sex is not always seen as rape. However, I would like to argue that there should be no distinction, but there is obviously a difference to the men in this study. In a society that often blames the victim if they were under the influence, it aids an environment where the men who would force sex ultimately would because they can get away with it.  The much deeper problem of the morality of men is not necessarily a problem that we can raise a solution to, or at least one that yields higher results. The problem is not casual sex either, but rather alcohol-induced casual sex. The solution is to expand from other programs at The Phoenix Center at the Auraria Campus such as from: Men Can Stop Rape No More and to implement regular college programs that will inform students on the following: Increase the awareness of alcohol-intoxicity and impairments  Promote and teach how to count your alcohol contents Regularly test students on the alcohol percentages  Increase the awareness of the difference between how men and women respond to certain situations Promote healthy mental lives Promote healthy sexual lives Increase the awareness of prevailing STDs in your area Promote premeditated measures on active condom use Promote the importance of seeking help after an incident to reduce the cycle Reframing Pavlov's experiment to break the association and expectation of alcohol and sex Promote future parents to talk about the details of the birds and the bees and not just the main ideas The reality is that there are a lot of resources out there, but it is hard to reach out in a society itself that associates alcohol with casual sex. Nonetheless, when society expects sexual activities after alcohol consumption. There are programs out there designed for domestic violence, healthy relationships, and even gender roles. However, there are no programs readily available to students that are designed for alcohol-induced sexual assault. Nonetheless, the programs are only done through requested upon. With the percentage of Alcohol-Induced Sexual Assault prevailing over all other rape cases, I believe it to be of importance to design a program solely for this purpose on campus. This program does not need to reach everyone on campus directly. It just needs to reach a least a few dozen, passionate students that would spend time implementing these programs and reaching out to other programs to aid in awareness. Also creating a positive atmosphere for all college students that have been involved in Alcohol-Induced Sexual Assault.  After my experience, I found that it is a trigger to talk about the incident, but it is healing to be able to do something about it. Through further research and knowledge I feel as though I am regaining the control and confidence that I need for the future. For in the future I will have all the preventive measures to protect myself. By creating these programs, no matter how small, will impact greatly. Especially for those who feel like they have been silenced, may find a way to speak up again.  By signing this petition, you too agree that this is an important issue at hand and that this would be a step in the right direction.      Malamuth, Neil M. “The Attraction to Sexual Aggression Scale: Part Two.” Journal of Sex Research, vol. 26, no. 3, 1989, pp. 324–354., doi:10.1080/00224498909551519. “The Phoenix Center at Auraria|Anschutz.” The Phoenix Center at AurariaAnschutz, Walsh, Jennifer L., et al. “Do Alcohol and Marijuana Use Decrease the Probability of Condom Use for College Women?” The Journal of Sex Research, vol. 51, no. 2, 2013, pp. 145–158., doi:10.1080/00224499.2013.821442. Walsh, Kate, et al. “Perceived Sexual Control, Sex-Related Alcohol Expectancies and Behavior Predict Substance-Related Sexual Revictimization.” Child Abuse & Neglect, vol. 37, no. 5, 2013, pp. 353–359., doi:10.1016/j.chiabu.2012.11.009.

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Petition to Nuclear Blast Records, Suicide Silence, Dan Rozenblum

SUICIDE SILENCE: Fire Eddie Hermida

We, the fans, request that Nuclear Blast Records USA and the other members of the band Suicide Silence to fire lead vocalist Eddie Hermida. Eddie was accused of having sex with a then-17-year-old girl and asking her to send nudes. There is NO PLACE for pedophiles or sexual predators in the metal scene, at live events, in the music business, or in the band. Former vocalist Mitch Lucker, who tragically passed away in 2012, had stated on several occasions he was against pedophiles. That being said, having Eddie in the band is a spit in the face to Mitch's legacy and to the reputation of the band.  The allegations against Hermida came to light on Monday, November 13 when Belgian woman Verena Celis posted a lengthy account on Twitter of her interactions with him, including the 2015 and 2016 exchange of nude photos when she was 17 and he 32. You can view those tweets below. Celis also claims to have subsequently made contact with other girls who've had similar experiences with Hermida. Hermida has yet to comment on the matter and we cannot corroborate her version of events, so take this for what you will. Summarizing her predicament and current feelings towards Suicide Silence, Celis says: "He made me feel worthless and like I never meant anything to him, but I know he was just afraid for some reason. This statement is not about bashing the band in its entirety, because I still love the others as much as 6 years ago. I still support them. Just not Eddie anymore. Please, if you are underage and a band member is hitting on you, speak up. You're not alone. I promise." UPDATE #1: Celis has removed her Twitter "statement." UPDATE #2: Hermida has now issued a statement on the matter. My statement after it has been highly requested (thread) — verena (@thyartismxrder) November 14, 2017 — verena (@thyartismxrder) November 15, 2017 — verena (@thyartismxrder) November 15, 2017 — verena (@thyartismxrder) November 13, 2017 Shortly issuing her statement, Celis addressed her detractors: "Since people are calling me crazy, attention seeking, weak minded, and telling me I'm not a 'real' abuse victim, I have decided to take my statement down because I don't want to deal with all that negativity. Mind that all those people being negative were white males about the same age as Eddie... Stop blaming the victim. Thanks."Celis taking her status down means Eddie is winning the battle, and thus sends the message to all women and children that they will be vilified if they ever speak out about rape or sexual assault. THAT IS NOT OKAY. To the other members of Suicide Silence, Nuclear Blast, and management, please do the right thing and fire Eddie. His actions go against EVERYTHING heavy metal stands for and represents, what WE, the fans, stand for and represent. It's bad enough we have people shooting up concerts and killing dozens of people lately; we don't want sexual predators at our live events or at an all-ages event no less.The alternative is for Nuclear Blast Records to fire Suicide Silence, terminate their contract, and cancel their tour. As long as Suicide Silence remains on the label, we will no longer purchase merchandise from or support any artist or project signed to Nuclear Blast. 

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Petition to Government of India, United Nations

Providing Justice to Women for Independence, Protection, and Safety against Rapists

We as humans, as a society, as a nation have the moral responsibility to ensure that the rights of all citizens are not violated but instead are protected. In the Indian Constitution it is stated, that "The State shall not discriminate any citizen on the grounds of sex." But unfortunately, In India, there are multiple rape cases that occur daily, and are simply ignored by the government. The government of India is not protecting the rights of women many times due to a conflict of interest or simply due to sheer carelessness towards women. Due to this, India's justice system is crippling and girls or women cannot get protection from government and law enforcement. Men are able to rape woman and still roam freely in society thinking that she is not going to say anything about it to anybody nor she'd file FIR(First Information Report) at the cost of her respect. These girls have to either end their life or live without respect in society. Today, Indian women are unsafe to go anywhere independently, wear the dress they like and to demand justice in public life, due to their fear of uncultured people and the ills of the society.       We, the women of India, will be able to live a safe and secure public life in India, if we can ratify and strictly enforce a law that severely punishes rape criminals. There should be a special fast track court to handle only rape cases to get immediate justice to victims and to punish the criminals, which must be handled by enforcement. Police officers must support rape victim. If this law is enforced, women will obtain the respect, and rights they deserve as a human. I also urge UN to consider joining the fight to help the women of India obtain the rights they deserve.There must be a universal law established to protect women against rapist culture of their country. If a country or its system fails to provide justice to a rape victim, UN must intervention to provide justice to a rape victim no matter what country, culture or society she is from.

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