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Petition to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Bill de Blasio, NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson, NYC Council Member Diana Ayala, John DeSio, NYC Council Member Rafael Salamanca

Stop Mayor De Blasio’s Plan to Build a New Jail in the South Bronx

We, the residents of the South Bronx, call on all people of conscience to stand with us in strong opposition to the mayor’s proposal to build a new jail in the Mott Haven neighborhood at a site vital to implementing the community-driven Diego Beekman Neighborhood Development Plan.  On February 14, 2018, Mayor De Blasio revealed a plan to speed up the closing of Rikers Island by transferring those incarcerated into existing (retrofitted) facilities in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, bypassing Staten Island altogether, and building a new jail in a South Bronx community still reeling from decades of disinvestment, destabilization and the resulting fallout, and where two other jails already exist.  The proposed site at 320 Concord Avenue – steps from three schools, homeowners, and the 38-building Diego Beekman housing complex – has already been earmarked for years by the community as the central piece of its Neighborhood Development Plan for affordable housing, community centers and living wage jobs. Building on 22 years of community organizing, the Neighborhood Plan was developed in consultation with residents, organizations, agencies and elected officials, none of whom were consulted about the mayor’s new jail proposal. The area already has one of the highest and most unequal concentrations of homeless shelters, methadone clinics, power plants and waste transfer stations in the city. With some of the highest rates of poverty and unemployment nationwide, the Mott Haven community is in crisis, and any tax dollar investments must be in (long-ignored) social, educational and economic opportunities for the community – not a jail. We applaud the city’s plan to close Rikers Island, but the answer is not to expand the criminal justice footprint – not in the South Bronx, not anywhere – when over the last 25 years, the city’s jail population has fallen from a high of 21,674 in 1991 to under 9,000 earlier this year through a combination of falling crime rates and criminal justice reforms. Our opposition to a new jail is in no way a rejection of the people caught up in the system. We desire fairer, swifter, and more humane forms of justice for incarcerated families. We challenge the city to further reduce the number of people in jail through a combination of bail reform, decriminalization of minor offenses, and more restorative ways to deal with crime that would make the construction of a new facility unnecessary. With more than 2.3 million people imprisoned across the US, mass incarceration is the greatest moral and racial injustice of our time.  We need bold investments in people, not prisons. Now therefore, please join us in our fight, stand in solidarity with us and demand that our Mott Haven community receives the revitalization plan it designed, developed and deserves. For more information about this campaign, send us an email at  ***** Diego Beekman Neighborhood Plan Open Letter to Mayor de Blasio and NYC Council Speaker Johnson in Opposition to A New South Bronx Jail from the Diego Beekman Mutual Housing Association, HDFC (Jose de Diego Beekman Houses), the Nehemiah Homeowners, and the Concord Avenue/Jackson Avenue Homeowners South Bronx Unite Statement – No New Prisons: Not in the South Bronx, Not Anywhere  Local Residents Lash Out at Meeting on Proposed Bronx Jail (NY1 - March 8, 2018) Bill Locks Himself In with Bronx Jail Site (Daily News - March 30, 2018) 

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Petition to IDFPR , ACGME , Department of Education

End Racism in Higher Education: #EqualRight2Learn

I am a medical doctor that grew up in inner city Chicago. My 17 yr journey to become a physician came to an abrupt end when I found racial threats in my performance evaluations while at Northwestern.  I reported my concerns to the Office of Civil Rights at the Department of Education as well as to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). To date, neither agency has investigated this matter.  When I reported my concerns to my state licensing board, they placed an "administrative hold" on my license – which cost me a position at a residency program and is currently preventing me from continuing my medical education. Please help to put an end to this injustice by signing this petition. We are asking that (1) my state medical board, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, release their administrative hold on my license and (2) that the Dept of Education and the ACGME conduct a fair and transparent investigation into this matter so that I can continue my medical education. Most Americans want to learn and work peacefully without ever having to worry about whether their race, gender, culture, or creed will be prioritized over their performance. All people should have a right to a fair learning and work environment.  “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” - MLK Dr. Rushing BEFORE reporting Discrimination: Exhibit A: Exhibit B:  So What Can I do...  The Most Powerful Phrase in American History is "We the People". To help bring justice for all students in this great country we are asking YOU (the people) to: 1. Sign the petition and then share the petition ( 2. DONATE to support this cause at 3. Write to the following StakeHolders and Power Brokers: I. Northwestern Family Medicine Residency  Galter Pavilion – 18t 675 N. St. Clair St. Chicago, IL  60611   II. Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation 100 W. Randolph St., Ste. 9-300 Chicago, IL  60601   III. Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Office of the Ombudsperson 401 N Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60611   IV. U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights Citigroup Center 500 W. Madison Street, Ste 1475 Chicago, IL 60661   Write them the following: "We believe that all students in this great country should have a learning and work environment free of discrimination. Dr. Rushing’s medical education was cut short when he found and reported racial threats in his performance evaluations. We are requesting the following (1) We would like a transparent third party investigation into Dr. Rushing's concern for Discrimination. (2) We would like for Dr. Rushing to receive his medical license. (3) We would like for Dr. Rushing to be re-instated into an accredited residency training program.   4. Follow Us On the Following Platforms:Donate to support this cause at www.EqualRight2Dream.orgEmail us at EqualRight2Dream@gmail.comTweet your support to EqualRight2Dream @DreamEqualLike us on Facebook at @EqualRight2Dream    Remember that When You, the Person, speak out then We The People are Better Off      

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Petition to Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Please Grant Commutation for Incarcerated Survivor Rae Harris!

Rae Harris is a transgender survivor who has been incarcerated in California for over 20 years. In an example of the extreme and disproportionate sentencing of trans people of color, Rae was sentenced to two life without parole sentences and two 25-to-life sentences in 1998 for “conspiring to commit” two murders that he did not commit. Rae is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and he was in a psychologically abusive relationship at the time of his arrest, a key context for his conviction. At 23 years old, Rae did not take the stand to testify at his own trial because he had no faith that he would be believed. Based on how he was treated pre-trial, he was convinced that no police officer, prosecutor, juror or judge would care that he was not at the scene of either death, or that he was trying to protect his mother from harm. Rae also suffered from an inadequate legal defense. His paid attorney practiced civil, not criminal law and had never tried a murder case. As an example, he hired his 17-year-old son to investigate Rae’s case. After he lost Rae’s case, he did not even attempt to collect the rest of the funds from the family (over $20,000), indicating that on some level he knew he failed to defend Rae’s life. After 20 years in prison, Rae is now 44 years old. He is well-respected as a leader by his imprisoned community and staff alike. Among his many accomplishments, he founded Peace Day and Peace Games in 2007. He came up with the idea after incidents of racialized violence in the prison and successfully brought communities together to build networks of solidarity and care. Rae is a Certified Mediator and he works daily to decrease violence, reduce the harms of imprisonment, and support his peers. Currently Rae serves his community as the first trans Chairperson of the Inmate Advisory Council (the prison’s elected, representative body of incarcerated people), a Domestic Violence Program Facilitator, and a mentor to incoming youth, all of which he truly enjoys. In Rae’s own words: “To be sentenced to death by incarceration wiped my hope with the sound of the gavel. Fortunately my spirit to survive surpassed the lost hope that was trying to be embedded in my heart by a hammer and robe. Now that there is hope amongst the community of people serving life without parole (LWOP), I feel like it took that gavel for me to rebel against its hopeless intention to ultimately prepare me for freedom. I humbly ask for your support with my freedom and continue hoping for a living chance for all people serving death by incarceration.” Please join us in asking Governor Jerry Brown to commute Rae Harris’ sentence from life without parole to a parole-eligible sentence.

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