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Global Campaign for United Nations Peacekeeping Mission to West Papua

Global Petition The Global Campaign for United Nations Peacekeeping Mission to West Papua (GCUNPMWP) would like to release a global petition about the unending armed warfare between West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB/OPM) and Indonesian military forces (TNI/POLRI). On 27 January 2018, the TPNPB/OPM officially declared a war ultimatum against Indonesian State Colonialism and Multinational Corporations such as Freeport Mine in Timika. On 30 March 2018, Indonesian authority aggressively deployed up to 1000 personnel who massively equipped with sophisticated weapons such ballistic missiles which were not only for attacking the TPNPB soldiers but also has fatally shot dead one elder and seriously wounded two young children. The Indonesian forces indiscriminately fired live bullets towards the villagers that were fleeing the scene after their village elder was shot dead in front of them. The villagers could not retrieve the bodies and also account for the villagers who were shot or remained behind. Over 1000 villagers have fled to the jungle and are now being effected with serious hunger and are starving. The Indonesian brutality against the innocent civilians clearly violated human rights and humanitarian law when the villagers stood underneath the 5 Indonesian red and white flags which indicated that they were innocent civilians, but Indonesian military sprayed bullets and ammunition towards the civilians. To this day, the shooting is still occurring and it will never end.  This silent armed conflict is definitely characterized by non-international armed conflict, State Military Power and National Liberation Movement Army, although it has not been internationalized yet, the massive victim and fatality are believed to waving up. We strongly condemn the 55 years of fatalities, war crime against humanity, thousands hundred dead, massive environmental and property destruction under Indonesian oppressive military operation, and also those underwent without world communities’ attention and intervention by international governments. The fact both parties were empowered and equipped by modern weapons after war declaration publicly, which have resulted in the dead of 28 Indonesian soldiers and 3 TPNPB soldiers killed during the one-week war, included previous month, as well as last year which involved the killings of some combatants in both sides in Punjak Jaya District.   To protect the lives of innocent civilian and avoiding unnecessary property destruction, both party must put down their weapons. There is an urgent need for a third party (mediator) which is able to bring them into peaceful mediation table. Therefore, we deeply demand to:  1.      Indonesia to allow the UN Peacekeeping Mission to West Papua 2.      Indonesia to allow International Humanitarian Organisation and Independent Journalist into the battlefield,   3.      Five Veto Power (USA, Russia, China, France, England) plus ten non-permanent members at UN Security Council must cut off military ties with Indonesia and mediate the root conflict democratically and fairly.   4.      Australia and New Zealand must cut off military ties with Indonesia, and together with the member states of the Pacific Coalition for West Papua (PCWP) must seek a peaceful solution through the UN Security Council authority. Finally, on behalf of West Papuan peoples, we would be happy to inspire and encourage you all our good global citizens to sign this petition.Your voice is very important in protecting the lives of civilians in West Papua.  Signatures; Akouboo Amatus Douw Lewis Prai Wellip Mesak Karubaba Franciscus Oeweng Kandam Novenus Omabak 10th April 2018   

Lewis Prai Wellip
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Petition to Victorian electoral commission, The Hon. Martin Foley, Australian Electoral Commission, The Hon. Paul Fletcher MP

My vote counts. Make election polling voting centres wheelchair accessible.

My name is Grant. I’m passionate about footy, democracy, and accessibility. Living with a Disability and chronic pain for 28 years has meant I've had my fair share of challenges to overcome in the search for access and equality. Thankfully, keeping fit by playing Wheelchair AFL for the Richmond Tigers often helps me develop somewhat unorthodox solutions to everyday problems. However, in preparation of the upcoming state election, I looked for the closest Independent Wheelchair Access voting centre I could push my way too... problem is, there wasn't one. So I dug further outside my district of Richmond, only to discover, there wasn't one in the Melbourne electorate either. In fact, the closest listed Independent Wheelchair Access centre according to VEC was in Docklands: a 45 minute, 2 tram and 600 metre push away. After a look into the surrounding districts, I discovered that the majority of voting centres are LNWA: Limited or No Wheelchair Access. All but a handful of centres were off limits to people living with a disability, and those that were listed as accessible came with the disclaimer that they are AWA (Assisted Wheelchair Access). This means they have corridors too narrow to navigate independently, ramps built that may restrict wheelchair access, or have paths from the car park or street to the building entrance that are inaccessible for wheelchair users, the list goes on. To make matters even worse, the VEC call centre could only suggest postal voting as a solution. Contact from my local member and council also ran into issues with solutions involving a limited number of accessible early voting centres or postal votes as they too were stumped by the inaccessible nature of Victoria's voting centres. For the VEC (Victorian Electoral Commission), an organisation that's purpose is to “deliver high quality, accessible electoral services with innovation, integrity and independence." to overlook such an important aspect of independence is unacceptable. That’s why I’m calling on to the VEC and local electorates to change this severe oversight in the following ways: To ensure EVERY future electoral division includes at least 1 independent wheelchair accessible voting centre.  For local councils to publicise and ensure accessible centres are promoted and included in future communications so that every vote really does "help shape Victoria” People with Disabilities have a place in our democratic process. We want to fully participate in democracy, without any barriers. We want to turn up to a nearby polling booth on election day, grab a democracy sausage, and vote just like everyone else. Can you help me send a message this Victorian state election? Please sign and share this petition, and let the Victorian Electoral Commission know that People with Disabilities have a place in our democratic process.

Grant Maynard
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