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Petition to Greg Hunt MP, Hon Greg Hunt MP

Patients First. Take urgent action for current and future Australian Lyme patients.

The Senate Inquiry into an emerging tick-borne disease that causes a Lyme-like illness for many Australians reported on November 30th, 2016. The Final Report indicated the priority was Patients First, stating: "...people are unwell, and they must be helped. It is therefore the committee's primary objective, in this, its final report on this inquiry, to put the patients first."Minister Hunt, it's time for Health Department leadership on Australian Lyme Disease – please take immediate action on the Senate Inquiry Final Report recommendations. Lyme Disease Association of Australia Statement. "The denial of locally acquired Lyme disease is based on a 20+ year old study into ticks which investigated a narrow spectrum of Borrelia and failed to further evaluate other evidence identified. International science has progressed with at least 100 Borrelia strains identified in the U.S. and up to 300 strains globally. (Source: Dr Richard Horowitz M.D.) In 2014 the government confirmed that Australia's official Lyme disease diagnostic pathology tests were ‘discordant’, meaning a negative test does not exclude the disease being present. The LDAA asserts that there is an Australian Lyme disease.  Research has not been urgently prioritised to identify the causative pathogens allowing the incidence of this emerging vector-borne disease to increase unchecked. The suggestion that patients, their carers and doctors should wait years for research projects is unreasonable. Australian Lyme patients are the evidence needed. We request the Government to prioritise Patients First.  Recognise the Lyme-like illness that is making Australians sick and make it an urgent health priority."

Lyme Disease Association of Australia
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull

Save Australias Marine Sanctuaries from cutbacks

Did you know Australia has the second largest area of marine protected waters in the world. Unfortunately we have some #BreakingNews (I'm devastated)The Australian Government's push to have marine park protections rolled back has just passed in the senate, 34-28.How barbaric, it's 2018. A time where our oceans need protection more than ever, the Australian government continues its pathetic modern day environmental track record. The move will end the highest-level protections for some sensitive marine areas, including critical waters near Queensland's Great Barrier Reef. How can we continue to exploit this magical place and its surroundings?!!This will open up an area to long line fishing, super trawlers, gillnetting, long lining and greenlight more IUU vessels to come into the area. Marine life of all kinds will suffer as a result. Ecosystems will suffer, fisheries will be strained or collapse.Senators from Labor and the Greens voted for marine protections. The senators from the current government and minorities voted against marine protections.I urge you to contact those Senators who voted against protecting marine parks and remind them our oceans need protecting. Less than a fortnight until this is permanent. It's not too late to start fighting for our sanctuaries and marine protection!   Sanctuaries are the heart of a marine park, protecting vulnerable marine life. They provide a safe haven for breeding fish and a healthy feeding ground for our fragile sea life like whales, dolphins, sea lions, turtles and dugongs. And allow coral to grow and flourish. The Coral Sea, Lord Howe Island, Great Barrier Reef, Great Australian Bight, Bremer ,Kimberley - we can’t risk these special places being left without protection. It’s not just marine life that benefits. Sanctuaries support tourism, local business and world-class fishing. Oxygen - Scientists agree that there’s oxygen from ocean plants in every breath we take. Most of this oxygen comes from tiny ocean plants – called phytoplankton – that live near the water’s surface and drift with the currents. Like all plants, they photosynthesize – that is, they use sunlight and carbon dioxide to make food. A byproduct of photosynthesis is oxygen.  Scientists believe that phytoplankton contribute between 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere. Is that not enough fot the government to realise the importance of protecting our marine sanctuaries and keeping them healthy?. There is strong support for our network of sanctuaries, with more than ten years of scientific evidence and more than 750,000 submissions from people speaking out in support of sanctuaries.  The Government said their Review would be based on "science" – however how long after will they let oil and gas exploration sneak in to our sanctuaries?! Be a voice for the voiceless. Our sharks, fish, whales, dolphins and sea lions need you too. We need to save our seas! For more information copy this link into your browser Art - @Thecalm1

Ecoceanic Swim
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