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Petition to Marysville MI City Council

Fire Marysville Police Officer Danielle Quain

Earlier this month (June 2020), a racist meme was shared by Marysville Police Officer Danielle Quain on her personal Facebook page. The post in question callously mocks protesters of the Black Lives Matter movement, and by extension, the suffering of Black people at the hands of police brutality. Not long after the post was discovered, a disappointed citizen filed a complaint with Marysville PD. The department failed to take this complaint seriously, and instead gave the name of this person to Officer Quain, who then used this information to seek out the person on Facebook and send them a friend request. The response by Marysville PD is a violation of the filer's privacy, and the attempt by Officer Quain to retaliate is both inappropriate and unprofessional. This conduct creates an atmosphere where concerned citizens are afraid to speak out against injustices they witness, and is a prime example of the systemic racism the current civil rights movement is working towards amending.  In light of Marysville city council passing a resolution on June 22nd declaring racism a public health crisis, we are calling on city officials and Marysville PD to hold themselves and their employees accountable. Racist sentiments should not be tolerated in any level of local government, and the failure to address the actions of Officer Quain shows that the city is comfortable allowing its employees to spread these opinions openly and without consequence. Setting the tone of acceptable conduct in our police departments, local and otherwise, is of utmost importance if we are to address the systemic racism that is so deeply embedded in our society.  Marysville Police Department: We urge you to do and be better for the citizens of your community. We ask that in order to truly serve and protect, that you do not allow toxic and racist attitudes to exist freely in your ranks. Set the right example and remove Officer Danielle Quain from her job!

Avery Bolt
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Petition to Sonoma County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Mark Essick, City of Santa Rosa Police Department, Mayor Tom Schwedhelm, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, City of Santa Rosa City Council, Sonoma County Board of Supervisors

Justice For Georgia Lee Moses

(UPDATE: We can donate directly to Georgia's family using the link below: ) Georgia Lee Moses was a 12-year-old girl full of life. She was always smiling, joking and loved her family and friends. She especially loved her little sister, 7-year-old Angel, whom she actively cared for, for years. Unfortunately, her precious life was tragically taken too soon. At the age of 12, Georgia was strangled and left on the side of the road on Highway 101 in Petaluma, California. She was nude, abandoned but not forgotten by the people that loved her. There have been many speculations as to why little effort was put forth into examining her home life before her death as well as the lack of urgency in the case following her death. One speculation being race and another, her family’s social status. Over the years, the authorities have done little to solve her case. Potential suspects have been identified, numerous phone calls made, new information presented, and emails have been made  to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office as well as the FBI with no response.  On August 13th, 1997 around 10:00 PM Georgia was last seen at the 76 gas station on the corner of Sebastopol Road and Dutton Avenue in Santa Rosa, California. Georgia walked to the gas station with one of her friends and met a man she left with to go to a party. Georgia had asked her friend if she wanted to join her but her friend's mother did not let her go. That was the last time Georgia was seen alive. The man Georgia met was someone she knew, described as approximately 6 foot 3 inches tall, African American man, 24-28 years old,  200 pounds, with a short fade haircut, slight mustache, and he was driving a small four door white car. The man may have been from San Francisco.  It has been 23 years and her case is still unsolved. As of a year ago, her case was said to be open. Georgia’s family and friends are coming together to seek justice for her death. We need your help to have her murder properly investigated, have new interviews conducted and to push to have DNA testing done to locate a possible suspect. Her family deserves justice and Georgia deserves justice. Please sign this petition and help a family get closure after so many years. Written by Georgia's sister, Angel. 

Victoria W
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Petition to The National Collegiate Athletic Association

Demand The N​.​C​.​A​.​A. adopt equitable hiring practices focused on BIPOC & women.

For far too long Black, Indigenous, & People of Color (BIPOC) and women coaches have been denied their chance to advance their skills, experience, and education to the highest level of leadership in higher education by serving as head coaches and athletic directors throughout this country.  The N.C.A.A. inspires student athletes to reach to the highest levels, to overcome any obstacle, to train to be the best they can be, in their respective sports, and work to become champions on the field. They deserve to have coaches and athletic directors that look like them and inspire them. Off The field though the NCAA has failed to implement or create real equitable  policies, possibilities, and opportunities for BIPOC and women to rise to the highest level of leadership and become head coaches and athletic directors. They have dedicated their life to their sport, helped bring honor, pride, integrity, and in many cases earned millions of dollars for these universities. We demand The National Collegiate Athletic Association immediately create policy for all schools to implement hiring practices modeled after Oregon House Bill 3118, known as the “Oregon Rooney Rule.” HB 3118 requires "the interviewing of at least one qualified candidate of color when hiring for head coaches, athletic directors and assistant head coaches for all sports". Furthermore 2/3 of the finalists for hiring coaches in women’s sports must be female candidates (Judith Sweet Rule). Endorsed by:Dr. Richard Lapchick,Chair of DeVos Sport Business Management Program & Director Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport.Dr. Merritt Norvell,Executive Director at National Association For Coaching Equity and Development.Van MaloneAssistant Head Coach/Passing Game Coordinator/Cornerbacks Kansas State University. Eric S JacksonCoach & Recruitment Coordinator Lewis & Clark College Portland Oregon. Nigel Burton Former Division 1 head coach Pac 12 Network analyst.  

Sam Sachs
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