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Petition to Ripon High School

Justice for BLM at Ripon High

To start their senior year, seniors at Ripon High School can buy a parking spot in front of the school. When Austin Bonilla submitted his idea to draw a Black Lives Matter fist for his parking spot, he was told it would be too political and his idea was denied on sight. However, when he showed up to paint his revised parking spot idea, he was surprised to see that one of his peers was allowed to draw a Blue Lives Matter parking spot without it being an issue. This is a direct act of racism that people in Ripon High experience daily and have gone unsaid for far too long.  If Ripon High Booster Club cannot handle a student simply saying Black Lives Matter but are completely fine with Blue Lives Matter not being "too political", enough has been said. They have made their egregious statement and now it is time to fight back. No longer will we remain silent in the face of racism in our community. With your signature, you can raise awareness for this issue by directly showing your support for not only Black Lives, but all the other minority groups who have been silenced. It is time to let the stories of the silenced to be heard and rise up to fight during a time of need.  To Ripon High Booster Club, maybe you didn't see the problem from the start, but please know that these actions will not be okay any longer. We can help educate you on the issue and would be more than glad to sit down and have a conversation, but you need to right this wrong. Please be better role models for our community to look up to.    Sincerely,  Time to Act  For further inquiries, please contact us at or you can reach us on Instagram at @timetoact209. 

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Petition to Black America, Susan Wojcicki, FOX News, James Dubose, Friends of Farrakhan, Jonathan Greenbel, CNN, Jake Tapper, FOX Broadcasting Company, Susan Wojcicki, Honest Reporting, Simon Wiesenthal Center, Jonathan S. Tobin

Keep Minister Farrakhan on YouTube!

UPDATE: This petition is now geared towards the campaign to keep the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s 4th of July World Address (and all other videos of him) on YouTube. Please view update in the Petition Updates section below the body of this petition. Original petition is as follows: ——————————————————(Original title: Fox (No) Soul, Air the Minister’s 4th of July Address) The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan never called one of our own a “son of a b***h”, unlike certain sitting President of the United States. In fact, the Minister denounces the use of the term to refer to any woman, regardless of race or ethnicity. President Trump gets aired all day, every day on Fox News network, but Fox Soul - that’s supposed to ”celebrate black culture and highlight the real topics that affect the everyday lives of the African-American community” - wants to sell out and cancel the airing of Minister Farrakhan’s 4th of July Address on their program. Shame on them. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been championing the cause of Black and oppressed people for over 60 years, and his influence and impact on Black America is inextricably a part of the culture. (Heard of the Million Man March? He was the originator, spearhead and key speaker of that event.) Let James Dubose, head of programming for Fox Soul, know that they need to grow a backbone and air the Ministers’ message like they originally promoted they would on Twitter. They are not doing Black America any favors by being cowardly. Email them at with the following: ”Greetings, I’m reaching out to Fox Soul tv to petition Mr. James DuBose, head of programming for Fox Soul, to re-commit to airing the Honorable Minister Farrakhan’s upcoming 4th of July Address. Fox Soul tv is doing Black America a major disservice by taking the broadcast off of its program this Saturday. Thank you.“ Call in to their line at 1-866-FOX-SOUL and politely state: “I’m calling in to address Fox Soul tv at large to please re-commit air Minister Farrakhan’s upcoming 4th of July Address. You are doing Black America a disservice by taking the broadcast off your program this Saturday. Thank you.” Leave a message on their website at  asking to air the Minister’s 4th of July Address. Go on their Fox Soul Facebook page ( and leave comments on their posts that they air the Minister’s 4th of July Address. Go to Twitter and tag them (@foxsoultv) in a message to air Minister’s Farrakhan 4th of July Address, with the hashtags #FoxNoSoul and #AirTheMinister. Also post on Facebook and Instagram with these hashtags. Leave comments on Fox Soul YouTube videos: Use the following message to email both Jonathan Greenblatt (CEO of ADL) and Jake Tapper (CNN anchor):, - SUBJECT: I stand with Farrakhan “To Mr. Greenblatt and Mr. Tapper, This message is to inform you that I disagree with your tactics to cancel Fox Soul’s airing of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s upcoming 4th of July Address, and your slanderous media campaign against the Minister. #IStandWithFarrakhan” Sign and share this petition in support of urging Fox Soul to reconsider their cancellation, using the link Please be advised though, this is not begging. This is to make a statement through a call of action. Minister Farrakhan already has a platform ( and is going to do him regardless. Fox Soul would only be saving their own soul by broadcasting the Minister’s 4th of July Address. #FoxNoSoul #AirTheMinister #IStandWithFarrakhan #MessageToTheWorld #DefendingFarrakhan

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