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Petition to Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr., Florida Board of Education

Include Asian American history to K-12 Education Curriculum in Florida

The rise of anti-Asian hate crimes throughout the United States since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic has been troubling, both to me personally and to this great nation as a whole.  As an Asian American, it has been devastating to see American citizens attacked in the streets due only to their Asian heritage. Our elderly have even been attacked and murdered.   The events of 2020 continue to play out in 2021, teaching us a valuable and unforgettable lesson. Racism, xenophobia, and hate crimes have no place in our society.   The shooting in Atlanta brought these atrocities to the world stage, but unfortunately, these horrors have been going on for far too long.  Asian Americans are American. The history of Asian Americans, including their struggles and ongoing contribution to this country, is American history. Despite this, Asian American history is not taught in our school system.  Our children grow up with a gap in their knowledge of history. As we’ve seen all too often, this lack of information is dangerous. By adding Asian American history to our educational curriculum, we can ensure that all students gain a better understanding of Asian Americans. Through education, both current and future generations can empathize with the triumphs and challenges of Asian Americans and appreciate what they’ve done to add to this red, white, and blue melting pot that we call the United States.  It is through knowledge that we can combat hate. For it is in ignorance that hatred is born.  To that end, we must educate our youth and include Asian American History in the Florida public school curriculum.  Knowledge is power, and we can empower our youth with it. We encourage Commissioner Diaz to include Asian American History in our K-12 curriculum. Even if you don’t live in Florida, these changes matter and can impact the entire country. Help us make the change!  Thank you for your consideration and support of an inclusive, empathetic, and united society with liberty and justice for all.  Please sign and share this petition! Follow us on facebook Please visit our website for a list of legislators who have supported our initiative. Thank you to our supporting Organizations Multicultural Dimensions NAAAP Tampa Wah Lum Kung Fu Temple Orlando Queer and Trans Asian Association The Greater Orlando Asian American Bar Association NAACP Orange County, FL Branch NAAAP Young Democrats of Orange County Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. R.E.A.C.H of Central Florida Florida Asian American Student Union AAPI Youth Rising Asia Trend, Inc. Florida Policy Institute FSU Filipino Student Association UUSINC The Greater Orlando Chinese Professionals Association FSU AASU Sparks Magazine at UCF Palestinian Student Association at UCF Muslim Student Association at UCF The Asian American Education Project MASA Fund Asian Organizations for Muslim, Arab, Desi Inclusivity Chinese Student and Scholar Association at University of Miami Asian American Student Association at the University of Miami League of Women Voters Florida Suncoast Association of Chinese Americans Networking for Hindu Professionals SFL Stetson Asian Pacific American Coalition Thai American Association of South Florida Inc ACE Talk Florida Asian Services Asian Caribbean Exchange OCA South Florida Florida Asian Women Alliance Asian American Federation of Florida - South Region Flipiino American Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce National Asian American PAC, FL House of Leaf & Bean, Inc Femme Fire Books 

Mimi Chan
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Petition to Mitt Romney, Curtis S. Bramble

Utah ICE Separated Me from My Son-Demand Reunion

BACKGROUND My immigration story in Utah started back at Weber State University,The You are welcome to read from other online sources: More on this story here. Or here! The University has since deleted the online articles linking to the events, but the trauma the situation caused me remains. The University's damage caused my dependents, including Chris, my son, to lose their immigration status. He was covered under DACA when Obama was President. However, when Trump took over, there was a timeframe during which USCIS returned my son's DACA application due to "policy changes." WSU story on Tiktok here: If you open the "I Oppose Injustice" and "Blasphemy" playlists, you'll see the rest of the videos recording the hate attacks I overcame in Utah. Thank you. What the community needs to know: 1.Utah Sim Gill's Office framed my son for a deportable crime and then failed to appear. I say frame because he claimed my son committed a crime. At least two times, Utah Sim Gill's Office failed to appear, and the judge dismissed the case.. How the framing happened 2. Many of my son's experiences connect to his being a Black man. Considering the stories we hear about police brutality and disparate treatment of Black and Brown men in the US, my son's case should not have been managed in Utah by the people constantly trying to destroy his mother's life. Utah's racist past is its present ! 3. My son is one of the patients in Utah who has been harmed by opioid misprescriptions. Utah DA Sim Gill filed a lawsuit and collected funds for this injury. Unfortunately, the Utah government triggered his deportation. ICE's deportation ignored my son' Utah opioid injuries,  shifting the burden onto me and my over-80-year-old mother  Chris is doing well.  Please tell Utah government officials that this is hate and it needs to stop immediately.  More here on Free Money 4. Many women have to make difficult choices after rape. After my ex raped me, I chose to keep my son (I am not assigning a value to how other women make choices - just sharing my experience). My son is away every family gathering and holiday season, and the rape and other Utah wounds have become new. It's the time when my PTSD trauma multiplies. Tell Utah Government officials you are aware they did not create my PTSD. But also let them know they have made it worse. 5. Matt Hall is the Utah ICE Government Immigration Attorney.  Learn about Matt Hall here   Utah ICE denied my son a hearing and deported him with the injuries he sustained in Utah without the family saying goodbye! Matt Hall is the exact attorney who lost to the Board of Immigration Appeals his battle to try to deport me in a case sparked by Weber State's "computer glitch." Stop Utah ICE from doing more harm! 6. I called Mitt Romney's and Spencer Cox's offices, explaining that the family separation caused by Utah ICE exacerbates my PTSD. I explained that I believe that deporting my son is retaliation at many levels, including the one I listed above. They said they would step in once I filed a USICIS petition for my son. I did and informed them about the filing. They have not responded to my emails and phone calls. Here is the email address of the individual I spoke with, Jessica at And here is what Jessica said on Tuesday, the 11th of May, 2021, at 12:43 am: "I did check with my colleagues who also work on immigration issues to see if they saw any way we could help. After reviewing the information you provided, they agreed that unless an application is pending with USCIS or the State Department, there is nothing we can do at this time. " Please ask them to follow through on their promise in this email. Note: Mitt Romney Spoke for Harsh Treatment Towards Migrants 7. Utah Government claims a "compassionate stance" towards migrant families. Yet, they are outspoken about minimizing mental health support for PTSD patients and others. Where is their compassion? Why are they destroying non-white families, destabilizing their mental health? 8. Ask them to face the truth. Address the root cause of the problem. For example, Utah ICE did not need to deport my son. DHS had allowed him to stay in the country when Obama was President. The same conditions that allowed his stay then should have allowed him to stay when Trump was the President, but that did not occur. 9. My son does not deserve this cruelty! I do not deserve this hate! Dealing with PTSD triggers is difficult, but having a government exacerbate mental illness should be objectionable.Please call or write them about the reunion date with my son. You can give them my contact information: or 801-462-9030. Thank you! Sincerely,  Victoria Sethunya Governor Spencer Cox:801-538-1000Senator Mitt Romney:(801)- 524-4380(202)- 224-5251 Email Romney:  

Victoria Sethunya
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Petition to President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden

Pardon Timothy McGruder-Who Was Wrongfully Convicted And Is Serving A Life Sentence

        Timothy McGruder v. C. Gomez   Case Number 20-6265 In 1996, a gang saw a car full of children and parents who were part of a carpool, sitting at an Amoco. The gang knew that the driver was from a rival gang. So they shot up the car. Sadly, while many were injured, a four-year-old was murdered. They thought that the other passengers of the car were members of a rival gang, not children. Still, an innocent life was selfishly taken.  The case went unsolved until 2001. Timothy McGruder and two other people were convicted without evidence based on a plea deal. A man named Rico was involved in crimes along with his brother, which involved drug trafficking, and they were facing life in prison. So, in order to get a lesser sentence, Rico pinned the crime on three people, including Timothy. They didn’t have federal jurisdiction in order to convict Timothy. He was originally indicted on a drug conspiracy, the same indictment they gave the three people who framed Timothy. Before the trial began, one of Timothy’s co- defendant’s lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the case because the statute of limitations had been reached. The prosecutor, Jeff Paulson, lied and said that they had just REFERENCED the drug conspiracy, which is illegal. Timothy's attorney was Keith Ellison, who is the AG of Minnesota now. Keith Ellison didn't show up until 30 minutes into the court hearing. While Mr. Ellison did a good job at proving that Rico was behind the hit that ordered the shootout, he did not do an efficient job at proving Timothy's innocence. First of all, Timothy was already in prison due to drug-related charges when Rico ordered the hit. Secondly, Mr. Ellison violated Timothy's 6th Amendment Rights by not allowing him to speak. Timothy had an alibi, he was at his Aunt's house drunk the night the shootout happened. Mr. Ellison only called one witness, Timothy's cousin, who was paid $20 by Timothy to clean up after him after Timothy threw up all over his Aunt's floor due to him being drunk. But, there were other witnesses. As I said, Mr. Ellison did not call them to the stand. So, again, while he provided enough proof as to who was behind the hit, he hardly spent any time proving that Timothy had NOTHING to do with that tragic shootout. In Jeff Paulson’s closing argument, he said that Timothy’s cousin wasn’t a credible witness because he had prior convictions, which had nothing to do with Timothy’s case and were minor convictions. He also held up pictures of Timothy’s cousin along with Timothy’s brother, who was in a rap group at the time. Jeff Paulson lied and said that they were in a gang. Timothy’s lawyer, Keith Ellison, once again, said nothing. Timothy has been serving over 20 years of a life sentence for a crime he didn't commit, all because of a lawyer who didn't take his case seriously. Now, Mr. Ellison gets to enjoy being Attorney General of Minnesota, while Timothy has missed out on seeing his son and grandkids. This is all too common when it comes to black men and women who have been falsely accused and their lawyers don't take their cases seriously. This petition is for the United States Supreme Court since Timothy is in federal prison and only they can pardon it when he appeals it. (Or President Joe Biden.) Please grant Timothy McGruder clemency. It's been over 20 years for a crime he did not commit. No one deserves this. No one.    

Sarah DeArmond
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Petition to

Tell Riverhead School Board Member Downs to Rescind Stereotypical Brentwood Comments

On March 24, 2023, Riverhead Local wrote an article covering the March 18 meeting of the Heart of Riverhead Civic Association. During this meeting concerning public safety, Riverhead School Board Member Laurie Downs made a derogatory comment regarding the community of Brentwood, perpetuating harmful stereotypes and promoting discrimination. This behavior is unacceptable and goes against the values of our community.    “I’m afraid,” Downs said. “Look, we got a lot of Latino kids. We do have those gangs in our school. They haven’t started up yet. But if they do, as I said at the meeting, I don’t want us becoming a Brentwood,” Downs said... “[those gangs] They just beat each other up. These are kids that chop off heads and shit,” she said. “And that scares me.” Downs had made exaggerated claims about the level of gang violence in Riverhead, with her anecdotal stories confirmed to have not been supported by police reports. In an interview Wednesday, Downs could not point to other specific incidents, but stood by her comments. She said she’s “heard about the incidents from community members and read about them on Facebook.”  By sensationalizing the issue of gang violence, Downs has contributed to a harmful narrative that perpetuates fear and misunderstanding. This type of rhetoric only serves to reinforce negative stereotypes and promote discrimination against communities like Brentwood. While it is important to address the issue of gang violence, Down's statements only serve to stigmatize and further marginalize already vulnerable communities. At the District 1 Youth Advisory Board, we are committed to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and equity in all aspects of our work. We will continue to advocate for marginalized communities and against all forms of discrimination. We as an organization believe: [1] This statement sensationalizes the issue of gang violence and stigmatizes marginalized communities; [2] Riverhead School Board Member Laurie Downs should not use her leadership position as a platform for harmful and dangerous rhetoric; [3] Riverhead School Board Member Laurie Downs should immediately apologize and retract her statements made concerning the community of Brentwood We call on Ms. Downs to apologize for her comments and to take steps to educate herself on the realities and strengths of the Brentwood community. We also urge the Riverhead School Board to take appropriate action to address this matter and to ensure that all board members uphold the values of diversity, inclusion, and respect. We stand together as members of the Brentwood community and will not tolerate any form of discrimination or prejudice. We hope that this incident will serve as a reminder of the importance of embracing diversity and promoting mutual understanding.    

Distict 1 Youth Advisory Board
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