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Hold UNCW Accountable for Racial Justice

UNC Wilmington’s response in light of the recent events of police brutality have been a far cry from sufficient. UNCW has yet to make a public statement that denounces white supremacy and expresses what the university will do to remedy that within the institution. This statement should not only live on your website, but on your social media channels - it also should have come much sooner than it did. The June 2nd statement shared by Chancellor Sartarelli lacked vital information about an adequate plan, suggested actions for members of the UNCW community, and "how to do better" in becoming an actively anti-racist institituion. Essentially, the statement failed to acknowledge UNCW’s deficiencies in racial justice and diversity. For example, there is only one person of color in your cabinet and that is Kent Guion, the Chief Diversity Officer of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion. The work of dismantling white supremacy within our institution cannot fall on the shoulders of the sole POC on your team. Chancellor Sartarelli’s statement failed to address the responsibility of the institution in the fight against racism. The UNCW community deserves a direct action approach on how to become an anti-racist university, with details on how the University plans to revise the current curriculum, resources, and allocation of our endowment.  By signing this petition, you will join our coalition of students and alumni to make this commitment a reality. This is YOUR chance to make institutional impact. The petition we are asking you to sign today does not accomplish all that needs to be done but it does provide the necessary guidance to return us to the starting line.  We are petitioning that UNC Wilmington’s Office of the Chancellor execute the following or similar initiatives (these initiatives are borrowed and inspired from Vanderbilt University's current petition): Foundational: 1. Provide a statement that acknowledges UNCW's shortcomings in promoting racial justice and an action plan to implement the below short and long term solutions  2. Create an independent Oversight Committee (students, faculty, and alumni) to enact the short and long term solutions 3. Establish a fund for alumni/student donations to contribute to these short and long term solutions and match at least 100% of contributions  Short Term: 4. Provide immediate online mental health resources for Black faculty, students, and staff geared towards processing race-based trauma 5. Require diversity and unconscious bias training for all administration, faculty, staff, and students, leveraging resources from The Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Gender  6. Create mandatory courses for first-year students on UNCW’s history with racism, slavery and and lack of social activism. These courses should reflect on history as it actually happened, and not in a way that looks approvingly on racist slave owners or Jim Crow legislators. For example, learning about the Wilmington Massacre of 1898 and the crimes committed by white supremacists 7. Encourage staff, alumni, and students to donate to and participate in social justice organizations, especially within communications that reference alumni activists  8. Create extra support in the Career Center for black students and stronger partnerships with professional development organizations, such as Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT) and Seizing Every Opportunity (SEO) 9. Include a question regarding the racial climate of classrooms in professors’ end of semester evaluations 10. Increase transparency on demographic data reporting (i.e. first year retention rates, transfer rates, and graduation rates segmented by race) 11. Create an annual Open Forum that facilitates dialogue between students, faculty, and the Board of Trustees 12. Increase the wages of our dining and housekeeping staff and ensure appropriate and safe working conditions during the next contract negotiations. Long Term  13. Commit to allocating a greater portion of budget to newly created fund 14. Commit to equal treatment and promotion of inclusivity across all forms of Greek Life through efforts including but not limited to: equitable financial resources, equal scrutiny in disciplinary proceedings, creation of a Universal Test Bank, support for POC in Panhellenic/IFC, mandatory routine inclusivity trainings to Panhellenic/IFC chapters etc. 15. Create reconciliation councils for race-based incidents using a restorative justice model that goes beyond the reporting structure of the Bias Incident Reporting Form while strengthening accountability procedures for incidents involving faculty and staff 16. Provide stipends to low-income or international students for food access to residential college kitchens during breaks and state of emergencies 17. Enact new policies that commit to recruiting, hiring, and promoting faculty of color 18. Commit to donating to and strengthening our relationships with local black advocacy groups in North Carolina As UNCW alumni and students, we pledge to withhold subsequent donations to the school until this formal commitment is made in the form of an official statement from the Office of the Chancellor and the establishment of an oversight committee for these initiatives. We encourage all those who sign to leave a comment with their school and graduation year to demonstrate broad based support.

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