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Petition to President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden

Pardon Timothy McGruder-Who Was Wrongfully Convicted And Is Serving A Life Sentence

        Timothy McGruder v. C. Gomez   Case Number 20-6265 In 1996, a gang saw a car full of children and parents who were part of a carpool, sitting at an Amoco. The gang knew that the driver was from a rival gang. So they shot up the car. Sadly, while many were injured, a four-year-old was murdered. They thought that the other passengers of the car were members of a rival gang, not children. Still, an innocent life was selfishly taken.  The case went unsolved until 2001. Timothy McGruder and two other people were convicted without evidence based on a plea deal. A man named Rico was involved in crimes along with his brother, which involved drug trafficking, and they were facing life in prison. So, in order to get a lesser sentence, Rico pinned the crime on three people, including Timothy. They didn’t have federal jurisdiction in order to convict Timothy. He was originally indicted on a drug conspiracy, the same indictment they gave the three people who framed Timothy. Before the trial began, one of Timothy’s co- defendant’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the case because the statute of limitations had been reached. The prosecutor, Jeff Paulson, lied and said that they had just REFERENCED the drug conspiracy, which is illegal. Timothy's attorney was Keith Ellison, who is the AG of Minnesota now. Keith Ellison didn't show up until 30 minutes into the court hearing. While Mr. Ellison did a good job at proving that Rico was behind the hit that ordered the shootout, he did not do an efficient job at proving Timothy's innocence. First of all, Timothy was already in prison due to drug-related charges when Rico ordered the hit. Secondly, Mr. Ellison violated Timothy's 6th Amendment Rights by not allowing him to speak. Timothy had an alibi, he was at his Aunt's house drunk the night the shootout happened. Mr. Ellison only called one witness, Timothy's cousin, who was paid $20 by Timothy to clean up after him after Timothy threw up all over his Aunt's floor due to him being drunk. But, there were other witnesses. As I said, Mr. Ellison did not call them to the stand. So, again, while he provided enough proof as to who was behind the hit, he hardly spent any time proving that Timothy had NOTHING to do with that tragic shootout. In Jeff Paulson’s closing argument, he said that Timothy’s cousin wasn’t a credible witness because he had prior convictions, which had nothing to do with Timothy’s case and were minor convictions. He also held up pictures of Timothy’s cousin along with Timothy’s brother, who was in a rap group at the time. Jeff Paulson lied and said that they were in a gang. Timothy’s lawyer, Keith Ellison, once again, said nothing. Timothy has been serving over 20 years of a life sentence for a crime he didn't commit, all because of a lawyer who didn't take his case seriously. Now, Mr. Ellison gets to enjoy being Attorney General of Minnesota, while Timothy has missed out on seeing his son and grandkids. This is all too common when it comes to black men and women who have been falsely accused and their lawyers don't take their cases seriously. This petition is for the United States Supreme Court since Timothy is in federal prison and only they can pardon it when he appeals it. (Or President Joe Biden.) Please grant Timothy McGruder clemency. It's been over 20 years for a crime he did not commit. No one deserves this. No one.    

Sarah DeArmond
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Petition to Sarah Adams-Cornell, Peter Scheer, Rachel E. Barnes, Micha Green, William Brangham, HIPHOPDX , Ms. Carolyn Ross, HIP HOP CONGRESS, INC, Theodois Manning, Mayor Holt, JoBeth Hamon, Nikki Nice, Matt Hinkle, Barack Obama, Gov.Stitt , George Young, Bradley Carter, Barbara Peck, James Cooper, Todd Stone, Mark Stonecipher, Whitney Bryen, Paul Monies, Jennifer Palmer, Lionel Ramos, Kenton Ross, Mike Sherman, Ted , Sean Witt, Ainsley Martinez, Yasmeen Saadi, Jazz Wolfe, Maya Wiley, Shin Inouye, LDF

Honor Roll Student Joshua Christon Wrongfully Convicted By Rap Music #AVOICEOFTHEVOICELESS

Imagine your life being ripped away from you at the age of 18. You are a senior in high school as well as an honor roll student and preparing for graduation. Next you hear the sheriffs deputy pounding on your door, guns pointed at your chest, and then you're being handcuffed. Your lawyer tells you "You will be home and I believe you are innocent." Next you sit in the court room detached from reality trying to understand how can you fight for your rights. Unfortunately, you lack the finances, resources, and the knowledge of a lawyer. Twelve jurors SEE you, but do not HEAR you.The system that your parents told you to believe in is the same system that disregarded the law. They distorted the facts and created an image that was not you. Leaving you to feel as if you were alone fighting against INJUSTICE! This is not a movie or Netflix special. This is a true story of Joshua Christon's life.  My name is Joshua Christon and my charge is first degree murder. The nature of my crime took place in Oklahoma County, in the state of Oklahoma. It was four months after I turned 18 years old. I was an honor roll student waiting to graduate high school. I worked as a shift manager at Taco Bell while attending high school my Senior year.                                                                                                               Second point the victim’s, brother Albert Oakes, testified on the stand at the preliminary hearing that I did not kill his brother, but named my co-defendant Mr. Winford as the shooter. The preliminary hearing Judge bound me over for trial and the only reason was that the victim's brother saw me at the scene of the crime. Therefore, I shouldn't have been charged with first degree murder, but the District Attorney were upset that I chose not to become a state informant.                                                                                            There was no gun or any weapon found to belong to me, there was no camera that connected me to the crime, no DNA evidence, no fingerprints, or forensic evidence that connected me to the crime                                                                                                                        The District Attorney introduced misleading evidence regarding rap lyrics that were found in a plastic container in my bedroom. The District Attorney's used the rap lyrics to show my alleged mind-set, intent, and motive which they provided as their evidence to convict me(In- camera hearing TR.Pg. 7-58). However, the District Attorneys chose only certain rap lyrics and not all the genres of music that were found in the plastic container to convict me. The statement that was made to the Judge was the content that was in the plastic container contained only gangster lyrics is a contradiction. The District Attorneys, my lawyer, and the Judge failed to have all the context of all the music in the plastic container reviewed(In-camera hearing TR.Pg. 38. The rap lyric or music that was in the plastic container did not mention the name of the victim. It was music created before the crime that I am accused of occurred. The rap lyrics had nothing to do with the actual crime. The music was used as a smoke screen to create prejudicial discrimination and bias towards my first amendment rights. Which was a direct violation of my constitutional rights, and lead to a conviction.  Life Accomplishments After Being Incarcerated ·         Certified Paralegal/ Legal Assistant -Black Stone Institution ·         Certified & Ordained Minister -  P.M.I Associate Degree -- Calvary Christian College & Seminary  ·         Ordained Senior Pastor By Pastor Manning Sr. for the church called Divine Wisdom Worship Center Church of Lexington ·         President of Toastmasters of Lexical Toastmasters 2016-2017 and 2020-2021. ·         Toastmaster’s awards: Competent Communicator, Advance Communicator Bronze, Advance Communicator Silver, Advance Communicator Gold, Component Leadership, Advance Leadership Bronze, Advance Leadership Silver, and High Performance Leadership Award. ·           “First Evers” while incarcerated: Area K-1 Director for Toastmaster’s International in District 16 2016-2017 To receive a D.T.M. (Distinguished Toastmasters Award) which is the highest award in Toastmasters’ International achieved 2018. I helped c/o sponsored a toastmaster’s club called T.A.S.K. Toastmasters Club 6832817 achieved 2018.   ·         Certification of completion Thinking for a Change ·         Certification of completion Anger Management Course ·         Certification of completion Inside-Out (Victim Impact) ·         Multiple Certification of completion for Celebrate Recovery ·         Certification of completion T.A.S.K. (Teaching and Saving Kids) ·          T.I.B. (Teaching and Saving Kids Intervention Board Member) ·         A.A.C.G African American Culture Group Vice President of Membership Board Member 2019-2020 ·         C.M.A. Christian Men Association Chair Man- 2016-2017 and 2019-2020 ·         I have enrolled as a member with the N.A.A.C.P. & S.C.L.C. (Southern Christian Lutheran Conference) SPEAK UP FOR THE VOICELESS, WE NEED YOUR VOICE!   If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions please feel free to share it with us, we would love to hear them. PLEASE POST COMMENTS,SHARE THIS PETITION  & LET YOUR VOICE BE MADE KNOWN TODAY!                                                                                                  (All social or media outlets will be managed by the Christon Family)             Please donate to Joshua's GoFundMe Page. The income is for attorney fees to file a Post Conviction Relief                                                                                    No oneshould have to be wrongfully incarcerated and spend years fighting to have their voice made known.  There is no reason why every citizens American should not be treated with equality that lack finances and resource to be handed down impartial judgments. Rap Music or music that people listen to or create should not be used against them due to bias agendas to convict in court. If, we fail to stand for our rights like our First Amendment Rights. We are giving up our voice to have any say so in our American democracy. “Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere” Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” President John Quincy Adams Ask you signed this petition, please re-forward it to your contact list: family, friends, and associates. Also, the platform will re-forward it to more organizations by your donations if you are able to make the voluntary donations of a minimal of $2.00. Your support by sharing this petition on your social media outlets or word of mouth is greatly appreciated. We are truly grateful for YOUR VOICE and we will stand together as ONE VOICE for the Justice of Joshua Christon which is long overdue! Thank you. Justice 4 Joshua Christon #AVoiceofthevoicless    

The Christon Family
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Petition to

Hold Police Officer Accountable

My name is Catherine Milledge, on Thursday June 2nd at approx 345pm, my 7 year old daughter and I were driving to see my sister in Florida like I always do but that day for some reason was different. A cop pulled me over, he explained he couldn’t see my license plate because I have a paper one and it was taped to the inside of my window. I explained that’s where I was told to put it, he said well I was told wrong. I asked why am I being pulled over. He said give me your Id. Me being me I just gave it to him. He came back and said you’re coming with me and your daughter is going to foster care so if you can’t make a phone call and have someone come get you in 5 minutes you’re going to jail. I immediately got nervous and scared because I couldn’t figure out why he would say that. I opened my car door and hung my legs and head out the vehicle because because I didn’t want my daughter to hear my convo and from there things went south.   He came up to saying get back in vehicle I said I’m right here at my door I’m calling my mother I just don’t want my baby to hear what I was saying. He said I don’t care and grabbed my arm and began pulling me towards his vehicle.  I screamed and said wait my leg please my leg I just had surgery he slammed me on ground and put his knees on my shoulders. Nevaeh, my daughter, got out of the car screaming get off my mommy get off my mommy she is hurt, Nevaeh then began punching and kicking and biting the cop. He pushed my daughter.  I pulled away from him and said you can do what you want with me just please don’t touch my baby He reached his hands on his hip and one other car pulled up behind the cop, just a normal civilian. The cop pointed to the man and said something, not sure what and the man got back in his car and drove away. Other officers showed up. Long story short they picked me up and put me in vehicle. I cried saying my knee and knee and shoulder. I had two sets of cuffs on me.  Nevaeh made attempt to call my mother from her tablet. One of officers called ambulance. Cops took my phone car, wallet, Id and my babies tablet! I got no ticket or anything! Once ambulance got there they explained if she is under arrest the arresting officer needs to escort her to hospital. Officer Scott Rigby who is the one who slammed me and dislocated my shoulder came to me and said I have to turn myself in to Tifton Police when I leave hospital. He then gave me back my wallet, tablet and phone. The men on ambulance said if there are no cops waiting for me at hospital I am not under arrest and it’s up to me to leave or not. My mother was notified and heard most of what happened and came to pick up myself and daughter. We were able to locate my car at a wreck shop nearby and paid to get it back.  This has to stop. The police are getting too comfortable with doing this especially showing they don’t care that minors are involved or not. I can’t let this just get away especially because I did nothing whatsoever wrong.  Please join me in signing this petition to get this officer off the force!! 

Cat Milledge
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