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Petition to Sacramento City Unified School District, Phil Serna, Chair, Bina Lefkovitz, Trustee Area 2 (covers East Sacramento)

Change public school name to Daniel Blue and remove Kit Carson

Right a wrong. Please sign this petition to honor Mr. Daniel Blue. Daniel Blue History* Daniel Blue was a prominent resident of Sacramento, California.  He had been enslaved in Kentucky and arrived in Sacramento in 1849 a free man. *Please see Daniel Blue's very important and long-overlooked contributions to Sacramento in the hyperlink above. His direct descendant Les Robinson is co-petitioner, born and raised in Sacramento. Why Kit Carson's name and legacy must be removed from Kit Carson International Academy, Sacramento California. New Perspectives of the West, PBS "Most of his military actions, however, were directed against the Navajo Indians, many of whom had refused to be confined upon a distant reservation set up by the government. Beginning in 1863 Carson waged a brutal economic war against the Navajo, marching through the heart of their territory to destroy their crops, orchards and livestock. When Utes, Pueblos, Hopis, and Zunis, who for centuries had been prey to Navajo raiders, took advantage of their traditional enemy's weakness by following the Americans onto the warpath, the Navajo were unable to defend themselves. In 1864 most surrendered to Carson, who forced nearly 8,000 Navajo men, women and children to take what came to be called the "Long Walk" of 300 miles from Arizona to Fort Sumner, New Mexico, where they remained in disease-ridden confinement until 1868."  

Robin Williams Rositani
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Petition to Austin City Council

Support East Austin Cultural District, Build the Kenny Dorham Music Hub/Arts Center

In 2007, Austin City Council designated a portion of Central East Austin the African American Cultural Heritage District (AACHD), to honor and preserve the rich cultural legacy of the once thriving African American community that founded this area. You may not know this, as the district does not exist on any city map. Rather than being preserved and promoted, Black culture has continued to be erased from this area since the district’s inception. Unchecked gentrification continues to ravage the district. Without immediate action, the presence of East Austin’s African American community and evidence of its cultural legacy will disappear. Comparison with other districts in the city demonstrates that the AACHD has not been treated equitably. No strategy has been developed to help the AACHD achieve its stated goals, and the very presence of the district is barely acknowledged. The more recently created Red River Cultural District, in contrast, has received direct support in the form of streetscape improvements, wayfinding, and placemaking infrastructure, and the city manager is exploring funding for the preservation of historic buildings in the area. We think this a wonderful idea, and support the preservation and promotion of historic and creative spaces. We simply ask for equal treatment and consideration. This is about equity. This Resolution asks that the Austin City Council honor their 2007 commitment and do the following: Put the AACH District on the map.Invest in appropriate signage, street art, historic neighborhood identifiers, and waymaking for the District. Develop the AACH District.Engage the Economic Development Department, Cultural Arts Division, and AACHD. Build a broad consortium of community-based organizations and cultural preservation professionals to build a strategy to move the District forward. Fund the AACH District.Establish a funding mechanism to meet the unmet needs of the District. Utilize appropriate funds from the Cultural Trust.Protect the AACH District. Empower the Urban Renewal Board and other city departments to strengthen incentives and restrictions that support historic and cultural preservation within the District. Employ the AACH District.Engage and employ local consulting groups with knowledge and lived experience in the District to craft a strategic long-term plan.Build the AACH District. Develop the plan to implement and build the Kenny Dorham Center Music Hub & Multi Arts Facility in the core of the historic Black Music district of Central East Austin. Build a sustainable, generational anchor institution that honors the birthplace of Austin's jazz and Blues music tradition.Unless the city acts now, and acts seriously, visible evidence of the founding African American community in East Austin will be erased because there have not been significant controls on gentrification and displacement. Passing this Resolution will show that the city of Austin fully acknowledges and supports the African American Cultural Heritage District, its history, its impact, and its potential.  

Harold McMillan
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Petition to

Stop Tucker Carlson before more innocent lives are lost.

Carlson fuels the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory, with numerous mentions of the idea, after thousands of Haitians tried to enter the U.S. through Texas in September 2021. Days before the Buffalo shooting the accused shooter reportedly posted a manifesto that referenced the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory. Nightly, Tucker Carlson stokes hate and fear against Black Americans and immigrants as he complains of falling birthrates among the native-born, distorts big-city crime, and whines about allegedly weak immigration policies designed to forcibly change American society. Mr. Carlson creates division, fuels racism and incites hate crimes as he divides our country with hate speech, bigotry and paranoid ideology supported by white supremacists. Derek Black, the son of the founder of Stormfront, which was the oldest white supremacy site on the internet, reported to several sources that his father, former KKK grand wizard and member of the American Nazi Party, watched Tucker Carlson episodes twice so that he could study how to make white nationalist talking points. The majority of Americans love their neighbors, and want a welcoming and united country that reflects the values our great country was founded upon. It is time for Tucker Carlson to, in his words, “shut up and obey.” It is not enough to tone down this manipulative and hateful speech, we demand Fox News put an end to this anti-American rhetoric, distortions of truth, manipulation of facts and incitement of rage and violence.

Annie Coburn Kane
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