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Petition to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer, Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw, Charlottesville Chief of Police Al S. Thomas Jr.

Get the Racists Out of Our Police Forces

This petition became necessary when during the arrests in Portland it was noticed that the police were being assisted by neo-nazi and white supremacy supporters. It was uncomfortable to witness the scene of a neo-nazi taking a cable tie out of the belt of a police officer and assisting in restraining the person being arrested. It showed a clear a working relationship between the police and a neo-nazi and it was frightening. Our police officers must be above suspicion and not part of the problem by being either members or sympathizers of these hate groups. Please support this petition and keeping the police safe for the common good. Separating white supremacists from mainstream America is no small thing because they been around for a long time.  When looking at our American history it is clear to see that segregation and racism are deeply rooted in our history. In the mid-1800s we had a civil war about it and some people still haven't gotten over that 150 years later and are still holding strongly to their separationist views. We are witnessing an administration that is embracing those views and that separationist mentality is bringing a title-wave of bigots, racists, neo-Nazis and white supremacists to the surface. It is impossible to serve and protect the public as a member of any police force and be a neo-Nazi or white supremacist. We the undersigned demand that our police forces be free of those individuals that promise white domination and promote segregation. The police force is paid by the public funds and the public is diverse and of many colors. If individuals in the police forces cannot recognize this and deal with everyone fairly then they must be questioned and if necessary reprimanded and discharged. No more racism in the police departments as we demand equality for all of the individuals that they serve. They are to be taught, trained and instructed to protect and serve, "all of us".

Eric Singer
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Petition to Kamala Harris, Jerry Brown, Maxine Waters, David Valadao, Kevin McCarthy, Andy Vidak, Karen Goh, Bakersfield Police Department, Lisa Green

Justice for 19 yr old girl beaten by police and maliciously attacked by K9 police dog.

Tatyana Hargrove is a 19 yr old girl who was beaten by Bakersfield police and maliciously attacked by a K9 police dog while riding her bike home. The reason? Police say they mistook her for an adult male suspect but throughout the encounter, Tatyana was never told why she was being arrested. “After they beat me and threw me in the cop car, that’s when they told me,” she said. Tatyana stopped for a moment while riding her bike when  she saw three police cars and an officer pointing a gun at here. Police asked if she was just a grocery store where earlier that day police received a report of a man with a machete who attempted to stab an employee. They were looking for a 30-year-old black male nearly 6 feet tall with shaved head and goatee and weighing 160lbs. Tatyana is 5 feet, 2 inches tall and only weighs 120 pounds.  When Tatyana said she wasn’t at the grocery store, the police demanded to see her backpack: “I looked behind me and it was a big K-9 dog,” she said. “I then got scared and then I was like ‘Here just take the backpack.’” Tatyana says one officer then grabbed her wrist and neck and punched her in the mouth. “He then threw me onto the ground and then that’s when the K-9 came and started eating at my leg.”  One officer put his knees on her back. Over and over she yelled “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.” It wasn’t long before officers realized they had the wrong person but by then Tatyana had been punched, shoved, and severely bitten by a dog. She was taken to a hospital where she called her father who was told by an officer “it was mistaken identity.”  We’re calling for immediate action to be taken to help find justice for Tatyana:  1. BPD To Put Officers On Administrative Leave Immediately2. The D.A. to File Charges Against The Officers3. City Council To Adopt An Effective Community Police Oversight Committee4. City Council To Approve The Budget For Body Cameras5. FBI & US. Attorney Office To File Charges Against The Officers under Title 18 U.S. Code § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law 6. Attorney General To Include This Pattern Of Behavior In Their Investigation7. Falsified Charges To Be Dismissed  Please sign this petition and watch video of Tatyana explaining what happened and also support her GoFundMe page. 

NAACP Bakersfield
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Petition to NFL Team Owners

Stand Up for Colin Kaepernick and Social Justice

NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a brave, principled stand by refusing to stand for the national anthem before games last year as a means of protesting and bringing attention to the social injustice of police brutality and unnecessary, unjustified killings of mostly African Americans at the hands of police. Many NFL teams, either due to the owners' personal feelings on Kaepernick's actions or their fear of fan backlash, have now blacklisted him and refuse to sign him. At least one team owner has publicly said he decided not to sign Kaepernick after his team received a large amount of angry phone calls and emails from people saying they would boycott the team if they signed him. Sports fans who believe that players should be able to use their first amendment rights to protest what they -- as well as tens of millions of their fellow Americans -- believe to be injustice, without reprisal from team owners, need to make sure that the teams hear from us that we support Kaepernick and very much want to see him signed now so he can play this season. So if you consider yourself to be one of these fans, please sign this petition and then share it with as many like-minded sports fans as you know. I will send this petition to all 32 NFL teams. And if you are willing to do so, please also personally contact your city's/state's NFL team (or if your city/state doesn't have a team, then whichever team you follow) and let them know you would greatly support them signing Kaepernick. Thank you.

Gregory Jaspan
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