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Petition to Jack Dorsey, Twitter, Inc

Deplatfrom Black First Land First (BLF)

Black First Land First (BLF) is a revolutionary socialist and black nationalist political party in South Africa founded by Andile Mngxitama in 2015 following his expulsion from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). Since then, BLF has purported itself to be the vanguard of “revolutionary action” it deems necessary to address the legacies of apartheid largely responsible for the socio-economic and racial inequalities experienced in South Africa today. In doing so, the BLF has made South Africa’s minority white population a key target of attack in its campaigns on a series of political issues from the structure of the economy to land reform. In an effort to “out-radicalise” its predecessor, the BLF has become the forerunner of blatant racist political rhetoric aimed towards South Africa’s white minority population that has increasingly become fashionable in political circles and online communities of BLF and EFF members/supporters alike. To illustrate the BLF’s impact and threat to South Africa’s white minority population, in 2016 the party became a key propagator of the Gupta* hired Bell Pottinger online campaign aimed at stirring racial division and marginalisation of the white population in South Africa. The term “white monopoly capital” (WMC) came to form part of a narrative blaming the white minority for the increasing socio-economic inequality suffered largely by South Africa’s majority black population. With the help of the BLF’s online racist populist rhetoric, white monopoly capital” successfully moved from an online campaign to being part of South Africa’s political discourse to the extent that it even formed part of the ruling party’s policy agenda. Although the term “white monopoly capital” has seemingly dwindled, the campaign caused irreparable damage to South Africa’s social cohesion project towards what now seems like an unreachable goal of a “rainbow nation”. Emboldened by the BLF, the depiction of a “white enemy” has increasingly come inform government policies, with recent debates surrounding the issue of white land ownership. As campaigns concerning murders of white farmers continues to gain local and international attention, Andile Mngxitama on the 8th of December made a call to kill white people, including women, children and their pets. With the recent racially motivated assault on a lawyer at the Johannesburg High Court by BLF members, it’s impossible to imagine Andile’s statements will have no impact on the behaviour of his members (or disgruntled individuals) moving forward. Hate speech, racism and violence should not be tolerated. This is a call to deplatform the BLF (@BLF_SouthAfrica) and its leaders Andile Mngxitama (President): @Mngxitama and Zanele Lwana (Deputy President): @ZaneleLwana from Twitter and other forms of social media platforms it finds itself. The party has demonstrated its effective use of social media to target and discriminate against South Africa’s minority white population, and like any distributors of radical propagandistic material, the BLF and its leaders MUST be deplatformed. *A prominent Indian family known as the Guptas acquired strategic influence in the appointment of senior South African government officials for the purposes of their interests. The Guptas hired a British public relations firm, Bell Pottinger, to launch a racially divisive campaign promoting false narratives around what became known as “white monopoly capital” to redirect the narrative away from their corrupt activities with the ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC). This continues to be the largest corruption scandal in the history of South Africa.

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Petition to Horst Seehofer, Bundesministerium des Innern, für Bau und Heimat, Internationale Organisation für Migration (IOM), Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF)

Abolish #RückkehrWerbung by the Ministry of the Interior!

DE / GB Your country! Your future! Now! But please not in Germany. Abolish the return advertisement by the Ministry of the Interior! #deineZukunftOhneHorst Banners by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Home Affairs (BMI) have been hanging all over Germany for a few days now. We know political campaigns: A new law is presented to us, we are told to get vaccinated or new potential members of parliament present their topics to us. Good democratic everyday life. However, the BMI under Horst Seehofer is taking a different approach: It is promoting the "voluntary return" of people to their "countries of origin". The posters are available in different languages - for example in Arabic and Russian. Flags are also depicted in flash form (Eritrea, Iraq, Turkey, India, Russia, Ghana, Iran...). Then there is the slogan of the advertising campaign: "Your country. Your future. NOW!" The central information is an offer: "Until 31/12/2018 voluntary returnees get additional financial assistance to cover their housing costs for up to twelve months". We consider the posters to be highly problematic. The BMI advertises in bargain manner for an uncertain future, suggests that people with a migration background are unwanted and thus encourages right-wing thinking. The flags: An invitation to leave? The campaign is supposedly aimed at asylum seekers. However, this is not apparent from the posters. Numerous flags are depicted. In many of the countries, human rights violations and terrorism are part of everyday life. The Turkish flag is also disconcerting: Around 1.5 million people with Turkish roots live in Germany. Many came as guest workers in the 1950s and 1960s. What are these people supposed to think? That they should return to their "country of origin"? The language: Return is not a Christmas bargain. No cars are sold here! The BMI talks about return as if it were a product. Quickly secure a bonus and then leave. A mockery, if you consider the insecure living conditions that many people have to expect to live in after their return. Once again a little further to the right: The posters strengthen and legitimise right-wing, xenophobic thought patterns. Do we really want to be a country that shows people in underground stations where they should "voluntarily return" to?   Our conclusion: Education and advice on return: Yes. Advertising? No! We welcome objective, transparent information on voluntary return of asylum seekers to their countries of origin. For us advertising on 18/1 posters in underground stations with the kind of text and image language chosen by the BMI is not one of them. We therefore demand that the posters are removed immediately. And Horst Seehofer? Once again he has proven that he is not well-suited for the job of Minister of the Interior. That is why we demand: Our country! Our future! "Voluntary" resignation of Horst Seehofer. NOW! #deineZukunftOhneHorst Hannah, Elli, Maria, Paulina, July, Shai, Max and the Team of #deineZukunftOhneHorst  Contact:

Hannah Hübner & #deineZukunftOhneHorst
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Petition to home office, Theresa May MP, Caroline Nokes, Sajid Javid

Urgent! Stop deportation of Ken Oranyendu! Defend the Right to Family Life.

Kenneth Oranyendu faces deportation to Nigeria possibly on a charter flight. These leave every two months with many people from west Africa bundled onto these secretive flights and dumped in Nigeria regardless of where they are from. He was held in Brook House, near Gatwick airport and in Colnbrook near Heathrow, as well as the appalling Morton Hall IRC. We demand the deportation of Ken be halted and that he is released immediately and granted asylum. We demand an end to all deportations, especially the sordid and squalid British charter flights. Ken is a former prisoner sentenced to over 3 years in jail for drug trafficking offences. He has served his time and punishment for his offences but the racist British government is punishing him twice and punishing his family. The policy of double punishment is racist and oppressive. Ken is the father of four children, aged four, five, 8 and 17, all British citizens. Britain operates a criminal justice system in which citizens and non-citizens are treated differently. It is a scandal that non-British citizens are punished twice if they commit a crime. Ken has been living here for many years, has family dependent on him, is settled here and is trying to rebuild his life after making mistakes in his life. Rehabilitation is a key part of humanity, no one should be condemned and the key thrown away. Deportation is an additional and far worse punishment than imprisonment, and punishment of his innocent children. Britain and other imperialist nations are also stealing the oil wealth of Nigeria and polluting it's environment, with no accountability, creating poverty and inequality and immense suffering. Please write urgently to Home Secretary Sajid Javid, as well as to Prime Minister Theresa May and Immigration minister Caroline Nokes at the racist Home Office, voicing your displeasure. His HO ref Number is O1820102.     Sajid Javid, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Tel: 020 7219 7229. Email: Home Office, 2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF. Tel 020 7035 4848 Email:   Twitter: @theresa_may Email: Twitter: @carolinenokes• Facebook:• Email:• Website:• Constituency AddressRoom 413 Market PlaceRomseySO51 8NATel: 01794 521155• Parliamentary AddressHouse of CommonsLondonSW1A 0AATel: 020 7219 7218  

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