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Petition to CIIS community!

ICC CHANGE- diversity and recognition in the CIIS ICP program

Please sign, if you agree, and are a member of the CIIS community.  We want to engage in conscious dialogue.  Thank you! February 29, 2016 Dear President Subbiondo, and Barbara Morrill, Chair of ICP: We, the undersigned, are concerned members of the CIIS community. We are asking for: 1) Transparency in the CIIS Integral Counseling Centers (ICCs) selection and rejection process for practicum placement for Integral Counseling Psychology (ICP) students 2) Clear and detailed affirmative action policies to address the lack of racial diversity at the ICCs, especially of note is the low number of women of color born in the U.S. accepted to the ICCs 3) Investigation into possible racial discrimination regarding the high percentage of placement of people of color in the mandatory pre-practicum clinical lab course that a small number of students are required to take for practicum placement, and the development of a transparent and helpful process around the assigning of this course, if the course continues, and apologies and refunds for the hurt students who were forced to take the class 4) A list of approved program supervisors that are racial, diverse, Transgendered, Gender non-conformist/queer and of different sexual orientations. We need this information and more for students to aid them in selecting a supervisor for practicum. There is a clear lack of transparency in the CIIS Integral Counseling Centers selection and rejection process for practicum placement. It is a competitive process as there are limited spots available. Being rejected from the ICCs not only can create a huge emotional toll on the student-therapist rejected, negatively impact self-esteem, and send a message that the student is not ready or as competent as her/his/their peers to practice therapy, but also can delay graduation and cost a significant amount of money and time, since practicum placement is not guaranteed. The onus should not be on the rejected student, who is in the vulnerable position, to seek why they were rejected, but should be clearly communicated by the ICC directors. We are seeking attention be placed on the lack of racial diversity at the ICCs because it is a disservice to the community served by the ICCs to have clinics with limited cultural perspectives, and a lack of racial diversity in the clinicians. Some clients in the community want therapists who are people of color, in order to feel comfortable and safe. It is also a detriment to the white students to not be practicing in community with students of color at the ICCs. It prevents the enriching of their perspective, and the lack of diversity decreases cultural competence. There has been shared sentiment from some students of color that they would never apply to the ICCs because they don't feel safe and welcome there. There are few people of the color also available on the list of individual supervisors and students have to dig to find these names. This creates a need for more parity in services and support for students of color at the ICCs and external practicum sites. Finally, we have, either through our own observations or conversations, noticed a trend of a high percentage of people of color being placed in the pre-practium Clincal Lab course, which is mandatory only for some and required for practicum placement. We believe this could be demonstrative of racial prejudice, whether unconscious or not, and needs to be investigated and policies need to be put in place to prevent this trend from continuing. We are not sure if this class is continuing. If it is, we are asking that students who are placed in this pre-practicum lab class receive clear, on-going transparent evaluations and feedback, that are available on myCIIS, around why they are placed in this class, receive continuous support around the reasons they have been assigned to this class, and the option of appealing having to take the class. Students who take this class should be guaranteed placement at the ICCs, and the course fee should be waived. Even if this class is discontinued, hurt students deserve an apology from the school and a refund. Race is not the only issue of diversity concern at the ICCs. We hope that this petition will encourage further examination of the lack of diversity in other ways at the ICCs and contribute helping the ICC selection process be more in the spirit of the CIIS 7 ideals. We have been in conversation with the Dean of Diversity, Denise Boston, and the Dean of Students, Yunni Yip, and want to be in continued conversation. Thank you for your prompt attention to our concerns. In community,ICC CHANGE

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Petition to Rick Scott, Jeff Atwater

Exonerate the Groveland Four

In 1949, a 17-year-old white woman named Norma Padgett, falsely accused four young black men in Groveland, Florida of raping her. All four men are now dead, their lives destroyed by these false allegations, but their families hope clear their names posthumously. Within days of the accusation, one of the young men, Ernest Thomas, was hunted down and killed by a white mob. I reached out to one of the daughters of these men to see how I could help and I learned that neither of these four boys were in the vicinity of the crime and they didn’t even know each other. And in 2012, an FBI document surfaced which included an interview with the doctor who examined Padgett and found he could not confirm a rape had ever occurred. I learned about “The Groveland Four,” Ernest Thomas, Charles Greenlee, Samuel Shepherd, and Walter Irvin, in my American history class this year. As a Florida native, I couldn’t believe how shocking the story was. In a book about the case, I read that neighbors who saw Padgett after the alleged attack said she was neither disheveled nor panicked and didn’t believe she was raped, but refused to testify for the defense. “Wouldn’t do to be called nigger lover,” one said. The remaining three men were convicted and two of them, Shepherd and Irvin, were shot by a sheriff in 1951, who claimed they tried to escape. Shepherd was killed in the shooting and Irvin seriously injured. The 1950’s were a time of intense racial violence and prejudice, “Brown vs. the Board of Education” required the desegregation of schools and tens of thousands of protesters marched to enforce their right to integration. The backlash against black people was intensified, especially in the South. The Groveland case was swept under the rug by all those involved and the state of Florida; many residents of Florida are not even aware that this happened. The families of these men lost their sons, brothers, and fathers and we can’t bring them back, but we can give them some peace of mind by having these men exonerated for a crime they clearly did not commit. Please help right this wrong by calling on Florida Governor Rick Scott to exonerate the Groveland Four.

Josh Venkataraman
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Petition to Dave W. Cantrill

Remove Judge Randy Stoker from the bench for decision in John Howard rape case.

On October 22, 2015 a mentally disabled, African American high school student was sexually assaulted by his classmates in a nearly all white Dietrich High School in Idaho. John Howard, 18, Tanner Ward, 17, and one other unidentified member of the football team lured the victim into a school locker room, promising him hugs, stripped him, forcefully inserted a clothes hanger into his rectum, then kicked it deeper into his rectum — causing internal injuries. When this case was initially reported, and it was announced that John Howard was being charged with felony rape, the possible penalties were as severe as life in prison. It seemed like some semblance of justice was imminent. The school superintendent interviewed 30 witnesses and confirmed that the teen was sexually assaulted. Prosecutors agreed with their investigation — which also determined that the victim was also called “Kool-Aid,” “chicken eater,” “watermelon,” and even “n----r” by students at the school. In spite of all of this evidence, this week John Howard was given the break of his life. Instead of getting life in prison for what he did, he won’t be going to jail for 10 years or five years or a year or six months or even a day. Instead, he’s getting two years of probation and 300 hours of community service. With good behavior, the judge said his record could be expunged. He’ll also be allowed to do his community service in his new home in Texas where his family peacefully relocated. Judges in Idaho can reject plea deals if the proposed reduced charges and sentencing does not match the crime. It is disturbing that these criminals are walking our streets. Mental health services were not addressed as they should have been mandated. It is not normal to shove a hanger up another person's rectum. This isn't a case of "boys will be boys" yet the sentence depicts that cultural attitude. Please assist us in removing Judge Randy Stoker today by signing our petition. 

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