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Petition to Eric Garcetti

Mayor Garcetti: Allow Angelenos to Vote On the Olympics

Regardless of how you feel about the Olympics, past Games around the world — from Rio to London and beyond — have cost taxpayers billions, displaced tenants and increased police militarization, yet the Los Angeles bid was pushed on the city by Mayor Garcetti without our input (or even a budget). There’s a reason Rome, Boston, Hamburg, Budapest, Krakow, Oslo, Stockholm, and other “smart cities” have recently dropped out of the Olympic running; they listened to grassroots pressure — i.e. the actual voices in their cities — and ultimately did the right thing. The organization which owns the Olympic brand — the IOC — is a brazenly corrupt, unaccountable body that trashes the communities it commandeers and financially ruins entire nations, all so they can sell ad time at your expense. The historical evidence against the Olympics isn’t just overwhelming; it’s damning. Olympic bills have bankrupted Rio, Athens, Vancouver and countless other cities. The six Summer Olympics held between the 1988 Seoul Games and the 2008 Beijing Games forcibly evicted or otherwise displaced more than 2 million people. Even the so-called “successful” 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles (the only Olympics to ever turn a profit) helped militarize the LAPD and expanded Police Chief Daryl Gates’ infamous police gang sweeps, keeping entire areas of the city under conditions of military occupation that continued well beyond the Closing Ceremony and culminated in the 1992 LA Riots. The 2024 bid process already featured a clear lack of transparency and focused primarily on the financial good the games would bring, ignoring potential problems revolving around human rights — specifically housing, homelessness, and detainment. Once the LA bid committee lost the 2024 bid to Paris, the committee and City Council hastily rushed a new, now controversial 2028 Memo of Understanding even though there was no budget included in the plan. The people in charge decided to gamble LA’s future on a project that doesn’t even have a properly vetted budget. How can they be trusted to handle any aspect of the implementation of a 2028 plan when they can’t even follow the basic rules of procedure and common decency? The truth is now apparent; they never wanted your feedback in the first place. But it’s not too late to make our voices heard. The only reasonable conclusion — regardless of your political persuasion, personal affinity for the brand, or community which you represent — is that this decision should be up to the people. Not City Council, who hasn’t done a thorough job of vetting this project in good faith. Not Mayor Garcetti, who is acting out of self-interest. And certainly not the IOC, which is filled with millionaire and billionaire oligarchs who have no interest in sticking up for the best interests of Los Angeles. The Mayor, the developers, and billionaire CEOs behind this bid want you to think it’s a done deal, when really the conversation is just beginning. NOlympics LA is a growing coalition of over 25 community groups across the state opposed to the prospect of an LA Olympics. The group is changing the conversation around the bid, emphasizing not only the lack of transparency and democracy in the process, but the way the Games will exacerbate issues already facing LA, such as a militarized police force, an affordable housing crisis and the highest rate of homeless people in the country. Support the organization's efforts by donating or buying a shirt.

NOlympics LA
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Petition to Illinois, Illinois Governor

Justice for Kenneka Jenkins

Body of teen found in Rosemont Hotel Late last Friday, 19-year-old Kenneka went to a party at a Crowne Plaza Hotel outside of Chicago. She never returned home. There is now national outrage as the hotel stands in the way of Kenneka's family getting justice for the brutal murder of their daughter. The hotel isn't releasing camera footage and people across the country are speaking out. Keenaka's body was discovered in an industrial walk-in freezer at the hotel, almost 24 hours after a party-goer posted a live video on Facebook showing her sitting on a bed in a hotel room with a group of people surrounding her, loud music playing as she reportedly begs onlookers for help. Upon hearing of her daughter’s disappearance, Kenneka’s mother went to the hotel to search for her and attempted to get police involved, but hotel staff refused to let her inside and asked her to leave the premises. The hotel refused to review surveillance camera footage without a missing person’s report from the police. Later, their initial footage review claimed that there was no sign of Kenneka in the facility. Police later told Kenneka’s mother that her daughter “apparently let herself into an [10 degrees below zero] industrial freezer while inebriated and died inside.” Her family is outraged and is demanding answers from the hotel and police. They believe they might’ve reached Kenneka sooner if their pleas were taken seriously by authorities. Please sign this petition to get Crowne Plaza Hotel to show the family the camera footage and help them get #JusticeForKenneka.

Jocee A. Avila
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Petition to Eleanor Norton, Greg Abbott, Donald Trump

Homelessness caused by an arson should be considered an injury for crime victims assistance

On August 19, 2016 my husband and I came home to find our home and belongings smoldering and destroyed. The Denton County, Texas  Fire Marshall stopped us from going inside telling us that our home was a crime scene we were not allowed to go in. We lost everything that night. What wasn't burned got looted immediately after the fire.  We were not home during the fire but our beloved pet Rocky, a German Shepard dog, was home. He was lucky to have been saved but has suffered the trauma too. My name is Molly and i would like to share our story with you now.. We need your help to fix a piece of the system that overlooks the needs of people like us... Victims of arson who were left homeless by the crime. We have been through allot. After the fire, we were left homeless and without resources. we were forced to live in our pickup truck for nearly 9 months.  We had no idea what to do with ourselves and our pain and suffering. As you can imagine,  living in the cab of a pickup truck day after day ..for months and months, with another person, no matter who it is,  24/7 .. is tough for anyone.  Coupled with the erratic emotions and obvious fatigue and the anxiety of the unknown life we were facing was very scary. We were left alone to endure this new life. While we are thankful to say that we have been blessed: we believe we have had something looking out for us .. despite the evil that was done...    The intensity of our daily grind to survive was unreal at times .. and very hard to explain so that others can understand.  We slept at just about every Wal-Mart parking lot fromTexas to the Pacific coast. We wandered through unfamiliar streets. The shame. The fear.   We never lived like that before. Suddenly homeless and transient we were treated like bums. I was a former paralegal from a family of lawyers.  My husband was a carpenter who once owned his own home remodeling company.  We have had what we needed... or ways to get it. Then in a blink of an eye, we lost it all ...just like that.... It could happen to anyone... please don't think otherwise.   No arrest has been made on arson charges specifically.. despite knowing who did it...despite a confession via 'bragging' about his deed, despite witnesses and evidence etc. This has added insult to injury. We don't know why but there's still time and we are confident an arrest will happen. We hope an arrest will happen. There is no doubt he'll do it again if not. This has further driven our desire to be heard by the 'powers that be.' We were not home during the fire so when we tried to seek help from crime victims assistance we were turned away telling us we were not injured in the fire. Homelessness is not legally considered an injury. That is what needs to be changed. What greater an injury can there be besides this dark existence we've been left in? Grieving. Surviving. Lost. Alone. WE CANNOT get over the events of that Friday night  NO MATTER HOW HARD WE TRY . We will  NEVER be able to forget how  quickly ONE NIGHT changed EVERYTHING we knew of life. .our expectations, beliefs, plans, and hopes.  Our faith in humanity and the system was all but erased ... To realise that a man we hardly knew  took our *entire life* away from us with the mere flick of a lighter is a hard pill to swallow. ... WE WERE NOT THERE  ... We could not stop it from happening but how can anyone say we weren't injured? This is not the life we would have chosen to share together. This is not a bond as a couple that we would've chosen to fuse us together in our relationship.  We love each other and even more so now respect and understand each other after this happened but still we never chose this. We desperately want to heal. How can we heal without justice?  We NEED to heal so we can find a way through the pain and anger we carry. It's torn us apart head to toe .. inside and out. THE PROBLEM IS we cannot heal or move forward in life without your help.  We need the help of outside forces greater in power than we are... to help us. The rules and laws that govern the victims assistance programs and crime victim's compensation eligibility requirements for restitution and financial aid are missing something.  WE DESERVE THAT HELP TO REBUILD OUR ENTIRE LIVES BUT ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR HELP.  Why is this, you may ask...?  Because in the eyes of the law, since we were not home during the fire.. since we were not literally burnt by the flames...  they have said we were not injured!! We want to tell you that's so far from the truth.  Homelessness as a result of this crime is a horrific injury were STILL feeling to this  very day.  WE BEG YOU NOT TO FORGET THAT WE ARE STILL HERE AND STILL BEING INJURED IN WAYS THE REST OF THE WORLD WILL NEVER SEE. We had to start over with nothing and almost no help at all.  We grieve constantly.  We lost all our personal photos and sentimental belongings.  We lost heirlooms and family antiques and portraits that had been passed down that are irreplaceable and have a value far beyond any dollar amount. I'm a writer and lost ALL my original writings and journals.   We are severely traumatized and cannot even get acknowledgment that we were injured.  Its taken it's toll on our health.  Its nearly destroyed our relationship many times but our love and loyalty to to each other kept us together.  I've been hospitalized several times since for the effects of that night.  I now have seizures i didn't have before.   We left our home state of Texas and drove for months aimlessly lost with no destination finally settling in California.  To this day We live in a 14ft travel trailer..a far cry from a 3 bedroom home.  We had to leave behind our  friends and family . We've been in a year long daze of devastation..reliving the trauma of it everyday. We received $400 from Red Cross and that's it.  Texas crime victims assistance office told us we were not eligible for help because we were not home and injured in the fire.   BEING LEFT  HOMELESS AS A VICTIM OF ARSON FIRE WAS NOT CONSIDERED AN "INJURY" FOR CRIME VICTIMS COMPENSATION ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA DURING THE APPLICATION PROCESS.  ARSON is a violent crime of intent and when it's directed at the victims home and destroys it what is left behind is extremely traumatic and difficult to overcome when starting a new life.   Homelessness is an injury that is ongoing and affects all aspects of daily life.  It takes MUCH LONGER to heal than a burn on the skin.  The effects are physical and emotional and deeply profound. ARSON Victims DESERVE THE UTMOST OF ASSISTANCE. We deserve  to be compensated for the losses even if we didn't have renters insurance and we deserve to heal from all physical and psychological injuries caused by the arsonist. This was an intentional deliberate violent act against us of setting fire to a our home.  We need closure. We want justice. Restitution. Peace.  Please consider using your power and authority to change the laws in this regard, to include homelessness as a legal injury for eligibility purposes for crime victims assistance.  Not just in Texas but in all 50 states across our great country.  Thank you. 

J.M. Murphy-Hayes
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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Support The Police Training and Independent Review Act of 2017 

In 2016, research comparing minimum training hours mandated by states for police and cosmetologists revealed a shocking disparity. A police officer, who has enormous power over people’s lives, is required to have only a fraction of the training required of someone working as a professional hair stylist. There are no federally mandated training minimums for our nation’s police. Each state has some training requirements but these require less hours than cosmetologists, electricians, or plumbers. My name is Randy Shrewsberry and I am the Executive Director of The Institute for Criminal Justice Training Reform. I’ve spent nearly three decades working in the justice system, first as a police officer and later a forensics investigator in the private sector. Throughout my career I had the opportunity to attend four basic training academies in three states. Though my training overwhelmingly taught me how to protect myself from injury or death, I found that I was ineptly prepared for the complexities of criminality, human behavior, implicit bias, and mental health crisis. Trainings left me feeling as if I was a preparing as a soldier for war, instead of as a peace officer to protect and serve my community. The Police Training and Independent Review Act of 2017 is new legislation that would encourage states to provide training to law enforcement officers on understanding ethnic and racial bias and interacting with disabled or mentally ill people. It would also incentivize States to enact laws requiring the independent investigation and prosecution of the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers. I was shocked to learn that a friend who was a cosmetologist was required by the state to receive twice the amount of training as I did as a police officer. I learned that this is consistently true in every state. In addition, some officers receive no on-the-job training beyond classroom and tactical training, and there is little oversight or review. The State of Hawaii has no training requirements for their police officers. There are even 23 states that allow officers to delay their basic training for, on average, one year. Every 7 hours, police will kill a citizen, disproportionately black or brown and more than a fourth who are in a mental health crisis. These are not metrics by which anyone can credibly say the system is working. Please sign my petition asking Congress to pass The Police Training and Independent Review Act of 2017.

The Institute for Criminal Justice Training Reform
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