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Petition to Eric S. Dreiband Assistant Attorney General 202-514-4609, Tim Scott, James E. Clyburn, Jay (James) Richardson

Help Krista Richardson, born with Microcephaly and Cerebellar Atrophy, get child support.

#KristaRichardsonLaw Please help Krista Richardson and other disabled individuals, unable to care for themselves, get child support.   Help us enact the #KristaRichardsonLaw to make this a federal mandate. Krista was born with two brain malformations. Cerebellar Atrophy is atrophy of the cerebellum portion of her brain, the command center for balance and motor skills. Microcephally is tiny head and smaller brain. She is intellectually disabled as a result of her brain malformations. Krista also has physical limitations, including suffering from motor dyspraxia.  Krista is 23 years old; however, can not care for herself. My former husband, Krista's biological father, abandoned us in 2011 for a different life.  Although I filed for divorce and it is admitted in the courtroom (public records) that her father was paying for prostitutes and left us for this reason, my daughter and  I left the court room with no alimony, NO child support. The lack of alimony after 25 years of marriage was devastating since I am and have always been Krista's caregiver. A court of U.S. law though ordering no/ZERO child support for Krista is, well - I do not have the words. We were invited by the judge to re-petition the court - this after borrowing 18,000 for this 5 year battle - for child support and that he MAY reconsider the issue. How would I re-file when the court awarded Krista's father everything??      I couldn't/can not re-file. Krista has struggled, since birth, with developmental delays, low/weak immune system, and non-stop infections. She overcame a battle with pneumonia, cellulitis (a deadly infection) that near cost Krista her life. She fought through numerous other illnesses, physical differences - such as a leg-length discrepancy, etc., etc. Her and I fought to pick her posture up (a symptom of the atrophied cerebellum), we fought to gain words, we fought to help her take that first step. Krista has had occupational and physical therapy her entire life. Although, she is still unable to match her motor skill movement with what her mind wants and she still may jump in front of a vehicle instead of away from it, look at her now...Look at Krista perform her dance in front of the large crowd.   Krista has come so far, please help her and all of those like her thrive. Krista deserves a solid chance to be as healthy and successful as she can be.    Myself with Bi-Lateral Meniere's and my daughter with multiple disabilities, left the courtroom with no monetary award/compensation, no asset division, no health insurance.  This occurred due to Krista's father's financial status and clout in the county we resided.  My daughter, Krista, is disabled by state, federal and medical guidelines.  Proof of disability was introduced and produced in the courtroom.  These documents included "disability" findings from the federal government.  Krista's father was able to dismiss these documents by simply uttering, "she is not disabled".  His statement was allowed to trump and/or dismiss federal documentation of her disabilities.  Her documents were ignored and thrown out. Krista was NOT allowed to speak or even present herself to the court.   Krista's father (my former husband) has assets totaling over 1.5 million, owns multiple homes (including beach home) AND is president and owner of a very successful oil company (that I helped grow) with multiple locations. Krista should not be without. Without appropriate support from Krista's father, Krista loses out on medical advancement opportunities, therapies, enrichment opportunities and if my disease continues to worsen, we do not know what the future holds.   Although Krista does (post family court) now receive SSI benefits from the government, it is VERY limited.  It is substantially,  well below poverty level assistance. The court system should not have the right to oppress individuals in order to give in to power, money, bias and prejudice.  A disabled individual's livelihood should not depend on the arrogance of one judge. Please help Krista and others like her gain the support they need to live.  We are on Instagram:  #KristaRichardson #KristaRichardsonLaw,4078  

Karola Richardson
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Petition to Instagram

Demand Instagram remove violent anti-Semitic posts

Instagram is no longer just for sharing cute photos of babies, pets, and avocado toast - it’s now widely used by neo-Nazis to spread messages of hate and conspiracy. After the worst attack to the Jewish community on U.S. soil, over 11,000 anti-Semitic and hate-fueled posts could be found on Instagram. Many of these posts included hashtags linking the Jewish people to 9/11, others included odes to Adolf Hitler. All of them shared a similar message of hate intended to incite violence on a group of people. Tell Instagram to beef up their hate speech rules and remove violent content. Instagram needs to do more to remove hate speech from their platform. Eleven people were killed at the Tree of Life Synagogue by a white supremacist. A quick search on Instagram for images related to this horrific event showed thousands of anti-Semitic images and videos. Many of them have been shared across Instagram as well as other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. When it comes to hate speech, Instagram has avoided a lot of the issues Twitter and Facebook have had over the years. Social media has given extremists a soap box to spread their messages far and wide. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are launching programs to deal with hate speech. Tell Instagram to remove posts that embolden violent white supremacy and Nazism. If social media companies like Instagram turn a blind eye to hate speech, they’ll be giving more online havens for extremists to promote violence and spread their message. Demand Instagram remove violent content from their website.

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