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Petition to Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten

Amend the Australian Constitution to require the Prime Minister to serve a whole term

Recent history has shown that both major political parties in Australia are incapable of maintaining stable government. This has caused national embarrassment as well as rewarding multiple politicians with all the life-time trimmings given to a Prime Minister, even if they were only a Prime Minister for a short period of time.  The Constistution is the big book of rules when it comes to how Australia in governed. The rule book needs to change so that the Governor General appoints the Prime Minister for the full term of the Parliament.  The Constitution should rule that A Prime Minister must be appointed for the full term of the Parliament. If the Prime Minister dies or becomes incapable or ineligible to hold office the Governor General should appoint a new Prime Minister for the duration of the Parliament. If the Prime Minister resigns, the Governor General should dissolve both Houses of Parliament and call a general election. This will stop Prime Ministers being pressured to resign. Prime Ministers will still be appointed by the Governor General on the recommendation the party winning an election and forming Government, but once they have made their choice they can’t change it until the next election. This means politicians can then concentrate on good policy  and governance rather than who is winning the popularity contest in the polls. A political party will need to get behind their Prime Minister and work as a strong cohesive team for the good of the people in order to get re-elected.   By supporting and signing this petition you are asking Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten  and every other Federal politician to allow a referendum to change the Constituon to require Prime Minister’s to serve the full term of Parliament.   

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