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Petition to Florida High School Athletic Association, Craig Damon, Ashton J Hayward

Racial equality in athletic programs in the state of Florida

  Racial injustice in Florida athletic programs. On December 12, 2017 in Pace Florida a game between the junior varsity basketball programs of Booker T Washington and Pace high school resulted in heating exchanges. African American players on the Washington jv team testified to being called racial slurs such as nigga, negro and monkey throughout the duration of the game. Upon playing a while the racial slurs from an all white Pace team continued, along with hard fouls... after being provoked an African American player pushed and shoved a Pace counterpart which led to the emptying of both benches and a lot of parents fighting and arguing. An African American student Micah Suarez and two of his teammates did not take action in the dispute but were later suspended because of a resemblance to other teammates. The FHSAA has now issued a ruling to suspend Micah through the 2019 basketball season. Micah has a 3.8 GPA and was striving for a scholarship to Duke University he has no run ins with the police nor has he had disciplinary issues with school. I am writing this petition on behalf of him and his teammates because they are being suspended when none of the Pace players are receiving punishment for their actions. The team and coaching staff needs for the FHSAA to take racial injustice seriously and provide equal opportunity for all players. If these young men are suspended and treated unfairly they will lose potential scholarships and opportunities to further their education and build successful lives. Please take your time to sign the petition and influence a second look at this decision into the life of Micah and his teammates and future young men that may encounter racial injustice in athletic programs.

Desiree Gibbs
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Petition to John Cornyn, Michael Burgess, Royce West, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Greg Abbott, Steve Chabot, Steve Knight, AT&T, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, The Walt Disney Company, CVS Pharmacy, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Boeing

Black owned Company not allowed Access to Government and Regulatory Fairness Hearing.

Black lives do not matter to Texas Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Michael C. Burgess.  1.5 years Texas Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Michael C Burgess refusal to represent black constituents regarding General Privacy Release Form affidavit filed requesting their assistance in this matter.  SBA cover-up hiring GP&M to alter and delete our records in SAM database to blacklist our company and stop congressional investigation. 3.5 years the black owners of Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC following all the procedures and policies to participate in federal government subcontracting pursuant to the Individual Subcontracting Plan filing required  by prime contractors on every contract let by the federal government.  All prime contractors must attempt to show Good Faith Effort to include minorities by race denied contract participation due to discrimination, exclusion and racial bias are provided the opportunity to participate as subcontractors in all contracts based on their merits to meet requirement of the contract, details on twitter @celesp22. Based on our merits we have provided subcontracting work on the NMCI Contract for the military in 16 states, providing over 1,600 Ethernet installations Fiber Optic and copper, site surveys, drafting updates and network support. Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC an authorized reseller for AT&T, Dell, HP and HPE and others. We are Rapid Gate authorized to enter military bases nationwide.  SBA 8(a)  managers refuse to process our application filed early 2014, they removed our Business Opportunity Specialist (BOS) from the decision process.   Please sign to demand that the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Congress provide equal rights to qualified black companies,  receive representation by Texas Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Michael C. Burgess, to have the right to process our 2014, SBA 8(a) application, Access the Government and Regulatory Fairness Hearing, participate in federal contracts for products and services provided by AT&T, Dell, HP and HPE, purchased by the federal government every day, not from us. The federal government does not purchase a single product or service from black owned AT&T resellers, AT&T outsource its contracts to the top 100 government IT Companies excluding black owners with the statement “Not on boarding at this time”, placing black companies on the EEO Diversity database.  Diversity has nothing to do with subcontracting this is breach of agreement and failure to show "Good Faith effort” requirements for prime contractor compliance.  We want contracts not seeking employment. SBA hired GP&M to alter and delete information in our account with SAM database to delete our existence, GP&M changed spelling of our company name, contacts, address, Google listing, Altered information with U.S. Postal Service, Texas business registration, The Hartford Ins. and Blackburn Ins. Coverage.  Blocked our hosting account with eHost taking down our website, blocked processing our SBA 8(a) application, SBA OIG blocked investigation by changing the name of our company on the complaint and Ombudsman blocked an investigation by changing the case number of our complaint.  Working with SBA and GP&M AT&T, Dell, HP and HPE submit false eSRS to the federal government stating they cannot find qualified black companies for subcontracting and SBA use this eSRS to submit false SSDD to instruct contract managers to exclude blacks from subcontracting on federal government contracts.  The Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS), Source Selection Decision Document (SSDD) and Source Selection Team (SST) are protected from Freedom of Information request. Why is there a loophole in the federal government subcontracting program allowing the contract Source Selection Team (SST) operate in secret their names and qualifications to sit on the committee hidden, with the power to decide which companies by race can participate in federal government subcontracting?  Who are these people and what organizations are they members of?  There will always be a Candy Land holding back the progress of blacks. Texas State Sen. Royce West, staff Richard Dominquez and AT&T Marcus Montemayor blocked our purchase order received from Texas Parks and Wildlife for mobile phone service, support, Internet, VoIP, network support, and blocked our contract talks with Disney World, and CVS Health talks to provide AT&T services for new CVS Target Pharmacy. AT&T threaten to use lawyer to stop subcontracting and blacklisting Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC. AT&T, using Texas DIR award contracts to reseller Genesis Networks with four (4) Texas HUB certifications, not listed on SAM database exclude black IT, TX reseller Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC from receiving federal government subcontracting opportunities. SBA Pay-to-Play 8(a) program allows companies like ActioNet remain on 8(a) for 13 years other companies for over 17 years.  Maximum limit on SBA 8(a) is 9 years.  ActioNet paperwork not processed, SBA managers added ActioNet on the 8(a) program in 21 days, average is 100 days.  ActioNet contract awards total over a billion annually.  ActioNet will not subcontract with black companies, Asians control over 90% of government SBA 8(a) IT and Telecom contracting there documents not registered in database sending dark money to political contacts U.S., India etc... SBA used to cover-up. In violation of federal government procurement, NAICS Codes, and not approved on SAM, four (4) India job placement company's each with over 400,000 IT employees paid slave wages contracted to AT&T, Dell, HP, HPE, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon, JC Penny, etc... cover-up by SBA using fraudulent eSRS, SSDD, H1-B visa documents. Asian companies do not subcontract with qualified black IT, Telecom company's. Politicians create state EEO Diversity programs to cover-up the top 100 prime contractors including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, and General Dynamics, are resellers for AT&T, Dell, HP, HPE etc… selling the same products we offer from these companies.  Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, AT&T, Dell, HP, HPE refuse to allow our company to provide these products under the Individual Subcontracting Plan blocking black companies using their in-house EEO Diversity Program to cover-up keeping billions in subcontracting dollars annually from blacks. 2016, SBA blocked order from President Obama to investigate this matter sent fraudulent certified letter with false signature of a person not employed by SBA regarding our SBA 8(a) application. SBA & CMS changed name of contract from ESD II to SPARC to stop Lockheed Martin subcontract agreement with Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC.  Lockheed Martin changed the managers on the contract.  The new managers stating they have no record of an agreement concealing the fact they are using the new name of the new contract name change not listing our company as subcontractor, this is breach of contract and violation of federal government procurement laws. HP conspired with GP&M using the altered spelling of our company name to block Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC from participating in TX HUB subcontracting opportunities subsidized by federal government. HP conspired with attorneys from ACLU and NAACP LDF to cover-up their actions. SBA used to Cover-up, politicians creating state minority EEO diversity programs like Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) designed in defiance of federal government subcontracting Individual Subcontracting Plan, States are preventing the federal government from including qualified black IT and Telecom resellers.  The Texas HUB program allows white female owner of Austin Ribbon and Computer control minority IT purchasing with the help from HP, Dell, and HPE the owner worked on Texas State procurement procedures and policies.  We will protect our rights to participate in government procurement opportunities based on our merits not a handout.  Our reseller agreements with AT&T, Dell, HP and HPE supports our position in this matter there actions results in breach of contract and failure to show Good Faith Effort, this is a violation of federal government Individual Subcontracting Plan.  We hope you will agree and help us by demanding SBA, the House Small Business Committee, Texas Senator John Cornyn and Texas Representative Michael C Burgess enforce our rights for participation and representation by law.                          

Clarence Lindsey
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Petition to Charlie Baker

Defeat income inequality in Boston

A recent Spotlight article in the Boston Globe articulated what many people of color have felt in the city of Boston for many years. With all of the great academic and professional opportunity this city has to offer, black and brown people are somehow left out of the equation.  Some key highlights that speak to the challenge are:   African Americans in Greater Boston have a net worth of $8.00 vs $247,000 for white households A black middle class family has 4 neighborhoods where they will see other families that look like them vs 516 for whites 34 years ago leaders promised to be more inclusive - The “Vault” — an organization of Boston’s most powerful business leaders — had no black people among its 20 members. Now (2017): The “New Vault” — the 16-person Massachusetts Competitive Partnership — has no black members. To dive deeper here is the article: Read It Here The solution here is to find other people who care and organize ourselves. We need to come together and let the city know that it is imperative that we have the same access to opportunity as our counterparts. This petition will serve two specific goals: Show our current administration in Massachusetts that we care! Connect business leaders to a grass roots campaign that will help to bridge the gap and change the economic inequality! I am one of the folks who has and still experiences the loneliness this article describes. I have decided to do my part to ensure that the good people of color who chose beautiful Boston and call it home, have an equal shot, at a positive experience just like anyone. Let's come together and change Boston for the better!

Carlton Jones
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